Fast Acting- see results in just one weekPowerful- this lightened by up to four shadesPortable- the pen is small, and also convenient for travelMade in the USA


May cause sensitivity- this sensitivity have the right to occur early on on, and also the product shouldn’t be allowed to touch your gums for expanded periods of time.

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This product is both fast and powerful, yet like all this whitening products may reason some irritation, specifically if applied incorrectly. But when you use it properly, as we’ll define below, the Dazzling White prompt Whitening Pen can offer amazing results.

5 things you should know about Dazzling White prompt Whitening Pen

1. Does Dazzling White immediate Whitening Pen work?

The product functions by using a class of gelatin to your teeth. The gel includes hydrogen peroxide, a sort of bleach. While the is ~ above the surface of her teeth, it will certainly make castle whiter (view details). In pen form, the Dazzling White immediate Whitening Pen is very convenient and easy to apply. It also comes with a petroleum jelly, i beg your pardon is like Vaseline. This have the right to be supplied to safeguard your gums and lips indigenous the peroxide.

2. Is Dazzling White immediate Whitening Pen safe?

The product comes with a safety jelly for your gums and also lips. However, there may still be part irritation and also sensitivity in ~ first. This product only uses approximately 6% hydrogen peroxide, whereas various other brands such together Heraeus Kulzer’s Venus White this Whitening Touch-Up Brush use 9%. This way that wake up is less likely come occur.

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3. Just how soon deserve to you expect results?

As discussed on the packaging, you deserve to expect to view a four-shade difference in as small as a week. This depends on the appropriate application the the product- the security jelly need to be supplied each time. You must also shot and sheathe every surface of your tooth with the gel, and also leave the on for a complete twenty minutes. Prevent eating or drinking because that thirty minutes after application. In general, shot and avoid consuming foods that stain quickly such as coffee, dark sodas, or red wine.

How to use Dazzling White prompt Whitening PenApply petroleum jelly to within of lips and also gumsShake pen and twist clockwise numerous times until the gelatin covers the brush.Apply a slim layer of gelatin onto your teeth, staying clear of gums and lips. Continue to twisted pen come apply more gel throughout application.Cover all surfaces of this avoiding gums. Enable 20 seconds prior to closing mouth.Leave the gelatin on this for 10 minutes, climate wipe off and rinse her mouth with water.

Do no eat or drink for 30 minute after application. Repeat together needed however no much more than 2 applications every day.

4. How long will results last?

This depends on how well you look after her teeth. The product proposal a four week course of treatment for best results. The is a an excellent idea to protect against cigarettes and also staining foods for better results. Staining foods incorporate coffee, red wine, soy sauce and also cola drinks. Making use of a whitening toothpaste will support the Dazzling White prompt Whitening Pen, together will consistent trips come the dentist and also generally good dental hygiene.

5. Is there something better?

The Dazzling White prompt Whitening Pen is a good choice for budget plan results. However, many human being are placed off through the date branding.

Another an excellent option for spending plan teeth whitening is the VS1 teeth Whitening Pen which has is do in the USA and utilizes enamel safe technology (view details). It features in our finest Teeth Whitening pens of 2020 roundup.

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For an ext dramatic and long lasting results, try a whitening kit like Crest 3D Whitestrips v Light.