Every Monday evening, there is no fail, I gain the boppy theme song of Bravo’s southerly Charm grounding in my head. If you’re not singing “ba ba doo” while you’re watching Whitney and also Thomas be typical to Katherine because that an hour, you have actually beaten the earworm and I want to know your secrets. The course, I had actually to know who is responsible for that jaunty tune, and also I have actually some answers: The southerly Charm theme tune is none various other that “It’s Easy,” written and also performed by singer/songwriter/actress/voiceover artist Mia Sable. The tune is such a perfect fit for not just the ton of the show, but likewise for the actors members of southern Charm, too. A tune about a rich guy who gets what that wants? Um, on southern Charm we have four rich dudes who get whatever they want, native bedding as many ladies as feasible to waking increase to gain to the office at 3 p.m. Their resemblance come the person in this track is nice uncanny. Come prove it, i’ve analyzed the text of “It’s Easy” and also matched them come the masculine members that the southerly Charm cast.

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Cameran and also Landon space too well adjusted to be included here, and also Kathryn frankly has sufficient problems, so i’ve left her out of here, too. Hear below and read on: Here’s exactly how Bravo hit the nail on the head by combine “It’s Easy” by Mia Sable and Southern Charm.

This one is type of straightforward: “It’s Easy” opens up with “He’s acquired money/He’s in magazines/He’s got much more honeys/Than any type of honeybee." Um, hello, Shep? In numerous conversations through sweet, sweet Cameran end the past one-and-a-half seasons, Shep has, in so many words, called Cameran that he’s not down with, well, stable down, and that women are “his hobby.” it is gross, Shep, but it bag perfectly v the text to the song. Shep does have money, that is without doubt in magazines (mostly thanks to the show), and certainly has more honeys 보다 a honeybee, who, presumably, has plenty of honey provided that that is a bee’s just job — to get honey. Obtain money, get paid, acquire ladies: it is gotta it is in Shep’s motto.

Craig Conover


“It’s Easy” continues, “He to be lazy/Just a consistent Joe Blow/But times have changed/Dontcha know, dontcha know.” This is kind of a complement to hot-but-not-smart Craig. Don’t obtain me wrong: Craig to be smart sufficient to gain into and graduate from law school, yet now he is lazy together all get-out. His times need to readjust if he’s going to pass the bar and become, friend know, a genuine lawyer. Friend can’t enter the office in ~ 3 p.m., Craig, also if you were up all night working. Part of the transaction of working in one office is, you know, going right into the office. I’m yes, really sorry.

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Thomas Ravenel

Later in “It’s Easy” Mia Sable sings, “He’s obtained promise/Yeah, he’s got the shine/He’s obtained scandals/To pass the time.” exactly how remiss would certainly I be if ns didn’t dedicate this stanza come T-Rav himself, a guy who slept his method through Charleston, obtained locked up for cocaine possession, and also then gained his 20-year-old girl friend pregnant and refused to marry her? ns mean, scandal just complies with Thomas around, mostly due to the fact that he lets it. Thomas needs a life intervention, and fast. Mia Sable fight this one on the head, also if she didn’t create it for T-Rav.

Whitney Sudler-Smith


Admittedly, i am not a Whitney fan. Further lyrics in “It’s Easy” walk “Whoa, they gained the place/Spinnin’ around his tiny pinky/You gotta hand it come the man/He’s makin’ it look therefore easy.” Bingo. Whitney is, frankly, awful, through the continuous catty comment he makes and also the basic entitlement in which that moves through his life, yet he provides it look for this reason easy. There is no anyone captured onto this? He’s one of the executive, management producers that the show, which i think contributes come his portrayal, yet damn. How has anyone not seen through this guy’s antics?

There you have actually it: Bravo struggle the pond on the head with choosing “It’s Easy” for southerly Charm. Next, I want tailored design template songs for every one of the real Housewives franchises. Probably songs around throwing drinks and also getting Botox?