Every senior deserves to retire with dignity, safety, and security. As Republicans threaten to cut funding to Social Security and Medicare to cover tax breaks to the nation’s wealthiest, we must fight to protect these essential programs—not just for the seniors who have paid into them their entire lives, but also for future generations who deserve to retire gracefully.

We cannot allow our seniors—or anybody—to be saddled with the cost of rising prescription drug prices. Poverty or bankruptcy should not be the cost of staying healthy.

Here’s my plan to protect our seniors:

  • Defend Social Security. Republicans cannot be allowed to cut funding to Social Security. Our senior citizens deserve to go into retirement worry-free with the help of a program they’ve paid into their entire working lives. We must also preserve this important service for future generations.
  • Coverage should be complete. The Medicare Part D “donut hole” gap in prescription drug coverage must be closed. All medication should be affordable without substantial out-of-pocket costs.
  • Protect Medicare for seniors and fight for Medicare for all. Medicare is essential to providing a high quality of life for our seniors, and it must be protected from Republican budget cuts. Medicare should also be expanded to facilitate a single-payer healthcare system for all Americans. Read more about my ideas on Affordable Healthcare Policy here.
  • Control and lower the ballooning costs of life-saving medicine. Medicare needs the freedom to negotiate better medication prices for seniors, and seniors should be able to purchase medicine from Canada, where prices are sometimes better. Increasing federal funding for researching cures and treatments for debilitating diseases that affect millions of seniors, such as Alzheimer’s and cancer, is also critical.
  • Hold Big Pharma and Congress accountable. Common sense policies that would improve Medicare and prescription drug prices are stopped in their tracks because too many members of Congress take money from Big Pharma PACs. We must place the interests of our citizens first by using antitrust powers to break up Big Pharma companies that don’t act as responsible corporate citizens.