Ozark trace 10 human 2 Room Straight wall Family Cabin tent is a freestanding and very tall structure with 6 windows, one door, and a an excellent price tag.

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Ozark trace 10 human 2 Room Straight wall surface Family Cabin Tent.

Key features

Where to buy

What form of tent is this

This Straight wall surface Family Cabin tent is exactly what its surname says, a really typical cabin style structure with nearly vertical walls. The tent is also very tall with its peak height of 86 customs (218 cm), for this reason this is a great reason to incorporate it in my list of really tall family camping tents.

The time comes through a removable divider, so the is officially in the team of 2-room tents. Carry out not expect lots of privacy v such a construction, the divider is just a curtain (see the picture below).

You have one door just with a window on it, plus 5 separate windows. All these openings room with mesh and also zippered panels for privacy and for security from elements.

The time is totally freestanding through its 6 foot poles, however you have actually stakes included and do not miss out on using them, this is a boxy and also tall structure, not really stable in side winds. The time comes with a gear loft included, that attaches come the highest area that the ceiling as displayed below, so you can store some little items there.



Who is the for

Capacity: The declared capacity is 10 people, and they plainly use a backpacking rule by measuring how numerous sleeping pads you can fit on the floor. You will check out in the specifications listed below that the dimensions are such the this is indeed feasible if you great to feel choose a sardine in a can.

But the area is only 140 ft² (13 m²) and this offers 14 ft² (1.3 m²) per person. For any kind of real household camping this is much too small. For this reason this is a tent for parents v two youngsters maximum. It fits 2 queen-sized airbeds easily. You can increase the capacity while still having plenty of an are by utilizing bunk camping cots, lock fit perfectly through such steep and tall walls, watch them in the snapshot below.

View inside.

Seasons & climate: This is a summer camping tent and generally finest suited for warmth weather. The ceiling is every mesh and also you have actually mesh everywhere about as well. The partial coverage fly protects the roof only. However there are no floor vents i m sorry are required if you need to keep panels closed as soon as it is raining.

With so lot mesh on the ceiling, I would not camp v this tent in a cold environment. For such a situation far better check some an ext enclosed design, you have actually them many in my separate list. Also, stop windy situations, this time is so big and boxy because that such places.

Weight-wise, the time is heavy and also its packed size is such that you need a car for transportation, the number are offered in the specifications below.


The poles & stakes

The poles are a mix of steel used for the legs and fiberglass provided for the roof. Therefore you have them 6 + 3 because that the two pointed out areas. The poles affix to the tent with clips, sleeves top top the roof, and also pin and also ring connectors top top the base.

There are additionally 14 steel stakes in the package so use them to secure the time properly.

The fabric

The fly and the walls room a 68D coated polyester fabric. They carry out not carry out waterproof rating but all reports confirm that this time does not leak. The seams room all taped.The floor is a polyethylene for this reason this is a very waterproof material, and you have a 6 inches bathtub design.

Other featuresAn electric cord access port is available.A carry bag is included, see the picture.Small warehouse pockets on the wall, much from enough.

E-cable port.

A suitcase style lug bag.

Please watch a bit much more in this brief video:


Type: cabin layout freestanding tent.Declared capacity:10 people.Weight: 28 lb (12.7 kg).Dimensions: 168 x 120 in (427 x 305 cm).Area: 140 ft² (13 m²).Area per person: 14 ft² (1.3 m²).Peak height: 86 in (218 cm).Packed size: 35 x 13 x 13 in (89 x 33 x 33 cm).

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Ozark trace 10 human 2 Room Straight wall Family Cabin time vs Competitors

There are number of tents here in the site with the very same capacity and built in the exact same style. So I give it next by side through Core 10 and GigaTent 10 tents. This may aid in much better understanding that features and make an informed decision. It is an ext affordable 보다 the other two tents, but it offers much less area than the GigaTent 10. Please follow the web links for more.