Star Trek: enterprise released as a complete series Blu-ray crate set

The adventures that Captain Jonathan Archer and the crew of Earth’s very first warp 5 starship the enterprise NX-01 has actually been released for the an initial time as a complete series Blu-ray crate set.

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Previously, just issued as individual seasons, CBS home Entertainment released the collection earlier this month, which contains all 97 illustration of the fifth live action Star Trek television series.


Star Trek: Entrprise – The finish Series

Enterprise, i beg your pardon ran indigenous September 2001 through may 2005 top top UPN, is set in the 22nd century 100 years prior to Captain Kirk’s five-year mission on The initial Series.

For those unfamiliar with the series, Enterprise stars Scott Bakula together Captain Jonathan Archer, Connor Trinneer together Commander Charles “Trip” Tucker III and also Jolene Blalock together Vulcan Sub-commander T’Pol, along with Dominic Keating together Malcolm Reed, Linda Park together Hoshi Sato, Anthony Montgomery together Travis Mayweather and John Billingsley as Dr. Phlox.

Being the very first Star Trek series to be shot and also intended come be displayed in high-definition, the display looks beautiful in HD and is presented in its initial 1.78:1 aspect ratio.

Spanning 24 discs, this complete collection set repackages the previously released single-season Blu-rays identically, aside from the update packaging. The significant benefit here, because that those that didn’t purchase the seasons individually, is the drastically reduced price tag. Due to the fact that its release, the box set has hovered about $70-80 — vice versa, the solitary season releases to be $50-60 each.


A scene from the pilot episode “Broken Bow” | Photo: CBS home Entertainment

The packaging because that the collection is decent; a cardboard slip cover slides end a clean multi-disc case. I love the new artwork ~ above the sheathe of this set. In contrast to the solitary season releases, which every utilized crucial art that the crew, the box collection depicts picture of the Enterprise-NX-01 traveling at warp through ribbons that yellow and also green light against the darkness of space.


A scene from the season 3 episode “Chosen Realm” | Photo: CBS residence Entertainment


Scott Bakula together Captain Jonathan Archer | Photo: CBS home Entertainment

Much favor Deep room Nine and also Voyager, i beg your pardon were additionally recently re-released together complete collection sets, Enterprise is available on a wide variety of streaming solutions (Netflix, Amazon Prime and also CBS all Access). However, through those streaming options, fans miss out ~ above the incredible bonus features included on the Blu-ray.


“Enterprise” executive, management Producer Brannon Braga

Bonus Features

Some the the standout bonus functions include:

To Boldly Go: A three-part documentary v cast and crew interviews and behind-the-scenes footageIn Conversation: executive, management Producers rick Berman and Brannon Braga talk about the seriesStar Trek: enterprise – Uncharted Territory: A three-part documentary the explores the advancement of the series from the very first to second season with cast and also crew interviewsIn Conversation – The very first Crew: Scott Bakula, john Billingsley, Jolene Blalock, Dominic Keating, Anthony Montgomery, Linda Park and also Connor Trinneer look ago at the collection with Brannon BragaIn a Time that War: A three-part documentary the explores the Xindi WarBefore her Time: Decommissioning EnterpriseIn-Conversation: The writers of Enterprise talk about the series

Plus, archival “mission logs,” outtakes and episode commentary.

Following suit with our reference of the finish DS9 series set, if girlfriend don’t already own the individual seasons of Enterprise top top Blu-ray, you won’t regret picking up this an extremely affordable box set.

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Star Trek: enterprise – The complete Series is now available on high-definition Blu-ray and standard meaning DVD.