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Dave from WisconsinThe track takes top top themes of the times, which contained a the majority of veterans coming earlier from Vietnam. The first two lines to be intended to mimic the currently a woman might say ~ greeting her love interest after he changed from the war. Many of the rest is indigenous a various voice, i beg your pardon is the voice that the male who visited Vietnam. He"s realizing the he challenged life and death circumstances and also isn"t ready to mince native anymore through his love interest. He"s ready to tell her what she means to him and his state of mind, and also he provides her the control of conserving him native his past. The tune switches in between the voices of the woman and also the man. The cite of "better 보다 a white line" is about cocaine, yet the emotion he it s okay from she is better. The major success of this song has a lot of to perform with its incredible use of the Moog synthesizer. This is an exceptional song. Among the finest rock songs ever.Smart GuyClearly a song around blow.Diamond Davey from mountain Diego This band, Head East, I absolutely do recall, KY-102, playing this song and I immediately went out to, planet Earth, 38th street, k.C.,KS., and bought the cassette for my ride! lock were and as much as I"m concerned, still ate, flippin amazing but, will they do it into, the rock "n" roll hall the fame, is the large ?Paul ray from Columbus, OhioI i found it the verse “woman is a sweet love, far better than a white line” and also suspected it could be a heat of cocaine. I can be dorn yet text interpretation are up to every individual.Robert native LexingtonIt"s more than likely about meth. Ago in those days us snorted it.Zach indigenous Columbus, OhioSteve indigenous c.t.Its true that glass is a term for methamphetamine yet I"m pretty sure the "did friend break any type of glass" heat is referring to cut up present of cocaine top top a mirror (glass). I could be wrong, dont recognize much about the song however as a previous user, it appears to make sense that if the song is focusing on cocaine, the phrase I would argue, eludes to the act of cutting up lines quite than discussing meth, i m sorry if my older friends room correct to be not even crystal meth back then but an ext of a powder.Vicister from MissouriHead eastern made this song ago in the era of arena rock. An effective music was sweeping the country and "Never been any type of Reason" definitely fit together a Arena rock Anthem. The lyrics describe a Cociane high. White lines to be the drug of an option at the time nation wide, it to be a snow- fest the year. "Save mine life, I"m going under for the critical time" describes a highly pure kind of Cociane feeling with the spirling effect winding downward v the nerve system. It"s not the so late 70"s anymore and also that level the drug simply isn"t roughly anymore.William native Reno, NvThe an initial time i heard this song was in a bar at closing time. I"ve viewed bands covering this one almost everywhere the ar as closeup of the door song. Also Hawaii. K/H DSteve O.t. Indigenous Ct.Don. Did girlfriend break any type of glass? refers to Crystal Meth use.Seventhmist native 7th HeavenRob, lead vocalist man Schlitt was kicked the end of Head east in 1980 for drug use and also hit absent bottom quickly after, attempting suicide before turning his life around, leaving the music market for years and also then re-emerging with Petra. The heat "Save mine life, I"m goin" down for the last time" certainly ended up applying to him. A couple of years after ~ Petra"s members retired, Schlitt appeared at a reunion concert for Head East.John from Indianapolis, InOne of the best, many memorable songs from the 70s. Why execute I always think of Free"s all Right now when i hear this song?Linda from Inland Empire, CaLove this track -- I"m firmly center aged and also I still revolve it up LOUD!Howie from Bristol, Ct., CtI first heard this song back in high school. Ns loved the then and I love it now. I"m in mine 50"s and also in a classic rock cover band. I,ve been tryin to acquire my tape to cover this song however they"re not all on board with it. What is wrong through them???? This is truely a standard rock song.Josh indigenous Champaign, IlThe album title describes the location surrounding your home region of main Illinois (met in ~ the university of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, recorded first album at Pekin, IL) , level as a pancake!Don native B G, KyIn the song, I understand "... Far better than a white line" refers to using cocaine. What does "did girlfriend break any type of glass" mean?Rob native Augusta, GaI prospered up in the same town together a couple of the tape members. They to be an great band! I uncover it most interesting that john Schlitt would be much more "famous" through his member in his next band after ~ Head East. He replaced Greg X. Volz in the Christian Rock tape Petra.Eb from Orlando Metro, FlI constantly thought there to be a female vocalist top top this song. However a small internet searching and I uncovered this: who is the mrs singer heard share the command vocal on never ever Been any Reason? Answer: There space no woman voices on never ever Been any Reason. The 2 lead voices the share lines ago and forth throughout the song are drummer Steve Huston and lead vocalist john Schlitt. John"s is the higher voice the is occasionally mistaken by fans to be a woman voice. I think I occasionally mix this song up through "Don"t Misunderstand Me" by the Rossington-Collins Band and also I believed that Dale Kranz-Rossington to be the singer ~ above this too.Tony P. From Columbus, TxBack in Highschool there to be a local cover band dubbed The Emotions that pertained to town once a month. If you were cool or just thought friend were, girlfriend went to watch them. I will always remember the they would certainly close through this song.

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Tony P. Columbus Tx.Shawn from Buffalo, NyThis is a an excellent song ns love the keyboard solo.see more comments