Samsung went to the trouble to make its very own voice-recognition app — here"s just how to usage it.

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S Voice is the bundled voice command applications that comes with the Galaxy S5 and other Samsung devices which allows you come take every sorts of actions without having to fiddle v your phone. These five tips will gain you up and running through S Voice in no time.

Setting up S Voice ~ above the Samsung Galaxy S5


Before diving in, let"s just make sure S Voice is working properly for you. S Voice need to be prepared to go appropriate out the the box. Simply press the home switch twice at the bottom that the device in the center and also a display screen should popular music up with a little microphone at the bottom. If not, you might need to allow the shortcut.

Swipe down from the optimal of the residence screen, and tap the equipment in the top-right to enter settings. Role to the bottom and tap S Voice.Tap "Open via the residence key" if the box is not currently checked.


Setting up a practice voice command have the right to wake up S Voice without even needing to touch her device. Every you need to do is speak the wake-up command while S Voice is open. Through default, the command to perform this is "Hi Galaxy," however you can change it to something a little an ext your style. It"s worth noting the this does not job-related like "OK Google" does indigenous every screen.

Start S Voice by pressing the home button twice. The home switch is in ~ the bottom that the device, in the center.Tap the three dots in the top-right to lug up the menu, and tap Settings. Tap Voice wake-up, climate tap set wake-up command. If friend can"t tap collection wake-up command, you may need come tap the switch in the top-right first.The next screen will prompt you to say your wake-up command four times after tapping the microphone button. Make sure you"re in a relatively quiet area before trying to execute this, or else it won"t acknowledge what you"re saying.

Know the S-Voice commands

S Voice can be a little stiff as soon as recognizing commands, therefore be sure you recognize which commands you"re most likely to use many often and also how to say them for this reason S Voice deserve to be its most useful. Some of these you could not have also realized to be options. Below is a perform of S Voice commands and also examples of just how to usage them.

Voice dial - "Call Charlie mobile"Message - "Text Katie message Are you totally free tonight because that dinner?"Seach contact - "Look up James"Memo - "Memo Send mother a card"Schedule - "New occasion Lunch v James July 21st at 1 PM"Task - "Create task Concert review due might 18th"Music - "Play artist The Beatles"Social update - "Twitter update Why do people live so far north?"Search - "Google populace of Portugal"Open app - "Open Calculator"Record voice - "Record voice"Set alarm - "Set alarm for 6:00 AM"Set timer - "Set timer for 2 minutes"Control straightforward settings - "Turn Wi-Fi off"Navigate - "Navigate to Cambridge, MA"Hear news - "Read the news"Weather - "What is the weather for today?"Get response - "What is the greatest mountain?"


If you"re behind the wheel, S Voice can read the end your just arrive messages and accept hands-free regulates at the very same time. This is called car Mode, and also can be triggered easily. S Voice and also Car mode are separate functions though, so girlfriend won"t have full accessibility to every S Voice command once activated. Ironically enough, you can"t rotate on vehicle Mode indigenous S Voice. Here"s exactly how to gain started with auto Mode.

Swipe under from the peak of the screen and tap the three tiles icon in the top-right come view an ext settings toggles.Find and also tap auto Mode. If launching for the very first time, you"ll must agree come the regards to service and also pair up v your car"s Bluetooth audio system, if it has one. As soon as launched, car Mode will certainly listen for hello Galaxy, as with S Voice and allow you come launch phone call calls, dictate messages, begin navigation, and also control media playback. Girlfriend can also reject calls with a voice command and set an automatically SMS reply.


For those times once you know you won"t be able to access your phone because that awhile, friend may currently by making use of a Bluetooth headset. S Voice have the right to be collection as the default voice dialling application connected with Bluetooth. How you begin voice dialling will differ by Bluetooth device, however generally you simply need to organize down the primary switch for a moment. ~ pairing her headset and activating voice dialling, her Samsung Galaxy S5 will certainly pop up v a prompt questioning for which app to usage by default. If something rather opens, here"s just how you clear the default app to make method for S Voice.

Swipe down from the optimal of the screen and also tap the equipment icon in the top-right to enter settings.Tap the magnifying glass icon and type in "default". A settings search result for Default Applications should appear below. Insanity it. Discover S Voice top top the list and tap the clean button. When finished, shot launching voice dialling again indigenous the device, and you should obtain the option to pick S Voice.

That"s S Voice!

That"s S Voice ~ above the Samsung Galaxy S5 in a nutshell. It should aid beginners gain started, also as provide a foundation for those that had actually never provided it one earnest try. We"re constantly happy to assist out, so be sure to leave a comment right here if you"re having any kind of issues with S Voice.

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