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Rich Homie Quan, MainArtist

2014 Think It's A game Entertainment, gmbh / well-off Homiez 2014 Think It's A video game Entertainment, gmbh / well-off Homiez

2014 Think It's A video game Entertainment, llc / well-off Homiez 2014 Think It's A video game Entertainment, gmbh / well-off Homiez


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Kamasi Washington, the Sax that Angels

~ his significant success with a triple album, he went on come repeat this v a double one! Kamasi Washington charms and intrigues well past the jazz sphere. Working v Kendrick Lamar and Snoop Dogg, and also most importantly together the head of the West coastline Get down collective, the charismatic saxophonist indigenous Los Angeles brings an remarkable wave of excitement to the modern-day jazz scene.

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end the critical twenty years, Kanye West has actually consistently adjusted the food of laboratory music and influenced his era’s popular music scene prefer no other. Collaborating v Paul McCartney, stack Rubin, and also Rihanna, he has actually both revitalized the careers of Jay-Z and also Common and detailed a communication for child Cudi and John Legend. Kanye West remains a significant influence on artist such as Childish Gambino, Drake and The Weeknd. Actors yourself ago to the career of an endlessly enigmatic artist.

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The great oak tree of heavy metal contains an ext than meets the eye. Its mighty branches, visible to the typical rock fan, covers thrash, hair, nu, black, 'core, and also death metal—all maybe the genre's much more iconic iterations. Yet beneath its significant trunk are ever-growing roots the stretch endlessly right into a vast underground the niche stylistic offshoots. There space literally dozens that subgenres—and plenty of subgenres in ~ those subgenres—throughout the hefty metal lexicon, and it would take a lifetime to become totally versed in all of them. Here we zoom in on 5 unique and compelling lesser-known metal subgenres that aren't apparent entry points for the median headbanger, however every fan of aggressive music have to be familiar with this sounds.