What is a bill of products (BOM)?

A invoice of materials (BOM) is a comprehensive list of parts, items, assemblies, subassemblies, intermediary assemblies, documents, drawings, and other materials forced to develop a product. The BOM have the right to be thought of as the recipe provided to produce a finished product, gift in a ordered format. Relying on the product, that may encompass mechanical (hardware), electrical (e.g., ICs, PCBAs), software, and related documents and drawings.

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The bill of materials and associated records explain the materials required to source and construct an assembly. All manufacturers structure products, regardless of your industry, gain started by developing a invoice of materials (BOM).

Because the bill of materials pulls together all species of product information, that is common that several self-controls (design and engineering, paper management, operations, manufacturing, purchasing, contract manufacturers, and also more) will certainly collaborate ~ above the product information had within the BOM to permit accurate production. Furthermore, engineering teams will produce engineering bill of products (EBOMS) and the production teams will depend on production bill of products (MBOMS).

The BOM helps overview positive results as commodities evolved from design, v development, and ultimately volume production—so the is an essential to create and share specific and up-to-date version of the BOM through all teams. And also for service providers that rely on it is provided chain partners, it’s vital to provide effective revision control throughout the new product advancement and development (NPDI) process. Any kind of time the BOM is mutual with a contract manufacturer (CM) or supplier, it have to be the latest released review to protect against unnecessary manufacturing mistakes and product start delays.


For product providers working with spread teams and also supply chain partners, collaborating top top the recent bill of materials (BOM) is critical to mitigate production errors and also shipping delays. In this ebook, we identify the difficulties with traditional, hand-operated approaches and also explain why Arena provides a more intelligent and also comprehensive method to control, share, and also release accurate BOMs and also related product information.

Bill of products (BOM) administration topics covered:

BOM management challenges such together change, revision and also compliance managementCommunication worries with task teams, suppliers and contract manufacturersComparison of hand-operated vs. Automatically BOM management tools

What to incorporate in an reliable bill that materials

Because among the main attributes of the BOM is come ensure the the product is developed right, the is ideal to include details pieces the product data in the BOM record. Whether you are producing your very first bill of products or are trying to find ways come improve just how you develop a bill of materials, here is a high-level perform of info to incorporate in her BOM record:

BOM Level—Assign each component or assembly a number to information where that fits in the power structure of the BOM. This allows anyone v an knowledge of the BOM structure to quickly decipher the BOM.Part Name—Record the unique name of each part or assembly. This will help you identify parts an ext easily.Phase—Record what stage each component is at in that is lifecycle. For parts in production, it is usual to use a term favor ‘In Production’ to show the stage of the part. New parts that have actually not yet been approved can be classified as ‘Unreleased’ or ‘In Design’. This is valuable during brand-new product advent (NPI) since it enables you to conveniently track progress and create realistic task timelines.Description—Provide a detailed description of each part that will aid you and others differentiate between comparable parts and identify certain parts much more easily.Quantity—Record the variety of parts to be offered in every assembly or subassembly to help guide purchasing and also manufacturing decisions and activities.Unit that Measure—Classify the measure in i m sorry a component will be offered or purchased. It is usual to use ‘each’, however standard measures like inches, feet, ounces, and drops are additionally suitable classifications. Be consistent throughout all similar component types because the details will assist make certain the right amounts are procured and also delivered to the manufacturing line.Procurement Type—Document just how each component is purchase or do (i.e. Off-the-shelf or made-to-specification) to create efficiencies in manufacturing, planning, and also procurement activities.Reference Designators—If your product consists of printed circuit plank assemblies (PCBAs), you should encompass reference designators that detail where the component fits top top the board in your BOM. Recording this information in the BOM can save time and aid you prevent confusion under the road.BOM Notes—Capture various other relevant notes to keep everyone that interacts with your BOM ~ above the exact same page.


Have a single software system to file and regulate the whole product record, consisting of the BOM, helps ensure all engineering, quality, procurement, and also manufacturing teams stay on the same web page at all times. The best means to prevent siloed communication is making use of cloud-based BOM administration capabilities discovered in product lifecycle monitoring (PLM) software program systems.

In addition to capturing and also managing specific revision-controlled product record, friend should additionally consider the following questions when developing a invoice of materials.

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An specific BOM supports effective manufacturing processes

Creating a bill of materials is not only a crucial step in the product breakthrough process, yet it is additionally what provides successful commercialization a reality. Prior to you create a BOM record, think about who will use the information and how friend will regulate all linked parts and also documentation. To learn more, click here.