Okay, I don’t need to tell girlfriend again how much I hate Peeps (guys I hate them sooo much). But one point I don’t dislike is addressing mysteries! Even though there space at least 500 different Peeps on shelves best now, my decision was an easy one. Give me the secret Peeps.

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Mystery Peeps

These Walmart-exclusive mystery Peeps come in 3 varieties. The very first is “1 that 3” flavored, the second is “2 that 3” flavored, and the critical is “3 the 3” flavored. We all acquire to make our guesses on social media using hashtag #MysteryPeeps, and also I assume the Peeps brand will disclose the correct answers at some point after Easter – the official holiday the Peeps. Due to the fact that Peeps are generally terrible, my blind guesses space “Shit, Garbage, and also Barf.”

Alright, allow me level with you guys. Clearly I don’t hate Peeps as lot as ns portray ~ above the blog. Over there was when a time whereby I did, yet their brand-new and interesting flavors yes, really pull at Junk Banter’s heart strings. I’ve also been impression by several of the many recent offerings, favor the Strawberry Creme Peeps that debuted because that Valentine’s Day. The thing is… ns really love to dislike marshmallows. Because that our new fans, I when pissed off 250,000 human being with my marshmallow hate. It is my single greatest accomplishment.

Before I review all three of the 2016 secret Peeps, I need to say the I’m emotion a bit nostalgic. The last time i reviewed a an enig product (Trader Joe’s Taste check of Caramels), I sort of spoiled that by glancing at the correct answers front of time. Come remedy it, ns got blackout drunk prior to I sampled each one. This time, Peeps hasn’t listed me any kind of indication the the correct answers. Yet I’m walking to acquire drunk anyway.


I was 3 beers deep prior to this.

Mystery Peep 1 of 3 come in a green and blue package. Is that an alleged to it is in a clue? i doubt it, due to the fact that this shit smells prefer straight chocolate. There room so plenty of different type of coco Peeps out there, for this reason I’m walk to give the Peeps brand the advantage of the doubt and say they wouldn’t waste a an enig Peep with simply chocolate. Chomping the stupid head turn off one, it’s indeed in the cacao family choose the odor suggests. That’s for certain. Had actually a cacao Peep not been exit before, that would be mine guess. Yet there’s acquired to be a twisted here. Marshmallows, inherently, market a creamy sweetness to them. These taste pretty damn decent, however I’m additionally pretty damn drunk. What’s creamy and chocolatey? It might be white chocolate, however that’s quite boring too. Hmm… chocolate and also marshmallow, chocolate and also marshallow… Aha! It’s S’mores. Gotta be S’mores… s’mores is so hot right now.

Everything’s far better With coco Rating: 9.5 the end of 10Everything’s better When You’re Drunk Rating: 10 the end of 10Overall Rating: 7 the end of 10

My Guess: S’mores

*Updated, exactly Answer: cacao Milk


Mystery Peeps (2 that 3)

Mystery Peep 2 of 3 is the easiest damn an enig I’ve ever solved. Seriously. This is an even easier secret than “Where’s Waldo?” It’s buttered popcorn. It smells prefer buttered popcorn, and tastes like buttered popcorn. It’s a devastating flavor for a marshmallow… worse than Buttered Popcorn Jelly ship jelly beans. If you desire buttered popcorn, eat buttered popcorn. Stop this at every costs. Disgusting. I dipped it in whiskey to do it better. That didn’t. I have the right to hardly view straight, yet it’s basic to check out that these are awful.

There’s No mystery Here Rating: 10 out of 10These suck Rating: 7.5 out of 10Overall Rating: 2.5 the end of 10

My GuessButtered Popcorn

*Updated, exactly Answer: Buttered Popcorn


Mystery Peep (3 that 3)

Mystery Peep 3 that 3 is a fun secret to solve. Opened the package, I have actually an prompt guess. It’s fruity and tangy because that certain, however with other extra the smells familiar. Soda. Cherry Cola is the guess before I even take a bite. When I did take it a bite, I choose up on a sour note that muddles the cherry cola guess just a bit. These might be cake cherry, cake blackberry, or sour whiskey due to the fact that I am drinking this Jim Beam whiskey choose it’s water to obtain over the Buttered Popcorn Peeps. Ns am optimistic this is in the tart and fruity family. Everything these are, they taste pretty good and are pretty unique contrasted to some various other Peeps I’ve tried. Ns can’t refuse there’s a tiny bit the fizziness here. I’m sticking with Cherry Cola, because I’m stubborn and drunk. Mystery Peep 3 the 3 is my favorite of the bunch.

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I Bet these Suck as soon as You’re Sober Rating: 8 out of 10How much My evaluate Suck when I’m Sober Rating: 8 out of 10Overall Rating: 7.5 out of 10

My GuessCherry Cola

*Updated, correct Answer: Sour Cherry

Mystery Peeps is a an excellent game come play, specifically when you’re drunk. Tonight ns learned that Buttered Popcorn marshmallows are something I never want come eat again in my life, however at the very least I deserve to say that i tried them. Mystery Flavor 1 that 3 and secret Flavor 3 the 3 space tasty and also leave sufficient intrigue the I will certainly be check
PeepsBrand through regularity to find out just how well i did. I’ll upgrade this write-up with the correct answers as soon as revealed. Mine confidence is soaring (because I’m drunk AF), however I think the principle of an enig Peeps is a success. I recommend happen this product to any type of social collection to drunkenly debate the flavors.Mystery Peeps in its entirety Rating: 6.5 out of 10Jim Beam as whole Rating: 9 the end of 10

Have girlfriend tried any kind of of these an enig Peeps? let us know your guesses in the comment below, or don’t because you’re not reading this and you don’t even like Peeps!


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