Musical illustration are one of the hardest things out over there to create on TV, mostly due to the fact that they need such a various energy and style than nearly anything else the you are going to see a display do. They’re super-ambitious, technically-challenging, and immediately polarizing. There space some the end there who room going to think that them as corny just because of one of two people preconceived notions and thoughts ~ above musicals in general.

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Wednesday night’s “Royal Pains” episode entitled “The good News Is…” will more than likely not readjust the psychic of anyone out there debating whether or not they space going come suddenly reap musicals. Because that those who do and also understand the spirit of the show, this is a fun depiction of whatever that you’ve involved know and love native the series. This includes a few really great songs; our personal favorite is the title track, a refrain representing the entire collection in a method that consists of cameos from numerous of Hank’s previous patients.

For those who are sticklers come story and the special, of this world, rest assured that these song weren’t actually happening. They to be hallucinations from among Hank’s newest patients, a phase legend played successfully by Cloris Leachman who wanted to be certain she could be there because that Henry’s wedding. This to be a comparable convention to just how the “Scrubs” music (also great) do their illustration work.

In terms of character revelations, Evan and Paige are finally expecting a child, Hank realized that he must really try further to control his own destiny, and Jeremiah seems well ~ above his method towards a happy future. Also, Hank recorded the bouquet at the end of the wedding!

While over there were some cheesy moments throughout the music (did us really must hear Paige singing around reproduction or Divya make the efforts to acquire into school?), for the most part we really appreciated this simply as a love letter to the show and also an opportunity for the actors to have actually a tiny bit of fun. Points will gain a little an ext serious next week when we nearby the door ~ above this story, presumably because that good. Grade: A-.

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