I went to the semi-detached house bit, and was able to steal an AK47 and a part for making another rifle, but it had the stealing icon and said "stolen property" all over it.

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I think they people who own it are thugs or soldiers or something. Will my guy become depressed if I make him steal?

Edit: one other unrelated thing, should I build two boilers? I have one (improved) atm, should I have more than 1 for winter, or just add more fuel to increase the temperature? Which is better, one-two improved boilers, or 3-4 non-improved boilers?

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You're ok stealing from bandits and deserters. In fact, my guys were actually HAPPY that we'd stolen from the deserters in the apartment building who killed someone in the basement.

Don't steal from the "good" rebels (They sometimes spawn at the school, you can hear them saying things like "we're supposed to protect the people, not harm them"). They won't shoot you and will trade.

I'm not sure if stealing from the military camp is negative as I'm only playing pacifist playthroughs right now and I can't get to them.

It seems like the first 2-3 times you steal, your characters try to rationalize it as "them or us" and necessary, but the negativity adds up.

I'm not sure why people on jonathanlewisforcongress.com keep saying they're building 2-4 boilers... 1 Boiler with 4 fuel will heat the home to 11 degrees, 5 > 13 and 6 > 15 degrees.

15 degrees or more will make your survivors comfortable and not complain. 10-13 degrees will make them complain that it's chilly and they'll remark it's easier to get sick when it's cold, but at these temperatures I didn't notice any increase in sickness (with no other status ailments). 5-9 degrees does increase sickness probability a little, and below 5 degrees you're going to have a lot of sick people very soon.

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The thing is, when a fuel expires, the temperature comes down very quickly... to avoid sickness I always kept 4-5 fuel in there. I was refilling at a rate of around 2.5 per day. Fuel's pretty plentiful, I revisit safe locations with an axe and chop away, and can usually scavenge ~20 fuel and ~20 wood each time with Marko.