LOS ANGELES -- ~ 10 weeks, dozens of dances, pounds the glitter and also gallons of spray tan, season 20 of \"Dancing through The Stars\" has a winner! It to be a long road for every the contestants, but the victorious couple won over the judges and the fans and now have actually the yellow Mirrorball Trophy to display for it.Coming right into the last night that competition, both Riker Lynch and also Rumer Willis to be tied in the judge\"s eyes, after ~ both couples received perfect scores for both dances. Young name Galloway was right behind, however there to be one an ext dance still come do! All three couples were provided 24 hrs to come up v a routine that combined together 2 contrasting dances styles.Here\"s just how the blend dance difficulty played out v the judges:

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NOAH GALLOWAY - 36 out of 40
Noah and Sharna Burgess\" run mash-up had the Cha Cha and the Argentine Tango. The pair was really reflective when they realized they were putting together their an extremely last routine. Sharna called Noah every moment on the dance floor v him had actually been \"epic.\" The judges were just as complimentary. Len Goodman said Noah he\"s provided so lot to America, why shouldn\"t he get the Mirrorball? Julianne Hough referred to as him the love of the competition. Bruno Tonioli claimed he was one of the many inspiring human being he\"d ever met. Carrie Ann Inaba called both Bruno and Sharna lock had adjusted people\"s lives.RIKER LYNCH - 40 out of 40Riker and also Allison Holker are totally exhausted, however push with one more, very long rehearsal conference to placed together a Salsa/Quickstep combination dance. His goal was to have fun v his new an excellent friend just one more time, and they did. Julianne told them she couldn\"t believe they put the regime together in simply 24 hours. Bruno thinks Riker is a distinctive talent through incredible range and a powerhouse performer. Carrie Ann called him a superstar. Len claimed he is the boy who brings him joy.RUMER WILLIS - 40 the end of 40The run Gods gave this dynamic duo the blend of Foxtrot and also Paso Doble. Rumer stated she is a readjusted person from 3 months ago, and also while she knows she sounds choose a damaged record, she again allows us know that this had actually been the best experience of she life. Val called her exactly how proud that is of every she\"s accomplished. Bruno love the way dance has actually transformed Rumer, and also he dubbed her completely irresistible. Carrie Ann concurred, calling her the real deal top top the dance floor. Len went also further, saying she\"s as an excellent as anyone who\"s ever been ~ above this show. Julianne stated she was around to \"girl fan\" out and also she can\"t wait to watch what happens from currently on in she career.
***SPOILER ALERT! stop reading if you have actually yet to watch the season finale of \"Dancing through The Stars.\"***


\"Dancing v the Stars\" closed the phase Tuesday night, and ended v Rumer Willis and also Val Chermkovskiy taking home the desire mirror sphere trophy!
Now, on come the final results. Queue the drumroll please!Noah and also Sharna to be the first couple eliminated, earning third place because that the season.That left Rumer and also Val and Riker and also Allison.And the winner of season 20 that \"Dancing v The Stars\" is Rumer and Val! Congratulations!

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