Welcome to the mid-game overview for Oxygen not Included. Fine be choose up whereby we left off with the Oni Starter overview on bike 11 and also we’ll be assuming every the procedures taken and knowledge in the starter overview have to be adopted. If you haven’t been with the starter guide or it has been a while, consider reading v it quickly.

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Whilst there to be a quite firm priority stimulate in the starter guide, points in the mid game really begin to open up. We’ll suggest an order of work in this guide yet we’ll often be addressing things simultaneously and you might need/want to execute things with different priorities. As soon as using this guide, it’s recommended to review through ahead of whereby your own nest is so you can see what’s coming and work on needs ahead that time.

The overarching goal of the mid-game is setup your basic up to make it through indefinitely and opening friend up for the Oni late-game. As we left our basic in the starter guide, numerous of our vitals prefer oxygen and water to be coming from finite sources. We desire to amend this. So v the goal of setup up to last indefinitely, here are the key sub-goals the this guide:

our base has no temperature manage Our latrine is developing a the majority of waste product and also it is hands-on to keep We are relying top top a finite source of fresh water our oxygen production is relying on birds that will ultimately run out

We will certainly be addressing these weakness loosely in this order, yet we will usually have the ability to work on much more than one in ~ a time. These are only the overarching goals, us will require to deal with plenty of smaller topics together we progress. The chapters in this guide are:

Temperature control

Temperature is a concealed killer in Oxygen no Included. If your plants can’t grow since they’re too hot/cold, or dupes obtain injured and also stress out through temperature; then things can collapse suddenly. In the image listed below from the starter guide you can see that several of my Mealwood aren’t growing since they room too cold.


Whilst my asteroid (Rime) has cold as a major threat, numerous other asteroids provide heat fatality as a likely killer. Regardless of your asteroid, insulating your base is a peak priority before you start losing regulate of dupes/crops. To do this we will, focus our research study toward “Temperature Modulation” and begin structure a perimeter of Insulated brick (using Sandstone (Solid) is fine because that now).

Below you have the right to see a photo of our base as at cycle 20. You have the right to see at this allude the insulating covering of the basic is beginning to take it shape and also we’ve left room for many of future rooms.


You can see we’ve selected one of the Insulated Tiles and also it shoes a “Thermal Conductivity” (TC) the 0.029. This is 100 times smaller sized than the TC of the base material sandstone. Structure insulation will certainly always result in a tile v 100 times smaller sized TC of the material you construct it with. You can browse the Oni material Database because that other building materials with lower and higher TCs than Sandstone. TC will become an important factor in later, more complex builds. Us will often be pursuing to construct with either extremely high TC come transmit heat quickly, or together we space now, v a low TC to prevent transfer.

In genuine life, heat Conductivity is why a pan (made that metal) and also carpet (made the fibers) can both be in ~ room temperature yet the pan will certainly feel chillier to you. The pan is removing heat quicker from her finger 보다 the carpet and also so the feels colder to your brain, even though the 2 things are the exact same temperature.

We’ll take this opportunity to present you to the other conquer metric for temperature control and also that’s “Specific heat Capacity” (SHC). You have the right to think of every tile type of prefer a bucket and also water as heat energy. TC is the dimension of the water tap filling the bucket, that controls exactly how much power is poured in to the material. SHC is the size of the bucket, the is just how much energy it takes to fill up. SHC is less important with our existing goal the insulating, yet later in the game when we want to look at storing and also moving heat energy, using products with a high SHC that are able to save lots of energy will become more important.

Exploring because that steam

Water is the lifeblood of your nest (despite dupes no needing to drink it). Water is consumed by many crops, its provided by your super computer and your oxygen production. Currently that our temperature is mainly under control, finding a renewable resource of water is paramount. For this friend will must do part exploring. You deserve to see in the image listed below that top top this asteroid us were fairly lucky and we uncovered a Cool vapor Vent just to north of our base.


You will certainly likely have to check out a small further, however when going in the cardinal directions (N, S, E, W) from your base, girlfriend will find one top top the beginning asteroids. The giveaway the a vent is the 4 black tiles that Neutronium they sit on. Making use of the product view can be beneficial to recognize them.

The vent is spewing steam at 110C and also you can read the details to watch its various other metrics. To learn more about the vent, we need to send our researcher to it to analyze it (during idle periods to avoid them gift burned). Additionally, we desire to insulate and also control the vent’s temperature. Vents and Volcanoes placed out tremendous quantities of heat energy that can cook your colony overtime if you’re no careful. Therefore you’ll view in the image below that we’ve started to wrap the in insulation.

If you desire to do more detailed planning about how lot material and also energy your certain vent is outputting you deserve to use the Oni Geyser Calculator.


Conveniently because that us, over there was additionally some Thimble Reed near by being held at its cultivation temperature by the geyser. Thimble reed is an extremely important because that its production of Reed Fiber we need for the Atmo Suit. It would usually be as well cold ~ above Rime because that Thimble Reed for this reason we’ll shot to save it in its farming temperature range.

If you’re playing on one of the other starter asteroids, Thimble Reed temperature i will not ~ be your problem as points will it is in warmer. But a bigger risk to you is Slimelung. Remember the advice native the starter guide and also be careful exposing slime to air, particularly polluted oxygen whereby it thrives. Keep an eye on the Germ check out as you check out as Slimelung condition slows your swarm down.

Base update cycle 35

Below you can see how the basic is looking as at bicycle 35.


A couple of points:

The basic is currently insulated and starting to warm up from the warmth of the machinery. We had to build a hospital room in the peak right. We driven a pair dupes too difficult to develop near the heavy steam vent and also they to be badly injured. It’s no the best having the mess room all the way right that the base, it’s inducing unnecessary travel time. We’ll move it to the center when we replace the mealwood later. We’ve put a tiny S-bend in ~ the top leave of the base to limit liquids pouring in.


In the image listed below you can see some of our dupes are starting to ability up come a suggest where they are demanding much more morale and also creature comforts than our basic provides. We’ll have to start using some art soon to carry out artwork roughly the base, you have the right to see Marie below is capped in ~ demanding 7 moral for her skills. We don’t want to not be able to skill her up, so let’s grab some quick morale wins.

converting the mess hall to a an excellent hall with some high decor arts will rise its moral impact. You have the right to see the decor affect is at this time negative. Decor is an easy fix through an artist yet lets focus on locations where the will have actually the most impact; areas where dupes spend a lot of time choose their bedroom, the mess-hall and commonly used machinery. Looking v the morale effects on her dupes you can see the pursuing other items like much better meals and also a proper bathroom will likewise open up brand-new morale benefits.

Side note: You can see Marie has actually hit the finish of her primary specialty and has began on “Carrying”. Dupes perform a most carrying, castle spend many of your day running about with handfuls of things to construct what girlfriend ask castle to. The an ext they bring in one go, the much less trips they carry out so this is a great secondary skill. Additionally, we desire all ours dupes come move easily in their Atmo Suit, so progressing this ability is vital long-term.

Below you have the right to see that through using just 2 reed fibers on paints in the bedroom, yes sir +60 decor there now. Merged with the sculpture in the good Hall we now have actually a nice foundation of decor in vital areas. Us don’t desire to end allocate effort to decor together we have much more pressing issues, yet just save an eye on the moral of your dupes and rise it as their skills require.

Without going into a full guide on piping in Oni; it’s crucial to understand that liquids immediately travel from a environment-friendly (output) square to a white (input) square. There is no sense of pressure, liquids just flow between those two points. As long as you attach pipes v clear routes from eco-friendly to white, points will circulation fine.

You can see I have pipes primed because that a full bathroom yet have only installed one new Lavatory and also Wash Basin. This stays clear of accidents, girlfriend don’t want to uninstall the entire bathroom and also not gain anything developed in time for the swarm bathroom break.

Additionally, the liquid Pump is only temporary to gain the very first bit the water right into the system. Once there’s a few liters in the system, things will circulation fine together the Water Sieve transforms the polluted water into fresh water.

Actually, the mechanism will fill-up over time. The Lavatories output an ext polluted water than they take in Water due to the fact that of the dupes own “additions”. Hence we have had the liquid Reservoir. Without this, the pipes would certainly fill-up and also jam. Save an eye ~ above the reservoir, once it fills up it will certainly be time to bleed the overfill off in other places outside the base.

You deserve to see we’ve likewise included a bottle Emptier station down the bottom too. This will be a drop-off suggest for our dupes as soon as we collection them come sweet up every the polluted water that has built up in our base.

Finally, it’s imperative to understand the that Water Sieve only converts Polluted Water come Water. The does not eliminate germs from the water. Girlfriend should think about this a grey water system; do not mix this water with germ free water the finds its method into her food supply.

Base update cycle 50

A couple of points looking at the picture below:

Looking at our major goals we’ve currently completed (1) temperature control and also (2) a bathroom. We in addition found the water resource and have actually started on (3). The base population is still just 6. At cycle 50 we’ve had actually 50/3 = 16 possibilities to accept new dupes however taken only 3. Be picky with your dupes, you’re here for the long haul. In ~ 6 dupes, our following dupe is pretty much going to pressure us on to having separation schedules; we don’t desire ques and accidents in the bathroom. Ns had much more Polluted Water lying around than ns expected and also built a 2nd reservoir to organize it temporarily. Thimble Reed is growing and we’re starting to collect the reed fiber


By bicycle 60 we were able to expropriate our 7th dupe. For those keeping track v the disapprove rate, that’s 70/3 = 23 opportunities to expropriate dupes and also only 4 have actually been accepted, so 83% of the dupes we were gift with have actually been rejected come date. If you require a refresher ~ above dupe selection then please refer to the Oni Starter Guide.

With 7 dupes however, we risk having accident sending them every to the toilet on rest at the exact same time. For this reason, we use the shifts tab to break-up our nest into 2 shifts, staggering the breakroom and sleep.

This likewise gives united state a chance to placed dupes with the night-owl trait choose Rowan below to work when they are many productive.

Renewable Oxygen

You have the right to see in our database the there are countless ways to create Oxygen (Gas). Fine be using the Electrolyzer to develop renewable (effectively infinite) oxygen due to the fact that its only input is Water that we will have an infinite resource of from the steam vent we room encasing. Additionally it’s an extremely easy come automate come a allude it needs zero dupe attention/maintenance.

Below you can see us have collection up a free-breathing Electrolyzer in the peak of our base. There is an insulated pipe to run from the pump in the bottom the our vapor vent pod, v the walls and also into the electrolyzer. We give it power and also it is now dividing water into Oxygen and Hydrogen.

We call this “free-breathing”, due to the fact that we’ve constructed it at the height of our base enabling the Oxygen to fall down naturally into the base without gas pumps if the hydrogen rises right into the pocket to it is in pumped out. By no needing come pump the Oxygen we’re conserving a most energy.

We don’t desire the hydrogen pump to run non-stop wasting energy either, for this reason we’ve put together a straightforward logic circuit in the image below. 2 Gas facet Sensors both have to register hydrogen in your tile and trigger the and Gate together. Once triggered, over there is a three second Buffer Gate sending the signal come the pump. We’ve added a 3 2nd buffer here due to the fact that it’s not effective if the gases room moving about flicking the pump on and off. We desire the pump to get a couple of good, complete pumps right into the pipe for the power it burns.

None of this logic requirements power so its every “for free”.

More complex is the filtering technique. Over there is a Gas Filter, however it spend power. I would always encourage you to look for means to track your nest to reduce the power/resource usage as these will ultimately limit your colony.

The listed below filtering method operates on the mechanics of the Gas Bridge. Special, if a gas packet in a pipe has a choice between continuing on a pipe or gift taken into the intake of a gas bridge, it will constantly go right into the leg if the can. We call this “gas leg input priority”.

At the other finish of the bridge the the contrary is true; a gas can only leaving the leg if there is room for it, the calculation of the bridge does not have actually priority.

The setup leverages this as follows:

~ the pump we include a gas valve that limits the packet dimension to 999g. Us then present the gases with a fork, they will enter the bridge if lock can, otherwise they will branch off under to be vented out. In ~ the finish of the bridge but is a tiny infinite loop do of pipe and another valve limiting packets come 1g. If any packets can’t go into the 2nd valve climate they branch off best to be melted for electrical energy in the hydrogen generator.

The trick here is that the gas bridge desires to pull all gases ~ above the boundless loop, but since the loop already has 1g packets the hydrogen on it, only more hydrogen deserve to join it. To acquire this to job-related you need to only make sure the first packets start the mechanism are hydrogen, afterwards the loop will do the filtering because that you.

Finally the clever battery is set up to turn on the Hydrogen Generator as soon as it gets below 30%. This is prior to the 20% setting on the coal Generator; our nest is now preferably running on hydrogen. The charcoal generator will only turn on now if we don’t obtain enough electricity from hydrogen, that will mitigate the Carbone Dioxide calculation significantly.

The just thing we must be careful of below is heat. We room feeding in hot water come the electrolyzer and so warm air comes out. The electrolyzer is deleting a lot of warmth energy due to the fact that Water has a much higher specific heat capacity than the Oxygen (Gas) and Hydrogen (Gas) coming out. We will be deleting further heat through feeding the warm hydrogen right into the generator. Yet the Oxygen is quiet hot. At this point it’s advisable to start in search of Wheezewort as you check out the map. This plants progressively delete heat and a few of castle in your base must keep it under control.

Keep one eye top top the warmth in your base and be all set to switch ago to the Oxygen Diffuser or various other sources until you can regulate the heat output. We’ll construct a warm deleter that deserve to be supplied as an airconditioner in the Oni Late-game guide.

At this suggest renewable oxygen is pretty lot done. The vapor vent reservoir over already has actually over 72 tonnes of water in the that can be split into 64 tonnes the Oxygen. This would take a solitary dupe over 1000 cycles to consume via breathing so the colony currently has over 130 cycles of oxygen ready. By the time that is consumed, we’ll be lengthy finished making sure the water source is renewable.

Renewable Water

Below you can see four views that the vapor vent the we have enclosed.

A couple of comments:

it is now totally enclosed; nearly no heat is leaking native the vent ruining the regional environment.

Water is pretty much done, the just thing left in between us and also infinite water is:

Finishing turn off pumping out all the various other gases pour it until it is full the warm exchanger with cool, turn around liquid and also deciding how we want to delete the warm it extracts.

We’ll go with wholesale warmth deletion in the late game guide but if you desire to operation ahead friend can inspect out the Oni Cooling Calculator.

Base update cycle 70

Looking at the colony at bike 70:

We’ve began to tunnel under from the base toward the oil biome at the bottom that the map.

Zoomed in below is a storage Bin buried in liquid. This bin is not collection to “sweep only”, so dupes will always try fill the up other than it’s your last priority (priority 1). The bin is collection to accept any “problem items”, because that this guide this contains anything that deserve to off-gas or liquefy. Having the bin in water stays clear of the items native off-gassing. Items collection to be dumped in this bin are:

Keeping these points under regulate is important, but saving your Oxylite in particular is desireable as you’ll desire it together rocket fuel lot much later.

Additionally since dupes get a 15% work speed bonus when working in a fine lit area, the optimal to include end work locations in the basic that are turned on by Duplicant activity Sensor. I disregard to execute this right here until lot later however it would finest this is done sooner 보다 later.

Mid-game food

Using the Oni Food Calculator you can see a colony of 8 would have to be utilizing 350kg that Water per cycle to keep up Liceloaf production. Whilst we have actually virtually countless water, it’s coming to us at close come 99 levels which is no great for plants. Us don’t desire to operation out that the cool water before we development to gift able come delete the heat from our infinite water.

Long term, i personally choose to aim for a Pepper Bread fed swarm for several reasons, yet this needs water being fed to the Sleet Wheat in ~ 0-5 levels Celsius i m sorry is the end of ability now.

The score of mid-game food is come diversify far from the starting food Liceloaf. We’ve excellent this below:

These will permit us to lean away from water consuming Liceloaf whilst we development toward the score of huge scale heat deletion and also Pepper Bread. Don’t forget to avoid your dupes from eating the intermediary commodities like meat and uncooked mushrooms through the Consumables menu.

Mid-game Review

Looking back at the over-arching object we want to address from the start of this guide:

our base has actually no temperature manage our latrine is creating a most waste product and it is hands-on to preserve We room relying on a finite resource of new water our oxygen production is relying on birds that will eventually run out

Sure goal (3) is not completely fixed till we implement a warmth deletion method on the heavy steam condenser but we have actually so lot water there and also so much time the we’ll mite there crate there for now.

We do need to watch our base temperature through the open-breathing oxygen electrolyzer however generally, many of our biggest an essential resources are boundless or so long lived the we’re set-up to endure to cycle 200 there is no doing much other than emptying the grey-water mechanism occasionally.

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Our next priorities include:

Centralizing a power grid in preparation for greater wattage needs Atmo-Suits Wholesale warmth deletion Preparing for the surface

We’ll address these in the Oni Late-game Guide.