Reproductive Rights

I believe unequivocally in a woman’s right to choose, reproductive freedom, and equal access to contraceptives. All women of all income levels should have access to reproductive healthcare and safe abortion services.

When I met my wife Laura in the late 1980’s, she was volunteering with the National Organization for Women, organizing clinic escorts to help patients get past protesters at abortion clinics in New York City. I soon joined Laura doing this important work because no woman should be intimidated while she is exercising her right to choose or to receive reproductive health care.

I believe in continued federal support for Planned Parenthood and like-minded organizations. My family attended the Women’s March in NYC as part of the Planned Parenthood contingency, my daughter Hannah has interned for their offices, and in March Laura and Hannah were at the state legislature as part of Planned Parenthood’s Day of Action.

Here’s my plan to protect women’s reproductive rights:

  • Uphold Roe v. Wade and strengthen its constitutional protections. States passing laws to restrict access to a woman’s fundamental reproductive rights must stop now. I oppose parental consent laws, which restrict a teenager’s right to an abortion. I oppose laws requiring doctors to provide patients with state mandated counseling that includes anti-abortion propaganda. I oppose laws that require waiting periods before a woman can receive an abortion.
  • Continue Planned Parenthood’s federal funding. All woman should have the financial ability to access reproductive health care, and I support public funding of abortion and contraception.
  • Enact laws that prevent private health insurers from restricting coverage of contraception or a woman’s right to choose.