Shameless UK vs Shameless US: The 10 Biggest differences Shameless was adjusted from a present of the very same name the aired in the UK, and also although there are similarities, over there are additionally a the majority of differences.

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Shameless UK vs Shameless united state William H Macy Emmy Rossum
The Gallagher clan space everyone’s favorite poor TV family. That doesn’t love complying with Frank’s money-making shenanigans and Fiona’s desperate attempts to uncover love? many of us currently know that the American version of Shameless come from the brother series, i beg your pardon debuted in 2004. As well as the apparent accents and also location, there space some significant differences in between Shameless in the joined States and in the united Kingdom. Specifically after the an initial season, as soon as the united state version really began to come into its own shell and take ~ above its very own story.


Now, this no a competition, and also we’re not trying to say that one is far better than the other. Fine leave that decision as much as you. But here are the main differences we’ve seen due to the fact that the beginning.

Cast of Shameless UK version
for this reason this one isn’t really in the regulate of the producers, yet the united state Shameless has a much bigger manufacturing budget. That means they can afford to elaborate on some of the aspects of the show, and also create much more of a spectacle. That course, together is with American popular culture more 보다 British, there is significantly different product placement and marketing connected that changes the gaue won situation.

Both shows have used one elaborate collection to create the Gallagher households, however the us version does function a far-ranging amount that on-location shooting. For example, did you understand that Patsy’s is a real business? If the surprised you, examine out our list of 20 things everyone it s okay wrong about the show.


William H Macy as Frank Gallagher in Shameless US
Let’s confront it. Wilhelm H. Macy was born come play Frank. David Threlfall go the job well, but Macy plays him with a significantly more villainous edge. There are some other significant actors actors in the united state version, including Emmy Rossum as Fiona and also everyone’s favorite side character, Joan Cusack together Sheila Jackson.

However, the UK version does have some stage merit, too. In the an initial season the the UK version, Steve is play by James McAvoy. McAvoy is arguably among today’s most talented actors. Simply watch Split. It’s also been discussed by countless of the Internet’s commentators that the US cast is much more attractive overall, back this is very much a subjective opinion. Additionally, in the UK version, Carl to be played by twin brothers.

Shameless UK
This is where the UK Shameless has actually it in the bag. The display ran native 2004 to 2013, developing 11 seasons and 139 illustration in total. Meanwhile, the us version is currently still top top the air, deep right into its nine season, through 105 total episodes therefore far. The was freshly announced that there will certainly be a season ten, with Ian’s personality returning, in spite of his announcement that he to be leaving the present for good.

To credit each version, both shows have actually received countless awards and high viewership ratings. Over there have also been other worldwide adaptations the the show based on the original UK series, including one in Turkey referred to as Bizim Hikaye, one in Pakistan dubbed Hamari Kahani, and a Russian version called Besstydniki.


Fiona and also Vee in Shameless US
Kev and Vee exist in both versions, yet leave the UK variation after the 4th season. At the time in the version, the Maguire family come to be more main characters. The united state version that them, the Milkovich family, don’t specifically have the same type of dynamic, even though Ian and also Mickey are romantically affiliated for some time. They stay side characters for the rest of the series, with tiny to no involvement in the most recent periods (aside indigenous Ian’s departing moments when he come in prison).

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The Gallaghers in the UK version seem to come to be less that the main emphasis by the center of the series, as the Maguires acquire the change and become central characters.

if both versions of Shameless are known for their no-holds-barred take it on the Gallaghers’ lives, consisting of nudity, drug use, swearing, and more. However, the UK variation pushes the line just a small bit much more toward tires content.

For example, Ian’s sex scene feel more censored in the us version, yet this isn’t entirely the show’s fault. The actor that plays Ian ~ above the us version was underage at the moment they to be filming few of these scenes. There additionally seems to be much much more full frontal male nudity in the UK version than there is in the us series.


A the majority of the romantic relationships in between the personalities play out differently in between the two versions. In the UK version, Ian end up marrying a woman after his affair with Mickey ends, when in the united state version his storyline concludes through a reunion v Mickey in prison.


Additionally, in the UK version, Lip has a child. Another major difference is that Monica and also Frank have actually a saturday child, Stella, in the UK version. In the united state series, Monica dies in season 7 with simply six kids behind. After ~ that, frank goes through a slew of new romantic interests, all of which it seems to be ~ to die or leave.

one of the biggest differences if you clock both that the shows in their entirety is the the focus on the Gallagher family is different. In the UK version, much of the main cast leaves eventually. Fiona isn’t in the 3rd season, together she leaves briefly come be through Steve. We all know just how that scenario settled for she in the united state version.

A the majority of the other main Gallagher characters have left for whole seasons in the UK version. Candid is really the only one who remains the entire run. By the end of the UK series, it appears as despite the entire focus has shifted away from the Gallaghers and onto their bordering families.


one of the many notable characters in the united state version the doesn’t appear in the UK version is Svetlana. She initially arrives ~ above the present as a Russian hooker rental by Mickey’s dad after catching him through Ian. However, she becomes pregnant v his child and also begins living v him.

Eventually, she ends up in a three-way partnership with Kev and Vee, and at one point tries to take control over the bar. Svetlana had actually a significant impact on the show and also was current for 5 seasons, for this reason she really noted a different plot twist 보다 the UK version.

In the UK version, the The Jockey. In the us version, that The Alibi Room. However, there are much more differences in the signature Shameless watering holes than simply simply the names. The Jockey is own by the Maguire family and has been operation by various members of their family. First, it was Karen and Jamie, climate it was Mimi, and also then the was ago to Karen and Jamie again.

On the us version, Kev and Vee take over The Alibi Room and run it repeatedly up until this existing point. That’s consisting of Svetlana’s make the efforts to take it over manage of the bar indigenous them when she realizes they no the many financially adept individuals.

1 character GROWTH

while the united state versions that UK mirrors are frequently notorious for changing things in a not-always-best way, this time, the united state gets it right. In the UK version, the timeline go by yes, really fast and also you don’t gain to do the link to the personalities that you do in the united state version. That’s also because, as previously mentioned, a the majority of the main cast leaves the UK show prior to it ends.

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As a result, that takes away more of the moment you gain to understand those characters before saying goodbye. Over there are also so countless different characters in the UK version that remain as side personalities in the united state version that it gets a tiny too distracting to connect to everyone.