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There has been some discussion whether Ruger will/should continue with the Marlin Model 60. Some think that the Marlin Model 60 competes with the 10/22 but I am not so sure. The tube magazine and capacity of the Marlin vs the standard 10 round rotary mag of the Ruger is one difference. Larger capacity mags for the Ruger are available but with the compromise of a profile more intrusive than a tube mag Marlin. Rotary mags are certainly quicker to reload vs a tube mag though. My opinion is that they fill different niches. My son-in-law has a Marlin Model 60 that he uses for varmit control (Including coyotes) on the farm and it is a great shooting rifle at a lower price point than a 10/22. Why would Ruger give up those sales?
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I have both. Each has their purpose for my needs. I like my 10/22 for a woods gun. Lighter and shorter for maneuvering around in the brush. The 60 i like for a field gun. They are more accurate especially when reaching out past 50 yards. The differences in ammo capacity does not effect my opinion on them.
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My father has a Remington pump. He had it as long as i can remember. It took out a lot of ***** back in our **** hunting days. He used to say i"ll shoot out the barrel one of these days. It still taking out pest today.

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Be insane not to continue the model 60, especially for the communists states that frown on that evil detachable magazine
I like the nylon 66 the best.I think they fill different roles myself.I own a 60, 75 and (2) 10/22"s.The 60"s downfall to me is the dovetail rail made for rimfire scopes. Had to by an adapter to use a large scope, or red dot. Only other negative is if you wanna reload more ammo while ammo is still in the rifle you flag yourself with the muzzle. Other than that its a good rifle.The 10/22 is a great rifle only negative to me is how annoying getting the bolt back on the charging handle when reassembling it. I feel the 10/22 has the 60 beat in aftermarket gear and parts, pretty much anything you desire, 60 not so much. I think the 10/22 and glenfield 75 are equal size wise and handiness. I think i actually like my 75 a little better than my 60. But i find them all accurate and worthy. I do not see one replacing the other, but we will see. Their is no doubt their are more 60"s and 10/22"s than any other on the planet in 22LR. I just wish they would make one in 22WMR again for the 10/22, and as a new idea for the 60.