Soulja Boy declared his continuous beef through Chris Brown did, in fact, begin over a woman. And, no, the wasn’t talking around Karrueche Tran; he was talking about Brown’s most renowned ex, Rihanna.

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During an appearance on Hollywood Unlocked last week, the “Crank That” rapper satellite down with his boxing trainer Floyd Mayweather to burned some an ext light on his feud v Brown. The 26-year-old insisted the beef goes every the means back to 2009, soon after Brown had struck Rihanna.

“What he really mad around is that ns was with Rihanna, you understand what I’m saying?” Soulja called Hollywood Unlocked blogger Jason Lee. “And no one would have never knew that, n*gga, if that hadn’t come and started tripping around Karrueche. Ns was through Rihanna, son. Rihanna, n*gga. Yeah, Google the shit, YouTube the shit.”

Soulja walk on to say he to be hanging out through Rihanna and also Brown in ~ the Grammy Awards party right before the assault went down, and, not too long after, was contacted through Rihanna.

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"I'm in L.A., I'm ~ above tour through Lil Wayne in ~ this time, Rihanna called my manager," he explained. "'I desire to pertained to Soulja young Concert.' I'm a young n*gga from the hood native Atlanta, i never had actually nothing in my entirety life, that's Rihanna n*gga. She the biggest R&B artist and she just got humiliated. 'You can pertained to the show.'"

But the didn’t finish there. Soulja declared he was date Teyana Taylor at the time, and also had kicked she off his tour bus for this reason he could hang with Rihanna. Taylor allegedly came to be upset and also called Brown to let the know about the situation.

The complying with day, Soulja flew to brand-new York to continue his tour v Lil Wayne, and was when again contacted by Rihanna’s camp. This time, the says, he comment to her directly and also eventually saw her hotel room to smoke, eat, and also watch Pineapple Express, prior to Rihanna opened up up come him around her assault.

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“That’s what the beef really stems from. The stems native Rihanna,” Soulja said, including that Brown had contacted the questioning his partnership with the singer. “Same shit that doing now with Karrueche, but means back then he wasn’t snorting so lot coke.”

Soulja later accused Brown of thefts his style, and, of course, made sure to taunt the artist prior to their upcoming boxing match.

“So when we acquire in the ring, n*gga, law me favor I’m Rihanna, n*gga,” he said. “Beat me favor you walk Rihanna, n*gga, see what the f*ck happens. I’m going come beat her b*tch a** out. And Rihanna involved the fight, and Karrueche come to the struggle <…> You know they can’t wait to view this n*gga acquire his a** beat.”