claiming a residence base in State of degeneration 2 permits you to update the amount of an are and the variety of facilities your old basic had. However claiming outposts is different. Outposts room riddled all over the map and also have different benefits come them. This are asserted alongside your house base and you can own lot of outposts in ~ once. When you start doing quests and also clearing out pester Hearts, friend won't have actually time come scour the map for precious resources. Or perhaps you do, but you can't afford to journey all the way back come your residence base. Outposts can help you out v both of these problems and more.

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Updated august 1, 2021, by Sharnelle Earle: Though State of degeneration 2 is about three years old, Undead Labs still functions on maintaining it as much as date. In an update on July 21, 2021, brand-new features have actually been added. These features make outposts even much more beneficial than before. Outposts can now it is in upgraded to boost production for your community. This makes claiming outposts much more beneficial offers you a reason to revisit them.

there are currently Landmark Outposts. A Landmark station is a new feature wherein there will certainly be one special outpost per map that will administer you v multiple, powerful benefits to help you in the method that you play.

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The an unfavorable effects of torment Hearts have increased. Pester Hearts do any nearby outposts not suitable to insurance claim until the pester Heart is destroyed. Plague Hearts will certainly render entire neighborhoods infected and dangerous to discover instead of simply one house. This method that not just will nearby outposts be not suitable to claim, yet the entire neighborhood will be filled with pester zombies.

State of decay 2 landmark outposts icons
Landmark outposts permit players to pick one type of strategy and also stick to it. If girlfriend play the game seriously, taking combat and also skill into account an ext than recreation play, Landmark outposts may be for you. It's like structure a facility terminal at her base. As soon as you acquisition a Landmark outpost with 100 Influence, you're prompted to choose a "skill" or strategy.

The station will perform actions to aid you out based on which strategy girlfriend choose. That assist could be maintaining survivors infection-free, maintaining zombie hordes at bay, and also farming because that power. Each map has actually a devoted Landmark outpost that will certainly have various specialties. This renders some maps much more worth going to 보다 others, relying on how good their Landmark outpost is.

Providence Ridge brand-new Hope ChurchShelterSanctuaryStronghold
Drucker Country Sasser regional HospitalUrgent CarePreventative CareHygienic Care
Meagher Valley Wind MillsSpend affect for PowerSpend job for PowerSpend parts for Power
Cascade Hills Leeds Concrete SiloSpend InfluenceSpend LaborSpend Parts
The Providence Ridge Landmark outpost focuses on providing space for survivors. You can either provide much more shelter or create a hover outpost, both of i beg your pardon will administer your community with extra morale. The critical option, Stronghold, bring away a turn away from that idea and also focuses on lowering the zombie threat. Drucker County's outpost offers more Meds because that the community and increases all survivor's injury severity, maximum health, or infection resistance. The Meagher valley Landmark station will carry out base-wide power and a reduced Influence expense than claiming a continuous Power outpost. To store the outpost running you can pick which source you want to expend, Influence, people, or parts. Power will carry out your neighborhood with a moral boost. Cascade Hill's Landmark outpost acts together a bigger version of the facility station, Staging Area. This way that it will make all your base-building speed up and administer you with Materials. You can pick which source to expend to keep the station running.

State of decay 2 red lantern to insurance claim outpost
v the information displayed from hovering over various icons on her map, you can see which buildings carry out loot and also which are feasible outpost locations. any kind of outpost you uncover will list whether it's certain or not and also as well together its potential base benefits. A certain outpost way there are no zombies in the area. To insurance claim one, you must an initial clear out any type of zombies in it and also approaching it. The following step is to find the red lantern that allows you come purchase the outpost with Influence points. By interacting with the lantern, the outpost food selection will let friend know exactly how much affect you need, just how much girlfriend have, and what services the station will offer you. RELATED: State Of decay 2: The Best skills & The Worst

Collecting more Influence

influence is earn in countless different ways.

Killing tiny elites, favor Screamers and Bloaters, will give you 5 Influence. Ferals and also Juggernauts carry out 25 and also 50 Influence. Completing particular side searches for enclaves will give you 100 or an ext Influence. Clearing out infestations significant on the map will give you 20. damaging Plague Hearts grant you 150 Influence. Bringing resource rucksacks residence will provide you five.

State of degeneration 2 secure outpost on map
different outposts will offer you various things. Part will market the manufacturing of goods like Coffee for fatigue and also a Water Supply. Water Supply infrastructure will send water to your whole base, increasing the moral of your community. Outposts that create things prefer water or fuel will certainly take some sources from you every day come sustain the production, therefore you need to decide even if it is it's precious it for your community. Some benefits include:

daily Meds everyday Materials day-to-day Fuel everyday Ammo strength bed Water it is provided

RELATED: Every State Of degeneration 2 Map, Ranked The smartest an option is to case outposts for whatever your trouble area is. If you're constantly low on Meds, uncover a totally free outpost that gives some. If you don't have enough beds for her community, uncover an station that claims it gives beds. You can always remove outposts by one of two people going to the facility and also interacting through the red lantern or through going right into your neighborhood menu. Discover your neighborhood menu by opening your Map and going v the over tabs. Come the appropriate of your display screen will be all the outposts girlfriend own. From here, you have the right to remove outposts there is no being anywhere near them. Outposts are an important part of maintaining your community's morale high and supplying her base with critical resources for remaining alive and fighting. If your community is depressed, lock will start fighting and also wasting resources. Gaining automatic supplies from outposts will assist you with killing enemies and also staying strong and stocked up on ammo.

State of degeneration 2 update command center 3
when you first start your very own community, you can only claim increase to two outposts. This becomes very small very fast. The answer come getting more outposts is by upgrading her Command Center.

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in ~ your residence base, you deserve to upgrade various different facilities so that you have the right to craft much more items and raise production levels. You deserve to do this with the Command Center, too. The last choice when interacting with your Command center will enable you to update to level 2 for a couple of Materials and also the assist of 2 survivors. This second upgrade permits you to claim one more outpost and also gives friend the ability to apply modifications to the facility. Mods have the right to be uncovered while looting and also have miscellaneous positive effects when fitted to a basic at her base. Friend can uncover Pallet mods, Water Cooler mods, and also more.

Pallets and Storage Unit mode will boost the number of resources you have the right to store in ~ a time. A Water Cooler offers water to your survivors, raising morale. A Generator mod will provide power come the room you apply it to. A Signal Antenna mod will permit an extra outpost to it is in claimed.

each mod will only impact the one basic you equip the to. It will certainly not job-related for the whole base. The 3rd upgrade allows for one much more outpost and also the use of Drones. For the upgrade, along with workers and also Materials, you require ten Scraps the Circuitry, Power, and Knowlege the Computers. Friend can get Power to your Command facility by equipping a Generator mod to it or by claiming a power outpost. Expertise of computer systems is a ability book. Human being who have actually no skills slots left cannot discover from another skill book. Due to the fact that of this, friend may need to find and also recruit a fresh survivor who deserve to learn it because that you. Only the human who has actually learned the understanding of computers skill have the right to upgrade the Command Center.

How To discover Facility Mods and also Skill Books

once you open up your map and hover over different buildings, they will tell girlfriend what Potential Resources deserve to be looted from them. An icon that looks like a hammer within a gear will typical there room facility upgrades or a skill book there. Watch for structures that have actually this Potential resource icon and also loot castle to find mods and books. You can also purchase mods and also books indigenous traders and enclaves. Next: The most Dangerous types Of video clip Game Zombies, Ranked

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