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Just critical week we stated goodbye come Olivia Pope in the collection finale that Scandal, and also now, every we"re left with is first Lady Melania trump card wearing the white hat. Let"s all take a moment to reflect top top the irony of this situation...

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Okay, that"s enough. Let"s unpack this.

To welcome French president Emmanuel Macron and first Lady Brigitte Macron to the White residence this morning, Melania trump donned one all-white Michael Kors arsenal look: a crisp belted white blazer, a pencil skirt, and a wide-brim white hat.


The whole ensemble practically screamed Olivia Pope, so much so that Scandal"s costume designer, Lyn Paolo, also noticed top top Twitter.

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Is Melania attract the white hat?? She is definitely wearing Olivia"s jacket....I see #Scandal everywhere....#Gladiators

— Lyn Paolo (

Though the an initial Lady"s look was undeniably chic, that is symbolism raises a many questions. "Wear the white hat," of course, describes the plot of a hero conserving the day. It likewise symbolizes morality. To be Trump trying come say she"s right here to conserve democracy? Is she trying come send a signal à la Olivia Pope? Or is she simply just as bummed together the rest of us that Scandal is officially end (the TV version, that is)?


Regardless the what she was trying come convey through her outfit, the very first Lady certainly stole the present at The White home this morning—and maybe that in itself was the point of the look. If only white hats could talk...

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Either way, this is not the Scandal reboot we asked for. You re welcome help, Shonda Rhimes. In the meantime, I"ll leaving you through this ominous sneak peek at the White House"s following horror film:


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