All’s well the ends fine … right? on the Tuesday, February 21, season 2 finale of seven Year Switch, the 4 couples chose if the “switch therapy” experiment strengthened their marital relationships or convinced them it to be time to speak to it quits. As has been the tendency all season, 2 of the couples seemed ideal on track, and also two appeared to be going fully off the rails. This is what taken place when that was lastly time to do the big decision.

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Aaron and Heather

Upon returning home, it to be clear the both Aaron and also Heather were figured out to placed the devices they’d learned with the experiment come work. Heather fight the gym with her husband to show him she was much more motivated now, and he vowed to try to help out around the residence more, also though that found cooking to be “hard.” heather met up through a friend, and Aaron met up with his dad to comment on their experiences during their time apart from one another, and also they both really appeared to be on the same page in terms of wanting come make things work, despite they establish things around their momentary spouses the they had appreciated as well.

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Ultimately, Aaron stated he’d learned that he essential to put much more effort right into their marriage, and also Heather stated she’d learned come assert herself. Not surprisingly, castle both made decision they want to remain together. The experts were really encouraged by the changes they witnessed in every of them, and everyone toasted come the fresh start.

Tony and Liliya

Tony and Liliya had likewise both learned a lot, but there will still concerns at hand. If Liliya feel “guilty” that Tony didn’t feeling appreciated, she confessed to a friend the she didn’t feel appreciated either. “I’m working my target off and taking extra shifts, and sometimes I need your help, and also I don’t have it,” she told her husband, who responded by reiterating that he no feel like she sustained him.

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The affection in between them to be apparent, though, and they both appeared committed come making the transforms necessary to conserve their marriage. As soon as it to be time to announce their final decision, castle both want to stay together.

Dustin and Jaclyn

Things were tense between Dustin and also Jaclyn after they were reunited, and also it no seem choose either had actually learned much. “It was nice to have a tiny bit that a break away from Jaclyn,” Dustin told among his friends when they play pool. “If us did split up since we were no happy, I’m no going to be completely down and also out. Ns going to move on,” he claimed to the camera. Wow, sounds like he’s really into his wife. Jaclyn go on a walk through her dad (who still didn’t understand that she and also Dustin were currently married), and also her father wisely called her the the things around Dustin that drove her crazy to be unlikely come change. Jaclyn then called James come tell him that Dustin and Kelsey had actually been texting each various other at 2 a.m.

“He said me she said she want to f–k him,” Jaclyn reported. “I’m just making certain that you space thinking not just with your heart however with her mind.” James didn’t seem favor he wanted to hear it and also got turn off the contact as conveniently as possible. Now if only Jaclyn could take her very own advice.

Realizing his marital relationship was on rocky ground, Dustin told Jaclyn that “did miss” her and also insisted the Kelsey had actually been the one who’d wanted to cheat, yet he’d rebuffed her advances. (Right.) “I will certainly be better. I will certainly be more responsible,” he promised. As soon as the experts arrived to accomplish with them, Jaclyn said them the she thought Dustin’s variation of occasions — namely, that he to be the innocent bystander who had actually thwarted Kelsey’s seductive moves at every turn. The experts clearly weren’t buying any of it and asked Jaclyn if she might, just maybe, be putting her head in the sand. She insisted she wasn’t.

When Dustin arrived (he had been the end walking the dog), he admitted that he’d told Kelsey he found her attractive, however said the human he was depicted as in the footage no the actual him. “The method I plot in L.A. Was not exactly how I would act here. Ns would never go out and also drink every single day, yet given the chance to, i took it,” the explained. He stated he go “too far” throughout the experiment, however now he wanted to remain married. Jaclyn did, too. A couple of weeks later, they got married. (No comment.)


Dustin and also Kelsey native FYI’s “Seven Year Switch.” Karolina Wojtasik/FYI

James and Kelsey

Upon return home, it was clear that James desperately wanted to work things out through Kelsey, yet she no seem an extremely enthused. As soon as James told her he’d feeling “disrespected” by just how much she had actually flirted through Dustin, Kelsey played dumb and said she had actually no idea what the was talking about. To she parents, Kelsey described switch treatment as “confusing.” she dad responded by telling her she was selfish. “Maybe it isn’t James,” her father claimed as he damaged down in tears. “I think it’s an extremely unfortunate.”

Somewhere in here, James obtained that phone call from Jaclyn, and he faced Kelsey around texting with Dustin. “I understand that you speak to Dustin,” that said. “I don’t want any an ext drama, nice much. Friend cannot talk to him anymore.” though Kelsey maintained her cool in the moment, she later admitted to the camera the her “stomach dropped to the floor.” Oh, she additionally said Dustin to be making points up to rest up she marriage since he liked her and wanted she for himself.

James climate asked Kelsey a collection of questions, ranging from whether she to be still in love with him to whether she had ever before thought around cheating. She stated no to that 2nd one, but footage from she time with Dustin showed otherwise. James called her that he felt he was doing every one of the compromising and also that he was “embarrassed” by she behavior. However again, she sat there in complete shock.

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The specialists arrived and also tried to get Kelsey to really open up up around her true feelings, but it wasn’t clean whether castle succeeded. Despite she admitted she was “confused,” she determined to stay with James and also he made decision to remain with she — which intended all four couples endured switch treatment (at least for now).