The makeup destinationhad been hyping your customers up because that their yearly Rewards Day, wherein shoppers can use their points to wincrazy prizes. Depending upon how numerous points you hadracked increase on her account, you could winthings like trips to Paris, $500 precious of makeup, designerpurses, and also gift packages from luxury makeup brands. Obviously beauty addicts everywhere were beyondexcitedto log in on and also get your prizes.

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But lot like specific other epicrewardsdays(we"re looking in ~ you Amazon Prime), the hype constructed it up also much, and also the reality, was a disappointment to mostshoppers.

First, customers were told theRewards job wouldstart on respectable 10th throughout "business hours", so no one knew exactly when to log in onto get their prizes — which didn"t do anyone feel any better about the prizes drying up within minutesof it lastly launching and hundreds of loyal customers being greeted with this message:

To make matters worse, manycustomers that were able come grabthe rewardsbefore they marketed out then had their really hopes crushed once they went tocheckout and found out the prize to be no longer available.

So, every the jilted customers required to Twitter (where else?) come express their anger and frustration:

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Ugh me all day today
Sephora #EpicRewards #EpicFail

— Renée (
Mimi4Ever1990) august 10, 2015
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My feel on the #SephoraEpicRewards #sephoraepicfail I"m loyal, I"m Rouge, why me? 😢

— KilO (
Tweet_Dis_Kiara) august 10, 2015
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Sephora one more hour and also no epos rewards. I see the very nice one of Ulta now. #Sephoraepicrewards #Sephoraepicfail

— Jenny Carlos (
beautyonarainyd) respectable 10, 2015

Sephora has actually been respondingto dissatisfiedcustomers" tweets questioning them to DM them through their specificissues, but no word yet on if or howthe brand plan to make it approximately customers.Hopefully, theserewards dayfails will certainly encourageotherbrandsplanning similar shopping incentives to perform a much better job plan in advance to ensure the reality lives as much as all the hype.

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