From Lady Gaga’s emotional performance to chris Rock’s tone-deaf oriental joke, ABC’s live broadcast of the 88th Academy Awards ran the gamut


WORST: The introduction clip because that the show -- girlfriend know, the one that sets the tone because that the show and also gets viewers right into the mood -- started with a cheesy clip of every the ingredients that enter an Oscar, prefer heart, passion and inspiration. And just therefore viewers obtain the idea, the ingredients were then funneled into the Oscar law in pixie-dust form. 


BEST: chris Rock"s opened monologue. The organize of the evening wasted no time in addressing the #OscarsSoWhite controversy, or as he referred to as this year"s Oscars, "the white People"s selection Awards." Rock then took a jab at actress Jada Pinkett Smith because that boycotting the event, saying the "Jada boycotting the Oscars is choose me boycotting Rihanna"s panties. Ns wasn"t invited."


BEST: Skit spoofing how tough it is for black color actors come land a role in white Hollywood. The clip began with Whoopi Goldberg loan her 2 cents to the mop step from "Joy." Leslie Jones took ~ above the duty of the be affected by each other in "The Revenant," Tracy Morgan play a danish-eating "Danish Girl," when "The Martian"s" Jeff Daniels and Kristen Wiig disputed whether or not to invest "white dollars" to conserve a black astronaut, play by kris Rock.

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WORST: Everyone"s favourite Fox News correspondent Stacey Dash do what can only be described as the many uncomfortable appearances of the night. The "Clueless" actress waved at the audience as she wished anyone a happy Black history Month. Dash elevated eyebrows last month when she declared that Black background Month, BET and also other institutions that celebrate racial differences should be eliminated.

BEST: If you dislike the music the Oscars orchestra plays as soon as a winner"s accept speech runs on too long, producers of this year’s occasion may have discovered a systems to the problem: A scroll at the bottom that the screen with the winners" thank-yous. Hallelujah!

WORST: Cate Blanchett, among Hollywood’s most stylish actors, gift the Oscar for ideal costume design... Makes sense. What didn’t make feeling was having actually her battle her means through a bunch that mannequins together she did her bit, making for a less than smooth moment.

BEST: Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe reminded us that banter in between presenters doesn"t constantly have come be stubborn or boring. Together they presented the Oscar for best adjusted screenplay, Gosling bragged around how he and Crowe have actually "two Oscars between the two of us." yet Crowe only won a single Oscar for best Actor in 2000"s "Gladiator;" Gosling himself has actually yet to win.

BEST: For another pre-taped skit, rock recruited actress Angela Basset to celebrate one Academy legend that was in movies like “Enemy the State” and also “Shark Tale” — Jack Black. This potshot to absence of Academy diversity joins other highlights choose montages certification Leslie Jones and also Whoopi Goldberg.

BEST: C-3PO, R2-D2 and also BB-8 took the stage to offer a shout out to "Star Wars" composer john Williams who obtained his 50th Oscar nomination for this year"s "Star Wars: The force Awakens." The moment was so awesome it had actually "Room" star Jacob Tremblay jumping the end of his seat for a closer look. 

BEST: Chris absent isn’t only trying to dazzle as an Oscar host -- he’s going after dad of the Year. Rock demand the millionaires in the audience assist his daughter’s Girl Scouts of America troop market the many cookies this year. Buyers included Kate Winslet, Sam Smith and Jennifer Lawrence and David O. Russell. 

BEST: Kevin"s Hart showed his serious side as he addressed this year’s lack of diversity in Hollywood. The comedian put a positive spin top top the concern as he addressed actors of color, saying, “Let"s no let this problem of diversity to win us."

BEST: Chris rock tackled the #OscarsSoWhite conflict in a recorded "man top top the street" clip outside a movie theatre in Compton, California. Rock climate asked moviegoers whether they"d seen any kind of of this year"s Best picture nominees. After acquiring mostly blank stares, Rock then asked one movie-goer whether she’s watched “Straight the end of Compton,” to which she replied, "Oh, hell yeah!"

BEST: luigi C.K. Took a light-hearted jab in ~ documentary filmmakers as he presented the Oscar for finest documentary feature. While attribute filmmakers who win an Oscar go on to make millions, documentary filmmakers "will never be well-off as lengthy as castle live," including that "this Oscar is going home in a Honda Civic."

WORST: sarah Silverman’s introduction for this year"s finest Song nominee "Writing"s ~ above the Wall" indigenous "Spectre" took a bizarre turn as soon as the comedian walk on a rant around James Bond, speak the top British spy is "a grower no a shower.” We’ll file this one under "TMI."

BEST: with an exceptionally heavy subject matter, Lady Gaga brought home an additional fabulous Oscar performance with her Diane Warren co-penned “Til It happens To You,” from rape documentary “The hunting Ground.” Survivors join the singer on phase for a triumphant declare of support, which lugged tears to the eye of audience members like Rachel McAdams.

BEST: Dave Grohl provided everyone goosebumps v a touching rendition of The Beatles" classic "Blackbird" together the In Memoriam tribute played behind him. Interestingly, the tune touches on race connections in America in the 1960s.

WORST: In a fully unexpected upset win, Sam Smith won the Oscar for finest Original track over Lady Gaga"s "Till It wake up to You." also worse, Diane Warren has actually lost for the eighth time in that category. 

BEST: Sacha Baron Cohen had actually probably one of the funniest currently of the night. Arriving in complete Ali G equipment Cohen defined the film “Room” together “a movie about a room full of white people."

WORST: on a night all around diversity, absent trotted out three asian children for a tone-deaf segment, joking they were accountants and were choose other oriental children responsible for making iPhones in slave-like conditions.

BEST: Leonardo DiCaprio, to win his very first Oscar top top his fifth nomination, provided a heartfelt accept speech and even consisted of a plug for his pet political issue, climate change.

BEST: The closeup of the door credits were played end a soundtrack of publicly Enemy"s "Fight the Power," which to be featured in the 1989 Spike Lee movie "Do the ideal Thing." It to be the last nod of numerous to the Oscars diversity concern that occurred throughout the night. It"s simply a shame that Lee, who boycotted this year"s ceremony, wasn"t there to hear it.

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