65.One potential benefit of jae won corporations through the use of bonds fairly than common stock is

A.the interest on bonds must be paid when due

B.the corporation have to pay the bonds at maturity

C.the interest price is deductible because that tax purposes by the corporation

D.a greater earnings per share is guaranteed for existing usual shareholders

66.Which that the complying with is not an benefit of issuing bonds rather of common stock?

A.Tax to save result

B.Income to typical shareholders might increase.

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C.Earnings every share on typical stock might be lower.

D.Stockholder regulate is no affected.

67.A bond indenture is

A.a contract in between the coporation, group issuing the bonds and also the underwriters marketing the bonds

B.the quantity due in ~ the maturity date of the bonds

C.a contract in between the corporation issuing the bonds and also the bond trustee, who is acting on behalf of the bondholders.

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D.the amount for which the corporation can buy ago the bonds prior to the maturity date

68.Debenture bonds room

A.bonds secured by particular assets of the issuing corporation

B.bonds that have a single maturity date

C.issued only by the commonwealth government

D.issued top top the basic credit of the corporation and also do not pledge details assets together collateral.

69.When the corporation issuing the bonds has the ideal to repurchase the bonds before the maturity day for a details price, the bonds room

A.convertible bonds

B.unsecured bonds

C.debenture bonds

D.callable bonds

70.When the maturities of a bond concern are spread over numerous dates, the bond are called

A.serial bonds

B.bearer bonds

C.debenture bonds

D.term bonds

71.The market interest price related to a bond is likewise called the

A.stated interest rate

B.effective attention rate

C.contract interest rate

D.straight-line rate

72.If the sector rate of attention is 8%, the price the 6% bond paying attention semiannually through a face value the $100,000 will be

A.Equal to $100,000

B.Greater 보다 $100,000

C.Less than $100,000

D.Greater 보다 or much less than $100,000, depending on the maturity date of the bonds

73.The current value that $40,000 to be got in one year, at 6% compounded annually, is (rounded to nearest dollar)





74.The present value the $30,000 to be got in 2 years, at 12% compounded annually, is (rounded to nearest dollar)