Purchases Are Not Currently Eligible From This Account In WoW

Parental Controls

The the majority of probable reason for this error is that parental controls are set off on your account. If you made the account when you were under 18 or the legal age in your country then you probably have parental controls caused on your account. Blizzard has this system in area to defend the guardians from receiving unmeant bills.

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If you want to disable Parental controls then you deserve to either call Blizzard assistance and have a expert guide you via eexceptionally step or you have the right to follow this method.

Log into Battle.net and also go to the Retrieve Parental Controls choice, after that just enter your Parental controls email and click the send button. Next, you have to examine your parental controls email and also you will find a message from Blizzard. Click the attach provided in that message and also you’ll be redirected to the parental regulate setup page. Under the Acquisition settings, the section enables in-game purchases and then saves these settings. After that just launch the game and also you’ll be great to go.

Buy from Online Store

It deserve to additionally be the situation that your client or game is bugged which is why it is not enabling you to make in-game purchases. The great thing is that you deserve to try and also buy things from the Battle.net virtual web save. So simply go into your internet browser and also navigate to Battle.net and also make your microtransactivity from tbelow.

Contact Support

If none of the over 2 fixes work-related for you then it is extremely likely that your account is blocked by Blizzard from making in-game purchases. The just method to fix this issue is to get in call with the support team. You have the right to start a chat room or simply mail them. They are very responsive and you wouldn’t need to wait a lot time in addressing this problem. A expert will overview you via eincredibly action of the way.

The primary reason for an account being blocked by Blizzard support is payment conflicts on credit cards. You’ll still have to pay any type of impressive fees pertained to your account if you desire to make any type of better purchases.

These were a few fixes you have the right to follow to deal with the error “Purchases are not currently eligible from this account”. Many of the users were able to settle this error by adhering to the parental regulate technique so make certain to double-examine whether or not parental controls are activated on your account.

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