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Does anyone rather remember when concealed abilities were introduced in Gen V? ns do.

I likewise remember how facility it to be to actually obtain one.

By the moment Gen VII rolling around, the was every done away with, and also thank Arceus because that that.

And if you’re looking for some proposal for good hidden ability in gen 7, fine you’ve come to the ideal place.

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10. Tinted Lens


Tinted Lens is actually a really good hidden ability.

The just thing that’s holding it ago is the truth that it’s minimal to a handful of Pokémon, nobody of which room viably competitive.

For those unaware, the Tinted Lens capacity makes the so the your Pokémon’s “not very effective” moves space effective.

Technically, it doubles the effectiveness of those moves.

It basically lets you turn the Pokémon through the capacity into a face-rolling powerhouse for main-game battles. It’s simply a shame the it’s restricted to the likes the Butterfree, i beg your pardon (let’s it is in honest) you’re not bringing right into battle.

9. Scrappy


I’ve sung the praises the Scrappy before.

In this case, it’s for a Scrappy Pangoro from USUM.

And to be honest, this ability doesn’t have any practical competitive fight application favor every various other entry ~ above this list. However it much more than makes up for the in just how situationally beneficial it is.

Scrappy, as soon as it comes under to it, allows you come hit ghost species with typical moves.

“Big deal,” you say?

Well, what that means is that you deserve to False Swipe ghosts.

If friend don’t instantly get why this is so important, then maybe you haven’t been out recording many that them. If friend do gain it, climate I’ve felt her pain, and also Pangoro is below to do it all go away.

8. Sturdy


Okay, Sturdy isn’t specifically a super-secret Illuminati-Esque concealed ability.

However, there are some Pokémon the do obtain it as a covert ability. And also I love it, so i’m going to encompass it.

This one lets your Pokémon survive a one-hit KO move.

It’s basically a focus Sash i can not qualify form, and that’s definitely powerful.

7. Gale Wings


Here’s a hidden capability that ns didn’t even know about until i made this list. Probably due to the fact that the only Pokémon the can acquire it are the Talonflame line.

The result is simple:

It gives your flying-type move priority once you’re at full HP.

This basically turns your first move of every fight into a priority. And also this is obviously nice valuable, particularly in compete formats.

But to simplify this idea down to caveman talk:

If Pokémon struggle hard, and Pokémon struggle first, Pokémon success battle.

6. Lightning Rod


Here’s a hidden ability that i absolutely love, specifically on the Pikachu heat in SM.

If one electric-type move gets offered while a Lightning rod Pokémon is on the field, that move is negated, and the capacity holder it s okay a Sp. ATK boost.

That’s okay for regular battles.

But the main VGC layout is doubles, meaning not only can a Lightning rod Pokémon suck in moves meant to fight its partner, yet you can hit it through an electric kind move yourself to give it that boost.

Very handy.

5. Infiltrator


I’ll recognize that the Pokémon you’re walking to desire to use Infiltrator on, don’t have actually it together a covert ability, however as a continual one.

That said, it’s an incredible ability. For this reason it’s gotta get ranked here.

The likes of Crobat can obtain the ability, i beg your pardon actually transforms it into a viable underused competitive battler.

Infiltrator enables your Pokémon to bypass things like Substitute, Reflect, light Screen, and also Safe Guard.

With the appropriate setup, it essentially permits you to develop a sweeper that completely negates every little thing your enemy tries to do, beating their team come a bloody pulp in the process.

4. Unnerve


Haxorus, Mewtwo, and Tyranitar are three examples of uber Pokémon the all obtain Unnerve as a covert ability.

So that must tell you everything you must know about how great it is.

And it’s an easy-to-understand effect:

It simply stops her opponent’s Pokémon from eat berries.

This, an unified with what SM/USUM Pokémon acquire it, turns it right into a very technical and an effective competitive ability.

But Unnerve needs you to have actually a an excellent knowledge of compete setups, making it an capability that is checked out a lot at the highest possible levels of play.

3. Magic Bounce


The only decent Pokémon the gets Magic Bounce together a hidden capacity in Gen VII (in mine opinion) is Espeon.

It just so happens the I’m a huge Espeon fan, though, so do of the what girlfriend will.

And magic Bounce is a an effective ability whether it’s a surprise one or not.

Basically the bounces non-attacking moves back at your opponent. Definition Spikes, toxicity Spikes, and also Stealth Rocks room all setup on her opponent’s field rather of her own.

If friend time your Magic Bounce switch-in correctly, in ~ best, it’ll success you the game. And also at worst, it’s going to win you a tempo.

2. Moxie


Moxie: gain one phase of strike each time friend knock the end a Pokémon.

And what space the Pokémon that have Moxie together a covert ability?


It’s absolutely precious checking this the end if you’ve never ever looked right into it before.

1. Magic Guard


This entry can be a little bit controversial, yet I’m still going to argue the Magic safety is easily the ideal hidden capacity in every one of Gen VII.

It stays clear of your Pokémon from taking any type of damage from non-direct strike moves.

And the goes a bit deeper than that, though. That moreso way that you only take damage from direct attack moves 보다 anything else.

This method Pain Split, Leech Seed, standing ailments, Life Orb, entry hazards, and also weather conditions all simply bounce off.

Abra/Kadabra/Alakazam room the only Pokémon through Magic Guard as a hidden ability.

But if girlfriend can gain your hands on that mustached menace, you understand he’s already powerful enough as-is. So including in Magic safety is certain killer as far as i’m concerned.

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