together the word factor is countable and also one thing deserve to have many reasons, I would imagine the saying "one of the reasons" is an ext logical 보다 "part the the reason". However, many civilization (native and non-native speaker alike) often tend to usage the latter.

My inquiries are:

1- Is it exactly to usage "part that the reason"?

2- Is it correct to use "one the the reasons"?

3- If both room correct, is there any type of reason why "part the the reason" is an ext common?


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1- Is it exactly to usage "part the the reason"?Yes, because saying it choose this says that this factor is only part of a totality reason. If it to be the whole reason we can say something choose "the only reason..."

2- Is it correct to use "one the the reasons"?Yes, since saying it favor this argues that this reason is just 1 of countless reasons. If it were the just reason we could say something like "the 1 and also only reason..."

3- If both space correct, is there any reason why "part of the reason" is more common?I don"t think "part of the reason" is more common, yet perhaps it is because that you. The beauty of the language is the diversity in utilizing it.



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