Hi, posting right here as i am certain I have a slim configuration issue with my ad domain and also DNS that"s been collection and I have actually reached the border of my understanding on just how to solve!

Our ad domain is set up together xyz.domain.co.uk but our DNS server root zone seems to be collection as just domain.co.uk

If I operation the DCDIAG check on our PDC, every little thing comes earlier fine - other than the adhering to parameters under the an easy section:

The A host record(s) for this DC to be foundThe SOA record for the active Directory zone was no foundWarning: The active Directory zone ~ above this DC/DNS server to be not uncovered (probably a misconfiguration)Root zone on this DC/DNS server was no found
From what I deserve to tell, this error seems to be led to by the fact that ours DNS source zone is not the same as our advertisement domain name.

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I would appreciate some help with identifying what to execute to deal with this error, perform I require to edit our advertisement Forest so the we have actually a optimal level domain in ad that matches the DNS source zone?

Which of the adhering to retains the details it's storing once the mechanism power is turn off?



From your description I think you do not have a forward Lookup ar as presented in DNS Manager dubbed "xyz.domain.co.uk" ? instead you have a forward zone for domain.co.uk?

This object on microsoft.com"s forum might be advantageous as it seems to attend to a comparable situation.



The price in the link from GerardBeekman looks best to me based on the symptom described.Let us understand if it functions to create the delegated zone :)

I did find this article and thought it can be that use however I tho can"t quite job-related out the food of action I must take!

What we have actually is a front Lookup Zone dubbed domain.co.uk, under the there space two subdomain folders i beg your pardon contain records for our energetic Directory and another which just includes a pair of hold records to allude us come our advertisement Federated solutions server.

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I am wary of adhering to these instructions and also delete a subdomain folder before creating a brand-new Zone, particularly as we have a load of static IPs detailed under the subdomain folder.

Is it not feasible to develop the brand-new Zone of xyz.domain.co.uk there is no deleting the old subdomain folder first?

Yes you can at least develop a front lookup zone because that xyz.yourdomain.co.uk and also start including the vital records to it before you do any deletion. Is there, however, currently a document in your "domain.co.uk" zone referred to as xyz? maybe a conditional forwarder instead of a forward lookup zone? Ie, does xyz.domain.com already resolve come anything right now or is the what you have to setup native scratch. 

Maybe if we deserve to see the current setup of her DNS server, that would assist in untangling this because that you. Display the components of all your forward lookup zones, conditional forwarders and so on. Screenshots room fine to begin with

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