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Why select Droids in \"Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes?\"

If you've uncovered yourself here, then you understand how terrible it have the right to be to walk head-to-head against a team that droids. They're cold looking, deal lots of damage, and with the appropriate leader they it seems ~ to have a ton of turns.

The reality is that even though the game has been tweaked several times over the last year, droid teams have actually been the continuous in the optimal 100 the the formation Arena.

Why is that?

It's fairly easy to get three droids: HK, 86, and 88 space all available in the squad Arena and the Galactic War. Translation: they're easy to farm yard though it may take part time.Damage done: 86 and also 88 deal serious amounts of damage. 88 has you covered with an AoE attack that debuffs the other team's toons. 86 has a incredible special capability with increased vital chance and damage once you have actually other droids on the team (and girlfriend will)Jawas room their kryptonite: The toughest groups at the optimal of squad Arena are typically either Rebels, Empire, or a mix the both. Neither of those have leaders the adversely influence droid groups so it makes your droid team versatile. And while droids are sure to scare the beeswax the end of you, you seldom will check out them in the squad Arena due to the fact that of your low speed and health.Droids also rock Galactic War and Raids: And maybe the best reason to have a solid droid team is that they execute in the other modes too. Their capacity to do lots of damage and gain turns through the ideal leader provides them an ideal #2 or #3 team for any type of mode.

Strong Droid Leaders

So now you've got a couple strong droids and you're make the efforts to develop your team. Who space the ideal leaders?

HK-47: Most optimal players will certainly tell you the HK is the just leader because that a droid team, and I can't reference them. HK's leadership capacity gives your droids added critical chance and also turn meter boost when lock land an important hits. That way you're obtaining extra transforms for your droids and because every hit is critical, you obliterate the team you're facing.Lobot: An oldie yet goodie. His leadership skill sponsor a speed rise to her droids. There's little reason to select him end HK, especially due to the fact that it's a lengthy journey to farm yard Lobot, yet if you dig the hairstyle, he renders for a fun readjust of speed leader.General Grievous: If friend think exterior the crate a bit, the biggest issue with many droid teams is that they can't take it a lot of hits. Solution: a leadership ability that cuts under the an important hit chance. It might seem counter-intuitive, yet once you've confronted Grievous in the tank raid, the all provides sense.Boba Fett: Reworked Boba is a most fun come lead any team. The leadership rise to critical damage alone renders 86 and 88 lethal weapons, yet the added bounty hunter synergy through 88 deserve to do wonders too. It's favor combining the best of Sidious and Lobot's leadership skills.Poggle: Ah, back in the work Poggle's offense boost to geonosians and droids really came in handy. The offense rise is nice as you're in the mid-levels the the game however the lack of balance will record up with you.

Who is the best?

Verdict: HK—by a mile.


Best Droid Team Members

Droid groups don't need to be only droids, right? Exactly!

HK: Your default leader because you'll get extr turns for her droids. His special ability also come in handy because it it is intended debuffs as soon as you've included some potential mods.86: The sniper that the team with crushing solitary shots. His special capability also it s okay you a bonus assault (and once that comes from 88 you room loving it!). 86 likewise isn't as well shabby when it involves defense and also armor.88: The glass cannon v AoE. Candid the success of your team in a given battle will normally hinge on just how you deserve to keep 88 alive. The AoE assault is one of the finest in the game specifically when you've currently debuffed enemy toons through HK.Jawa Engineer: JE is the an enig sauce in this big Mac that Star Wars: Galaxy that Heroes. Pairing JE v droids rises his rate which way he commonly goes first in a battle. Then he supplies his ability which raises vital chance and also turn meter for every his droid friends, and then the onslaught begins. And he deserve to revive and heal droids. As lot of a pain as it is to farm JE, you will need him to have a top-tier droid team.Chief Nebit: Another jawa ~ above a droid team? when you have some alternating options for this #5 slot, I favor Nebit due to the fact that he offers you Taunt capacity and bonus attacks. He likewise takes blows favor a champ and also plays quite JE too.

Other great options for particular situations:

B-2: The recently beloved droid the was in like every episode of Clone Wars. His special ability erases foe team buffs and that alone renders him great. However then on peak of that, the can respond to on behalf of various other characters. Nice sweet!Stormtrooper Han: As mentioned over in the leader section, STH works nicely because of his taunt and turn meter boost. Remember, more attacks same more an essential hits which lead to an ext attacks.Poggle: His special offers you added speed and damage for your droids, therefore he's a \"must\" at an early stage on. The reality that his regular attack can block special attacks is very useful too. He also dodges strikes at a great clip!Princess Leia: If friend don't have JE, Leia can offer you the critical chance rise that doubles the effectiveness of HK's management ability. She likewise hits prefer a bag of bricks and has speed.Royal Guard: His auto-taunt can be a lifesaver when your foe is thrashing 88. He'll purchase you some time to heal up, and his stun strike can turn the tide against an evenly matched team.

Beware these Opponents

Droids room beasts, however they aren't perfect. In fact, you have to steer clear of the following squads once possible:

Rebels led through Wedge: Wedge, Biggs and also the crew room dangerous for any type of squad. The biggest difficulty for droids is that Biggs will generally get full turn meter after taking a an essential hit (turning your greatest strength into a weakness). One wrong move and also you're losing 88 or JE to a three-way attack led through Biggs.Jawas: This is more theoretical since I hardly ever see attention Jawa teams. However given their capacity to stun droids without difficulty, they would worry me. Dual this problem if you see Datcha together the leader since they'll knock down your defense and also turn meter.Double tank teams: For every the an excellent attributes around droids, B-2 is the just one that is removing taunt from another team. When you challenge a team v STH and also RG, you're knocking out one tank only to finish up through a second one. And by the team friend break v both, the fight is currently over.

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Other droid teams! The many likely enemy that will whip girlfriend is a stronger droid team through super-quick JE. There's not really a means around this, so constantly remember that the best means to beat castle is to obtain even.

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