Everyone is raving about the new Netflix series, Stranger Things. My wife and I finished it the other day and loved eextremely minute of it. Binge watching at it’s ideal. The display has an excellent 80’s nostalgic vibe that draws from some beloved classics. After watching a pair of episodes it was pretty apparent where the majority of the show’s motivation came from.

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Almost eexceptionally aspect of the display maneras to incorporate the feel of the period. The title sequence, production design, wardrobe, music, and also many various other factors all add. Heck, also the promotional poster looks as though it’s from 1983. It’s really fairly impressive.

After a tiny study I uncovered out that the series was shot on the Red Epic Dragon via Leica Primes by Tim Ives. He did an excellent task catching the imperiods vital to produce such a wonderful piece. Frankly I was a small surprised that they didn’t shoot on film to remain true to the photo acquisition of the 80’s (although they did add a layer of scanned 35mm grain over the image).

The series was colored beautitotally by Skip Kimsphere at Technishade. From my observation, the method the color was approached had actually a lot to execute with the manufacturing architecture and also lighting that was used to mimic the 80’s. Several of the images caught in camera collection the tone for the grade. Take a look at the instance below…

The scene is conquered by browns and oranges. All exceptionally warmth. The lumber paneling, the carpet, the lights – pretty a lot whatever is in same color spectrum. I’m sure tright here is some windowing to help visually guide the audience, yet there is really no area to introduce any kind of various other tone. A lot of this is lighting and also manufacturing architecture. I imagine one of the the majority of challenging things once functioning on a scene prefer this is making sure that skin tones stay true and also are not also greatly affected by the surroundings.

If you pay cshed attention, you’ll notice that all the scene’s in Mike’s (the main character) house are warm, also in the most dire circumstances. This is a mindful decision made by the filmequipments to provide a sense of togetherness and also family (an underlying layout throughout the series).

It’s the project of the colorist to make sure that these scenes continue to be true to the theme at hand also which aids in a subaware feeling of safety for the audience as soon as at this specific area. Consistency isn’t the sexiest thing that happens in the shade suite, yet it’s probably the the majority of important.

On the other hand, whenever before we visit the government science enclosure every little thing takes on a cooler feel. This is an apparent contrast to the warm, happy suburban life that Mike leads. Eleven is alone and through nobody to care for her. I think there was many most likely some heavy grading done in this setting to really lug forth that feeling of isolation.

Alengthy through the cooler feel in this location, tbelow is a little bit of orange/teal going on to pop the skin tones. Which I feel is pretty standard in today’s grading style. It’s not too much, but sufficient to be reliable and accomplish it’s intfinished function. This is an approach that wasn’t really feasible in the 80’s, yet I think this modern-day touch of DI workflow is incredibly fitting for the circumstance and also really provides for some powerful scenes.

Lastly, I wanted to encompass this still from a scene in the high college that feels favor to might have actually been straight lifted from Sixteenager Candles (and it doesn’t acquire anyeven more 80’s than that).

Softer pastels while still keeping a solid black level really enable us to gain a feel of what is going on in this location. Of course wardrobe, hair and makeup, and also manufacturing architecture go a long ways also.

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I have a difficult time not paying attention to the technical side of filmmaking and enabling myself to just sit back and gain the viewing experience. But in this series I was so recorded up in it that it actually taken place for me a pair times (which is rare for me). Stranger Things really feels as though it is all ensuing in 1983, which is not a straightforward thing to attain in this day and also age. There are particular little bit modern nuances that assist move the story along, yet in a great way (the monster doesn’t look prefer anypoint from the 80’s). They aid much better tell the story without taking amethod from it. I was extremely impressed via the series and am currently looking forward to seaboy 2.


Great post Rob!I really appreciated Stranger Things too and was a lot of mpressed by the look and feel. The music score really made it for me too.I watched Super 8 aget last night, the JJ Abrhams an additional sci fi set in the 1980s. This has a completely various look & feel, much more ‘Hollywood Blockbuster.’It would certainly be exciting to hear how you think they compare.IMHO Stranger Things won out for me as they mixed in many kind of of the best movies of the 80s in regards to character, look & style. This could be the era of the TV mini series for Netflix.It would certainly be amazing to hear your thoughts on exactly how to create the 80s look in the colour grade.Best Wishes!