The illustration starts with Cameran Eubanks’ baby shower gift indigenous Patricia Altschul, Michael. Is the a small strange the Michael so conveniently agrees to obstacle Cameran’s feet? A bit.The two clean and also organize Cameran’s kitchen because that baby and Michael speak Cam that the “well-to-do” don’t to buy their infant food pre-made; they have their assist make that from scratch. Cam speak Michael , “Well, I’m not well-to-do,” el-oh-el.

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Meanwhile over at Craig Conover’s house, our young tailor friend is FaceTiming his parents to discuss his connection with Naomie Olindo. Poor Craig, no one believe in him. His mother asks that if he just woke up because, “he quiet looks drunk.”


Craig tells us that he’s viewed his parental go v a rough patch in their own relationship, i m sorry is why the still believes that he and also Naomie might get earlier together. Oooh, Craig this is a bad take top top your partnership status.

Craig likewise shares the he’s finally determined how to get some direction in his life. While taking an Uber home, he began talking come his driver (polite), who mentioned that they are additionally a life coach. What pains me so lot is the Craig is exceptionally hard top top himself. He claims that he to know what all of his flaws are, however he simply doesn’t know how to deal with them.

Meanwhile end at Vickery’s, Thomas Ravenel the all civilization has chose to talk J.D. Madison through his separation through Liz. What type of lost fool takes connection advice native Thomas is beyond me, yet apparently J.D. claims that Liz begged him to go to Cameran’s baby shower and also that he couldn’t to speak no.

Over in ~ Kathryn Dennis’ house, Kathryn calls Cameran to discuss Cameran’s infant shower. Cameran apologizes the Patricia wouldn’t allow Kathryn to come, but Kathryn claims she understands “Petty Patricia’s” ways. Kathryn additionally says that she’s invited Thomas’ girlfriend, Ashley, to have lunch with her due to the fact that she wants to gain to know the woman that is safety time through her kids. Appears fake, but okay.

Shep Rose meets former flame Peyton in ~ Ember Woodfired Kitchen. If friend remember, Peyton to be a previous contestant top top Shep’s date show, RelationShep, that the did not end up choosing. However that is no going to prevent Peyton native pursuing her 15 minutes! Peyton shares v Shep the she has moved come Charleston and already has a project as a dog groomer. Cool, cool cool. Peyton additionally reveals the she has been quietly seeing Austen Kroll, i beg your pardon does no seem to stroked nerves Shep…yet.

Kathryn and Ashley finally have your lunch together at 82 Queen and it is awkward. I honestly love that Kathryn takes everything that Ashley states as a sign that she’s evil. Ashley asks Kathryn what she desires to drink and also Kathryn it s okay wound up like a lawnmower. “She knows that I’m sober!” It’s a small like this.


Kathryn reiterates that she has actually heard nothing about Ashley from Thomas, yet she softens as soon as Ashley shares that she originates from a divorced home. Ashley says she understands how complicated is have the right to be for youngsters to view their parents in brand-new relationships. Ashley states that she mother and also her sister were concerned around her date Thomas once she said them that she was going to move to Charleston due to the fact that of his reputation. Girl, they were right!!

Then Ashley renders a total goof as soon as she allows it slip that she met Kathryn’s youngsters in the exact same week that she started dating Thomas. No, wait, she clarifies, ns met lock on Mother’s Day.


In her interview, Kathryn is frustrated that Thomas has yet again disobeyed their custody agreement and feels like it’s unfair the she follows every one of the rules as soon as he doesn’t have to. “It speak you a lot around what a man with money in Charleston is permitted to do,” she tells us.

Cameran, Danni, and Cameran’s friend Leva, accomplish up for lunch at octopus Ivy and also Cameran speak them that she is starting to feel far better about being a mom. She says that she understands that her life won’t finish once she has actually her baby and I hope for baby Palmer that this is true.

Chelsea Meissner meets her father, Ken, at the beach because she requirements a tiny fatherly wisdom around her love life. Chelsea tells united state that she father is her best friend, which should be true due to the fact that as they collection up your fishing rod, she jokes v him ” i guess this makes you the understand baiter, huh?” Yikes dot com.

Chelsea claims that all of her friends space settling down and that she marvels why she doesn’t want to. Ken tells her that no everybody requirements to be married or have kids and that he will accept that if she decides to no go the traditional route. See, Craig’s parents! This is could be you, if girlfriend weren’t so difficult on him.

The following scene takes ar at The reconstruction Hotel,  where Kathryn and also Danni are hosting a girls night. Kathryn is therefore young. Every she wants is to take the sheets indigenous the hotel bed and put them on the soil so the the women will sit ~ above the ground, favor a slumber party.

Ashley gets a package of “mugshots” in the mail over at Thomas’s house. She sifts through every one of the different options and then jokingly speak Thomas that hers would certainly be the one that says “Trophy Wife,” or far better yet, the one that states “Gold Digger.” i m sorry is more than likely why Thomas tells us that the is beginning to require some space.

Back in ~ the hotel, Naomie tells Kathryn, Chelsea, and also Danni the she spoke to Liz after ~ seeing she at Cameran’s baby shower and also she now understands why Liz is trying to work-related things out v J.D. Because that the kids.

The girl aren’t the only ones down to have some fun. Craig, Thomas, Austen, Shep, and also Whitney Sulder-Smith all fulfill up in ~ a bar, wherein Austen and Thomas are established to get Craig end Naomie and under an additional girl. Craig says that he isn’t ready to begin seeing brand-new girls until he is sure that points with Naomie are over.

At dinner, Naomie reveals the she and also Craig haven’t had sex for 6 months and also Kathryn claims that she has matched through Austen ~ above Bumble. Naomie likewise tells us that she suffers from PEG (Psycho Ex-Girlfriend) syndrome and has a tracker on Craig’s phone.

Over at Warehouse, Shep is doing his damnedest to acquire Craig come sleep v a brand-new girl. Also boasting that Craig went to law school and also is “on the up and up” come some females he is trying to impress. Yet Craig does no take the bait and I respect him for that.

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The next day in ~ Tavern & Table, Craig and Naomie finally meet to talk around their relationship. Room they together? room they broken up? What exactly is going on in between these two?! Craig speak Naomie the he would certainly love come get earlier together with her, however unfortunately for Craig, Naomie is still undecided. Every Naomie wants to watch is that Craig can thrive up, be a fertile member of society, and carry out for her, however Craig hasn’t proven the he deserve to do that. It provides me so sad to view Craig list every one of the means that he’s do the efforts to end up being an adult, from legislation school to obtaining a house — he also throws it the end there that he’s obtaining a life coach! but for Naomie, she needs to see actions before words, as Craig has promised her again and again the he is walk to acquire his plot together. Craig tells Naomie that if she doesn’t believe him then they space over and Naomie pipeline the restaurant crying.

Tell us if girlfriend agree through Naomie in the comments!

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