On the eastern side the Kuwaq Yaku, come the phibìc of the docks, speak with Abigail"s aunt in the pink residence to learn about an old map passed down by Abigail"s grandmother.

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Meet Abby in ~ Diego"s house

Head northwest of Pilar"s house, straight west the the merchant, come the shack v the "Jardin Comunitario" sign to speak through Diego and also trigger a scene.


After a scene, you"ll be ambushed by a variety of wolves and can one of two people fight lock to collect their hides or rush toward the climbable wall on the opposite side of the room come escape. Either way, you"ll have to climb the craggy wall and then protect against the floor trap in the hallway in ~ the top.

Continue come a "dead end", where Lara contact Abby, and also jump throughout to climbable wall surface and climate jump/grapple another wall surface to the best to shimmy roughly the ledge and up come solid ground. You can now follow the route to a lever, which opens the gate close to the entrance to the crypt and exit come Kuwaq Yaku.


The second X on the map is much much easier to collect; simply head southern through the forest and follow the waypoint to a it is provided Cache and dig up the second piece of the Chakana.

Meet Abby in ~ Pilar"s house

Once you"ve investigated both X"s and obtained the 2 pieces the the Chakana, return to Pilar"s home near the docks to trigger a scene.

Locate the tomb

The enntrance gate to the tomb is near the Crypt top top the eastern side that Kuwaq Yaku, conveniently reached by swimming v the underwater faster way to the southeast of Pilar"s house.

Solve the secrets of the covert Place

Follow the left course to with a wood barricade, close to a serpent statue, and also push the nearby lever to rotate on the poison gas and then earlier up and use a Fire arrow to blow v the barricade ahead.

On the other side the the barricade, look ideal to point out a mechanism and jump onto that via the stone platform to weigh it down, elevating the nearby bridge, and then drop and also quickly overcome the bridge prior to it drops again. Repeat this process on one more mechanism, on the left side of the area, and also then continue into the lava to fill area ahead.

Straight ahead, note the pendulum through a serpent"s head spewing gas behind it and then head to the much side that the area, so that you"re ~ above the side of the pendulum with a ledge. You"ll have to shoot a Fire arrow into the gas to cause an explosion, sending out the pendulum flying towards you, and then jump and also grab ~ above the pendulum to cross to the various other side that the gap.

On the various other side, study the Mural - ancient Forge before approaching one more pendulum and also then shoot one more Fire arrowhead to send the pendulum swinging, easily jumping and also grappling ~ above the wall behind it. Climb up and also look left come spot one more pendulum, making use of the same an approach to journey it over to heavy ground, and then jump on the system to progressive to bridge to the center of the forge.

The tower directly ahead is choose an elevator, with the platforms approximately the pillar rotating approximately the external to at some point reach the top. In bespeak to power this "elevator", you"ll must use the gas spewed indigenous the serpents to cause an explosion, propelling the communication up the shaft.

Enter the pillar of the tower and also jump top top the counterweight inside to raise the platform outside and also then exit and quickly shooting a Fire arrowhead into the gas to rotate upward one level. The communication won"t continue to be at this level for long, as they just lock right into place every two rotations, so wait for them to stop and reveal a platform near another serpent and also then run off prior to they head back down.

Head best to discover the Relic - Porvenir Hardhat ~ above the ground and then backtrack in the contrary direction and also push the nearby lever to relax the gas indigenous the 2nd serpent. You deserve to now head up the stairs, previous the lever, to uncover the Document - Porvenir ar Report in the corner and then jump ago down come the elevator platforms.

Now the the very first two serpents are spewing gas, advanced the platform external the column again and shoot a Fire arrowhead to turn the communication upward, the same method you did earlier, and also then shoot an additional Fire arrow at the 2nd pocket that gas to rotate them a 2nd time.

Now the the platforms are locked right into place top top this level, get in the center of the shaft to find another counterweight and raise the platform outside and also then shoot a Fire arrow into the gas to rotate the platforms upward. Unequal the first level, you"ll must run counter-clockwise about the communication to discover the 2nd serpent and also location wherein you have the right to jump to solid ground.

The course to the appropriate leads to a dead end, for this reason head left to find one more lever and also push it come activate the adjacent serpent"s head and also then proceed up the surrounding stairs to uncover the Document - Mariana"s Confession ~ above the ground. You have the right to now jump ago down to the elevator platforms and use the two serpents spewing gas to rotate up 2 levels, locking the platforms right into place again.

The three counterweights inside the shaft right here are fully useless, simply red herrings to do the puzzle "more confusing" than it is. The ledge the you should reach is inaccessible at the moment, due to the collapsed portions the the elevator, however if friend shoot the currently flowing gas top top this level to rotate the elevator upward, it"ll likewise raise these broke down platforms.

Unfortunately, you"ll be over the area you desire to jump to as soon as the elevator finishes rotating, but if you just wait top top the raised platforms till the elevator rotates ago downward, friend can easily jump come off before the communication collapse once again. You have the right to now head up the stairs and also push an additional lever to activate the adjacent gas and also then continue past the lever to a "dead end".

While it may look prefer the only way forward is backtracking come the elevator, shooting the gas behind the pendulum ~ above the best side that the area here and also then jumping come the pendulum will enable you to reach a new area with Document - Mariana"s Journal.

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Follow the route to another lever, which activates the final serpent"s head, and then turn around to spot the Mural - Exodus that Hope at the bottom of the stairs. You deserve to now head down the path, dropping down one level, and also then swing throughout to the elevator shaft.