The alleged heroin dealer who was arrested last week after ~ harboring the 17-year-old absent daughter that Rosie O"Donnell isn"t a predator, according to his lawyer. However, NJ prosecutors say the Steve Sheerer sent out the girl a naked photo.

Chelsea O"Donnell had been lacking for a week, prompting her well known mother to use social media come ask for help in detect the teen, that was critical seen v her therapy dog. She was eventually found in Barnegat, NJ, hiding in Sheerer"s attic. Police stated that Sheerer initially refused come assist and also seemed nervous, yet then an officer explained, "I told the of the severity the the incident, she to be a juvenile and she required medication." The pair supposedly met on the dating/hookup application Tinder.

Sheerer appeared in court yesterday to face the obscenity and also child endangerment charges, and the Asbury Park press reports, "A complaint against Sheerer alleges he sent out a nude photograph over the net to a minor on Tuesday and endangered a child’s welfare through engaging in actions that would certainly debauch the minor’s morals. Authorities as well as Tarver would certainly not check that Chelsea O’Donnell is the minor described in the complaint, citing state legislation that protects the identity of young victims. Yet Rosie O’Donnell posted news that Sheerer’s arrest on she Twitter account Saturday." (O"Donnell has because deleted the Tweet, and also others pertained to Sheerer.)

Robert Tarver, attorney because that Sheerer, called reporters, "Suffice it to say, what you’ve read about the genesis the this event is far from what the facts will show... The been said that he involved in some type of predatory behavior. We will suggest that the facts don’t bear that out."

TMZ thinks the "facts" called to whether Chelsea O"Donnell lied around her age, because "she came up in his Tinder feed, leading him to think she was an adult. His lawyers speak Sheerer relied top top the application separating individuals into period groups. Sheerer allegedly sent Chelsea a nude photograph over the Internet, i beg your pardon is a crime if she"s underage.

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His legit team additionally believes the child endangerment fee is bogus for numerous reasons. First, she concerned him and also also, she wasn"t harmed in any type of way."

Rosie O"Donnell has had actually a trying few weeks—her father just passed away—but she discovered some comfort critical night in attacking a favorite movie critic of hers:

realDonaldTrump - she have to have had a HEAVY flow day - several clots and cramping - IT"S HER period DONNIE! - the bloody time ur wives have