I have had actually some fun experiments putting together my very own punk ensembles... Girlfriend can examine out the picture I've contained here.

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What does a Punk Costume look Like?

Before make a punk costume, friend should understand that it's type of hard to specify what "punk" is. Of course, friend can constantly check Wikipedia, however that just scratches the surface. The main thing about punk: It's around breaking rules and also not letting "The Man" tie friend down.

With the in mind, usage my examples as guidelines! and also don't be fear to take it the costume in your own direction. A true punk would never ever worry around the details, and neither need to you.

Another thing to psychic is that contrast is good. Hard and soft, bright and dark, playful and also angry—the more, the merrier.

DIY Punk Costume: What You'll Need

HairPantsShirtShoes and also Accessories

Big, messy, and colorful (instructions below).

Tight jeans.

Old band/concert T-shirt.

Combat boots!

Faux-hawk (see instructions below).

Leather pants.

Tight fitting, bright colors.

Belt necklace (see instructions below).

Spikes (see indict below).

Plaid or any solid graphic pattern.

Clashing patterns, odd or random images and text.

Safety pins and studs.

Hairspray or gel.

Golf pants.

Slash the here and also there for a "distressed" look!

Ear, nose, and also lip piercings.

The Punk Costume Shirt

Show her punk pride! You have a lot of choices when picking a shirt. Band and also concert T-shirts are always a great choice, as is any kind of shirt with bright colors. It's finest if the shirt is really tight on you.

If you don't already have the best shirt at home, head to your local thrift store. Look because that anything with solid patterns that comparison with various other parts of her costume (such as the pants). If you see anything that makes you scratch your head, like a shirt through a beheaded doll or a dead chicken, that is more than likely perfect.

Don't be afraid of modification! I reduced slits in the sides and also top the the shirt in the video above and also tied up the political parties to give it a "distressed" look. It's a great way to add your very own personality come an outfit.

Punk Pants and Shoes

Put her crazy pants on! If you have tight blue jeans or leather pants, these have the right to work well. Alternately, scour the thrift keep or other regional low-cost apparel store for pants through a strong graphic pattern. Plaid is a an excellent choice along with anything labeled "golf pants" (dorky multi-colored pants the flare in ~ the ankles). Camoflage pants likewise work. The an ext they contrast with your shirt, the better!

As because that the shoes, black combat boots space a good choice. Friend can likewise wear statement sneakers such as Converse. Eh, take the back. Converse are a tiny too in appropriate now and also punks never ever go with the flow!


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How to produce a Faux Mohawk Hairstyle

Want Spikes Instead?

Earrings and also Other Accessories

The icing top top the punk cake: If you have piercings in your ear or elsewhere, simply find some large, dramatic jewel to to fill them with. Safety and security pins and other graphic items are good. Ns wouldn't desire to stick an actual safety and security pin in my ear, but you can find safety pin jewelry, or merely put safety and security pins in your clothes.

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Nose, eyebrow, lip, and other piercings are very punk. If you're no up to obtaining a piercing simply to suit her costume, consider some fake piercing jewelry. Friend can uncover these in both magnetic and also flexible form.