There’s bigtimebaby drama on Once top top a Time this Sunday — and also we’re not just talking around Rumple’s endeavor to reunite with his expectant wife.

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In the episode “Our Decay” (Sunday, 8/7c), while Rumple attempts come transportBelle come the Underworld,Snow White and also David will collection outto send a blog post to their wee son, Neal, whom them left earlier home in Storybrooke prior to joining daughter Emma on her perilous journey.

After all, the Charmings plannedto only be away because that a short spell, in the name of finding and also saving Hook. Instead, they and the other heroes have actually discovereda larger calling, to aid in-limbo friends and frenemiessettle your unfinished business.“Yeah, it’s no the best parenting choice,” mock Dallas claims of leaving Neal back in Storybrooke.“It’s no a great thing that they left the behind, and also they’re emotion that.”

Dallas states that abandoning the tyke for an indeterminate lot of time understandably“drudgesup” the Charmings’experience v their firstborn, whom they transported to safety via one enchantedwardrobe, beforethe angry Queen’s Dark Curse consumedthe enchanted Forest.“They don’t desire to do a mistakelike they walk the first time v Emma,” states the actor. “So now that they’ve left Neal, they’ve obtained to try to get ago to him” — or in ~ least obtain a heartfelt blog post to their son, through the help of the blind Witch (guest star Emma Caulfield) and an ersatz “phone booth.”

Yetdespite their ideal intentions, the much longer David and Snow (played by Ginnifer Goodwin) linger in the Underworld, the less certain aStorybrookehomecoming becomes. Particularly now thatthere is one Underbrooke headstone with Snow’s surname on it, and also Emma’s setup to split her heart v Killian has hit a nasty snag.

Wanting to effectively rescue Hook but also get ago home ASAP,“They’rebeing pulled in many, numerous directions,” Dallas says.Leaving Neal backin Storybrooke“might bite lock in the ass.”

As Onceco-creator Adam Horowitz previously forewarned that the Charmings’ crisis of conscience, “There absolutely are aftermath to that kind of headstrongjump into the Underworld,where lock lefta child behind. There room some really emotional points they’re going to have actually to attend to because that that.”

The emotional stakes are high because that Emma as well, seeing as herheart-rules-the-head mission is what has put she folks in this dilemma in the very first place.

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“Her family made decision to go with her, whichmeans a lot come her and also is incredible due to the fact that she’s never had actually that assistance in she lifebefore. But it’s additionally a many pressure,” Jennifer Morrison observes. “She feels really concerned that perhaps they make the not correct decision through coming under there — and also she would certainly feel even much more guilty if something poor happened come them. She has actually put a lot of pressure on herself to make certain that everyone is OK.”

Elsewhere in Sunday’s episode:Zelena and Regina gain into a sibling squabbleandBelle learns part shocking news the will adjust her life forever, whilein flashbacks Hades pays Zelenaa visit in Oz v the intention of striking one alliance, just to findhimself with an ext than a partner in crime.