You will hardly find a device that is completely free of flaws as digital gadgets are bound to face some software and also hardware problems – it does not intend they are faulty quite and also through some simple workarounds you can conveniently fix it up. When utilizing a smartphone, you might challenge some kind of concerns due to software program or hardware glitches. Most of the glitches can be solved quickly. If your Samsung Galaxy Note 5 key-board not functioning, don’t worry, bereason this is one of the things that you deserve to quickly fix. Let’s watch how.

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Potential fixes for Galaxy Note 5 key-board not functioning issue:

Rebegin the device

This is the initially step which requires you to press dvery own the power and also volume down button altogether for about 10 secs. Your gadget will certainly rotate off. Wait for few seconds and rotate it back on. This might solve the worry for many. A easy rebegin deserve to be showed as exceptionally helpful sometimes. The factor is when the phone is provided at a stretch for more than 200 hours without any kind of rebegin, miscellaneous features and also apps soptimal working properly.

Clear the cache of key-board app

When Samsung keyboard not functioning, try clearing the cache and also information of the keyboard application. To do so:

Tap on the apps icon from the house display screen of your deviceGo to Setups > Applications manager > All tabThis will certainly show you all the apps present in the gadget.Now tap on key-board app and also touch the clear cache alternative to delete its cached information.Next tap on clear data and it will certainly erase all the information on the app such as login details, settings etc.

Now, erected the app once aacquire and also attempt to see if the keyboard not working worry in your Galaxy Note 5 is resolved or not.


 Update the gadget and also key-board app

Check if an update is obtainable for your device and also go for updating it. The update carries some fixes for bugs and glitches. Also, make sure you have actually the latest variation of the keyboard app you are using. Open Play Store, tap on three horizontal lines to open up the food selection, and then tap My apps & games. If tright here is an update for the keyboard app, download it.

Boot the gadget in safe mode

Sometimes a culprit app deserve to be the reason of the Galaxy Keep in mind 5 keyboard not working problem. What you have to carry out is boot your gadget into safe mode. Here is how:

Turn off the gadget entirely.Press dvery own the power button for few secs and it will show Galaxy Keep in mind 5 on the display. Release the power crucial and also push dvery own the volume down essential.Continue holding it till the phone completes restarting. Once completed, it will certainly present safe mode in the bottom left edge of the display.

In case the keyboard application acts properly in safe mode, then one of the apps is the culprit. You can uninstall third-party apps one by one (start via those you set up recently as soon as the problem through the key-board occurred), or you have the right to go for a manufacturing facility information reset (described below).

Factory reset

This is the last option which will erase everything from your gadget and also you will should set it up from scratch. Don’t foracquire to backup your papers. Here are the measures for factory reset:

Go to SettingsNext, tap Backup & ResetTap Factory Data Recollection > Recollection gadget > Delete all.

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