When it come to standard hairstyles, they don't come an ext timeless 보다 the lob. With less drama (and much less upkeep) 보다 an Anna Wintour–inspired bob but a little more edge than lengthy locks, the lob is the perfect in-between hairstyle that never goes out of style. Bonus: the suits every challenge shape, too, for this reason there's no danger of remorse after your visit to the hairdresser's.

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But what precisely is a lob? Well, it's precisely what it sound like: a long bob. It's a one-length cut that normally sits in ~ a mid-length, shoulder height—although friend can gain away with your strands falling just a smidge over or listed below that, too. Experiment with centre and also side partings to move up how your lob look at daily, but a lob hairstyle also pairs well v a fringe—whether that's a full, one-length fringe or wispier French-girl bangs.

And if you're considering embracing the lob for autumn/winter, you're in luck. There room so many examples that celebrities stepping out with the chicest mid-length hairstyles that I thought it would certainly be rude not to put all of that an excellent lob inspiration in one place.

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Sleek, straight and also in one of autumn's must-have hair colours, Hailey Bieber has actually gone because that the classic lob hairstyle here, and also it look at so damn good.

Bryce Dallas Howard



Seriously, just how cute is Bryce Dallas Howard's half-up, half-down hairstyle and French-girl fringe?