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How to Fix a Galaxy Keep in mind S Pen That's Not Working

If your S Pen is malfunctioning, try each of these troubleshooting measures in the order presented until you gain your S Pen working appropriately aget.

Rerelocate any type of third-party instances or covers. Many third-party protective instances have actually steels and also magnets that interfere with the link between a Galaxy Keep in mind smartphone and its S Pen. This have the right to leave empty spots on the screen as soon as illustration with the stylus.

Rerelocate display protectors. Some screen protectors may be as well thick to detect the Galaxy Note S Pen appropriately. These protectors can also be sensitive to difficult, rubbery, and uneven surfaces that influence how the S Pen drags on the display screen.

Check for a software program upday. How you carry out this depends on your wiremuch less provider, software program variation, or phone model, so consult the documentation. After you update your Galaxy Keep in mind gadget, restart the smartphone prior to trial and error the S Pen.

Reset the S Pen. The S pen might have actually become disassociated from your device. Reconnecting it is a straightforward fix.

Reboot the phone in Safe Mode. Comparable to Safe Mode on a Windows PC, this is a minimal method to boot the phone without apps or various other extras obtaining in the means. It will help you rule out a low-level trouble and number out what"s acquiring in the way. After rebooting your device in Safe Mode, attempt the S Pen again.

Relocation the S Pen tip. If the Galaxy Keep in mind tool can not register its S Pen or pen strokes are inregular, it might be time for a brand-new S Pen reminder. Samsung has five replacement tips and an S Pen reminder remover tool through every Galaxy Keep in mind device. Replacing the pointer is a straightforward procedure.

Perform a factory reset of the Galaxy Note. This process retransforms the phone to its factory settings. For safe measure, recollection the S Pen by pressing its Reset switch.

Back up the indevelopment on your smartphone prior to percreating a recollection so that you do not shed useful information.

Relocation the S Pen. Sometimes the pen is at fault. Samsung sells replacement S Pens, and you can also find S Pens on sites prefer Amazon. Make sure to buy the correct S Pen for your Galaxy Note variation.

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Contact Samsung customer company. If your S Pen does not respond to any type of of these approaches, contact Samsung for your repair choices. Samsung uses walk-in, mail-in, and also at-home solutions.