Malcolm Drummer and also Nurys Mateo are a evidenced no-match, yet that doesn’t typical he it s okay to relocate on easily. During the Wednesday, November 1, illustration of Are friend the One?, she flips the end on Diandra Delgado, that is now hooking up with Malcolm again.

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Nurys on ‘Are friend the One?’

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“This is the trouble with the house. No one can gain to know nobody without part no-match pair lighting the whole house ~ above fire,” Tyler Colon says in Us Weekly’s to exclude, sneak peek, after helping to different a screaming match in between the ladies. Throughout that fight, Diandra also picked increase a cluster of bananas and chucked it at Nurys.


Diandra on ‘Are girlfriend the One?’

Finally Malcolm gets Nurys in one more room, however she go not want to be near him. “It’s the exact same f—king bulls—t over and over again,” she tells him when he asks why she so upset. “I see what her intentions are. I’m worn down of feeling prefer I’m competition v the very same f—king bitch over and over again.”

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“Clearly this is why ns here. I keep going earlier to men who placed me 2nd that make me a side chick. I go earlier and ns go back,” Nurys says in she interview. “Now ns look like an idiot in former the entirety house. Ns feel disgusted — not just with him, yet with myself.”


Malcolm on ‘Are friend the One?’

In his interview, Malcolm owns up to his big mistake.

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“Just see Nurys get that upset even after us were a evidenced no-match, i really simply felt prefer I should have actually never been leading her on,” he say. “I f—ked up. It to be my fault.”

Are girlfriend the One? airs ~ above MTV ~ above Wednesdays ay 10 p.m. ET.

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