Less than a week back some users began to leave comments wondering whereby to buy note 5 glass back cover replacements after us posted our just how to disassemble Samsung Galaxy keep in mind 5 guide. It seems that the note 5 earlier cover is conveniently cracked even though it’s make of Corning Gorilla Glass 4. Is the note 5 ago cover replaceable? Is it difficult to get the cracked keep in mind 5 earlier glass replaced and also fix it? whereby to to buy the Galaxy note 5 ago cover replacement and also how lot will it cost?

First of all, the Galaxy note 5 ago glass covering is removable with numerous patience and also no shortage that skill. If this is the an initial time you’re trying come disassemble a smartphone because that repair, it’s no recommended to have actually a walk at this together the keep in mind 5 ago glass is glued come the rear housing by extremely solid adhesive and it’s very easy to get cracked throughout disassembly.

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ETrade Supply can supply brand brand-new original Samsung Galaxy keep in mind 5 earlier cover replacements through high quality at an almost right price that $50. The keep in mind 5 ago cover is available with various colors and logos, please choose the ideal one before placing an order. The one that comes v the Duos logo is for the Galaxy note 5 dual SIM version, but additionally fits on the Galaxy keep in mind 5.


As for just how to change the Galaxy note 5 ago cover, right here comes the tutorial:

Tools needed: display screen suction cup tool, heat gun/hair drier, instance opening tool, microfiber cloth, rubbing alcohol and some poker cards.

1. Before starting to eliminate the broken Galaxy note 5 earlier cover, use some transparent adhesive ice on the cracked areas so as not to hurt yourself during the repair. Now start heater the cover to soften the adhesive by to run a warm gun or hair drier approximately the edges of the note 5 ago glass for around 1 minutes.

2. Usage a suction cup tool to pull up a gap between the ago cover and rear housing, insert a instance opening tool right into the gap and gently operation it along the edges. Climate insert some poker cards to lift up more gaps. It’s no as basic as what you check out in the listed below picture, be extremely patient.

3. Heating the edges of keep in mind 5 glass cover again if the adhesive is no soft enough to permit you come insert the instance opening tool or poker cards. Be mindful on the four corners as an ext adhesive is applied there than the various other areas.

4. Gently eliminate the adhesive residue off the rear real estate with a microfiber cloth and rubbing alcohol or isopropil alcohol. Be careful not come wipe the wireless charging chip during this procedure as the may damages the chip.

5. After cleaning the residue, peel turn off the protective film from the new Note 5 glass earlier cover replacement.

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6. Gently use the brand-new Note 5 glass back cover replacement, make certain the camera hole and also flash hole room aligned with the camera and flash. Then press down the ago cover’s edge ensuring the adhesive is securely attached come the rear housing.