THEME: noneWord that the Day: HOT-DESKING(3D: Office-sharing system, in modern-day lingo) — Hot desking(sometimes dubbed "non-reservation-basedhoteling") is one office organization mechanism which requires multiple workers using a solitary physical work station or surface during different time periods.The "desk" in the name refers to an office workdesk being mutual by multiple office workers on different shifts as opposed to each employee member having actually their own personal desk. A primary an inspiration for hot desking is expense reduction through an are savings—up to 30% in part cases.Hot desking is especially an important in urban where real estate prices space high.Research has demonstrated the while there may be expense savings in office an are hot desking has far-ranging negative results on both productivity and staff morale. (wikipedia)

Enjoyed this one in spite of never having heard the HOT-DESKING, which transforms out come be among these horrid dehumanizing workplace efficiency capitalist bulls**t things that i wish didn"t exist, however oh well. Girlfriend gotta acquire your "modern lingo" indigenous someplace, i guess. I couldn"t even make feeling of the proviso on that one, honestly. I figured the was part app-related thing like Slack, whereby coworkers shared ... Occupational things ... Or possibly there was part other app or monster office system by which you re-superstructure gossip or trash the ceo or whatever. Ns dunno. Ns do recognize that in ~ one allude I absolutely had HOT DESTINY written in there. By the way, if anyone develops an intra-office gossip app and tries to speak to it warm DESTINY, me and my non-existent lawyers space coming because that you. Who is chris O"DOWD? (21D: "Bridesmaids" co-star Chris). Is that that guy I"ve checked out in *lots* of things yet I still somehow don"t understand what his surname is? The ireland guy? Who"s in the TV version of "Get Shorty?" Or in the one display ... The present ... Ns watched once ... Cursed it, what to be that? (looks that up) "Family Tree!"? Yes! that was likewise in "The it Crowd," i m sorry Netflix yes, really really Really wants me come watch, yet which I have actually never watched. Annnnnyway, yeah, I know his face really well. His name, reportedly not therefore much. Thus, NW corner was a little of a bear for me. NE wasn"t much much better until I offered EDEN to get HOOD and also SITE and SHARP and then REUP OIL UP (not so great, the UP/UP crossing) and FLOP and finally whooshed under the grid v SLIP the THE TONGUE (7D: feasible insight because that a psychologist). Points were much less complicated from there on out.

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Stayed at the bottom and also took care of the SW, then went up to the center and *dammit* why didn"t ns look in ~ the long central Across proviso earlier!?!?!? (35A: Musical change ego that Donald Glover). Full Gimme!! Gah! If I"d somehow *started* there, who knows exactly how much faster I could"ve slayed this thing. CHILDISH GAMBINO, kapow! climate down into the SE where only RANDI (???!? ugh more modern-day biz-ness billionaire technology Facebook-adjacent stuff ns don"t treatment about, it"s ****ing dystopic, ns swear) slowed me under (44D: businesswoman Zuckerberg, sister the Mark) (if she"s legit famous, you perform not require that "sister that Mark" bit). Lastly finished up back in that small nook in the west, at the bottom of HOT-DESKING, whereby two small wrong answers, stack (EENY end SAG instead of TINY(37A: Minute) end SOG (!?) (39A: walk soft, in a way)), had to it is in sorted out, and then i was done. Normal time.


Overall, there"s very small junk in this one, and lots of funny to be had in the medium-range and longer answers, specifically WEIRDED OUT
, DEPLORABLE (wink!), KNEEBOARDS, JOKE WRITER, STRIKES OUT, etc. ANDCO is a FLOP, IMHO, however very couple of other things made me wince (20A: finish of some service names). Thorniest clue, for me, was actually 11D: Packed through plasticware, perhaps (TOGO). Ns imagined "Packed with" intended "Chock complete of" and I couldn"t imagine anything just crammed complete of plasticware other than maybe the top drawer in my kitchen by the Brita. That appeared an i can not qualify crossword answer, though. OK, that"s all, view you Sunday.Signed, Rex Parker, King that CrossWorld P.S. The Bucks room the NBA team indigenous Milwaukee, in case the NBA AGENTS clue to be inscrutable come you (34D: lock get large bucks from huge Bucks).

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jae12:24 AM 

Easy-medium. My only erasure to be aveS prior to JCTS. Many of the trivia remained in my wheelhouse but I essential a couple of crosses to dredge up CHILDISH GAMBINO. Lot of of sparkle through some fun lengthy downs. Favored it a bunch, a good debut.

Anonymous1:19 AM 

Curious whether Rex has a hissy fit over the various other crosswords the solves or if it’s just kabuki theatre because that his audience here. Nah, everyone knows the price to the one.

Jason2:37 AM 

Better clue for 15d:One who just had actually the finest week ever.And it looks prefer there's some HOT-DESKING walking on at the NSC.KAG2020

fkdiver5:40 AM 

A extensively enjoyable solve. Not acquainted with hot DESKING but I know "hot racking" and "hot bunking" so the wasn't difficult to infer. The UP/UP overcome is a an extremely minor glitch in an otherwise fine themeless Saturday.

Lewis6:50 AM 

My rhyme for the job is: This was a bear yet it wasn't unfair.As i look end the perfect grid, there are only four answers extraterrestrial to mine wheelhouse -- HOTDESKING, CHILDISH GAMBINO, ODOWD, and also RANDI. That should be pretty conveniently overcomable v crosses, and they are all fairly crossed. Therefore why to be this therefore tough? hard tough cluing. Clues as oblique hints from all angles. In ~ least, challenging for me. And yet, together I watch the clues over, they make perfect sense. It's an arts to make hints like that, and also here, in his NYT debut, Hemant has demonstrated the he's obtained it -- the either operation effortlessly the end of him, or he establish the just-right clue as soon as it finally comes to him after much mental grind-work.What a promising first puzzle, and also how ns look front to much more from friend HM!

Suzie Q7:10 AM 

Fun and impressive debut. I loved weirded out and also learning strigine for owls. Too poor Childish Gambino method nothing to me and also the clue was no aid either yet still gettable. Warm desking sound horrible because I love mine privacy. Cross mount and also steeds recorded my eye.I will certainly be watching because that this constructor's name in the future.

Anonymoose7:18 AM 

A few nits:56A, Clue and answer to be both slangUnfortunate clue for 34D. 42D to be weak.Otherwise Keen and also NEAT puzzle

Lewis, I found this tough...but doable through some patience .My first and only entry for rather some time was SALAD days. Memory of gift young, chaste and really poor. Photos of only eating cheap and awful iceberg lettuce with maybe a little tomato and a cucumber. I guess i was green in judgement.I can't assist but think the DEPLORABLE requirements a basket in prior of it. I'm thinking that Hillary didn't acquire any assist from a PR human being when she coined the phrase. Probably a hoax WRITER?By taking my time and getting up from my comfy chair indigenous time come time, ns was maybe to gain a indigenous here and also there. Slip OF THE TONGUE was my an initial long down. Loved it and I loved myself for acquiring it. I've never heard the CHILDISH GAMBINO and also needed ever solitary down to obtain him/her. Why go I want STANDISH? I had actually my one Google at ODOWD and also then one more at JETT. These names get me every time. Had actually the BOARDS at 38A and also wanted to in which method fit in boogy. Left the middle and also headed south. Had actually BURGER and wanted TUNA. I once had a BOCA BURGER and also they taste prefer cardboard. I put a ton the mayo and mustard and pickles and also tomatoes and real lettuce but nothing changed. Never heard the RANDI - I want Renee but the wonderful TUDE adjusted my ways. BLUE MOON is the just beer ns actually enjoy so ns was happy to obtain that in.NOOB TUDE BBOY SNOT...Fun!Really nice job, Hemant.....Hope to view you much more often.

QuasiMojo7:40 AM 

MEH. Took me a when to gain a many this due to the fact that it to be Weirding me Out. Never ever heard that this Gambino fella no one his actual name. Price range Ina shopping guide? Huh? that JCTS clue had my petticoats in a whirl. What on earth is a Boca Burger? i hope it's no made that Raton! to add NBA Agents is just one of these increasingly typical sports abbreviation answers that are the epitome of junk fill. Type of environment-friendly paint that's caked and dried and sitting in a garage waiting for the dumpster.To the late-day posters who ask questions choose "Does it stroked nerves anyone that...?" and so on -- you may wish to check out the comments. Yes it go bother several of us. And we already posted around it. TA!

amyyanni7:56 AM 

Love it! believed Rex wouldn't like the 2 answers that end in OUT, just as he provided the two finishing in UP. Delighted the he discovered it fun. The connected answers were a nice touch (BLUE MOON/BOCA citizens MOUNT/STEEDS). Congrats Hemant, if you check in here. Come back soon!

kitshef7:57 AM 

Much better handling of the uninferrable name today. Yesterday we had one crossing an obscure company, a international word, a formation nonexistent out of crosswords, and also a TV character. Now the main threats space OTOS, i m sorry is bad, however which most Saturday solvers have actually seen so many times they room sick the it, and ODOWD, that I occur to know however which is bad. However, through CHIL_ISH in location a ‘D’ is mighty alluring … unless you take place to think the ‘L’ first. And also Rex you really must watch The that Crowd.Beyond that, there to be a fair couple of unknowns (to me) today, RANDI, clue because that HOOD, KNEE BOARDS, SOG, yet all to be crossed fairly.

Hungry Mother8:12 AM 

Just slogged follow me as usual on Saturday. I try not come overthink my answers in ~ the end of the week, therefore I end up v answers that ns don’t understand. This doesn’t bother me because I understand I can’t know everything.

dcrone018:17 AM 

really acquired my salad tossed on this one.

Pepper8:24 AM 

Why kabuki?

Pepper8:25 AM 

“Never heard the this Gambino fella” is a GEM lmao

Pepper8:27 AM 

The only Zuckerberg the matters is Donna!!!Was afraid ns wasn’t walk to complete (I’m BABY) until, exact same as Rex, CHILDISH GAMBINO really obtained the round rolling. Thanks Donglover!

Laura8:34 AM 

Hot desking is arrays from dehumanizing to unusable. I evaluate the rant. The puzzle was tough however had a couple fun clues. Ligh and dark almost felled me but was a smile as soon as i acquired ot.

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tompdavis"Salad days" are one's own naive youth. It's native Shakespeare, and the initial sense is more along the lines of "green" (unripe) 보다 in in reality buying/eating salad (which isn't exactly the cheapest choice these days anyway).