Lord of The Rings: 10 Hilarious "You Shall no Pass" memes That us Love these hilarious "You Shall not Pass" mr of the Rings mim remind pan of the most quotable line in, not just the whole series, however film history.

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If over there is one a an excellent film is well-known for, it"s the quotes. And also perhaps the king of every quotable movies can be found in the popular collection The mr of The Rings, i m sorry has provided fans part memorable and also enjoyable price quotes over the years. However, over there is one quote in the collection that rises over the rest: the ever-famous: YOU. SHALL. NOT. PASS!

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Spoken by the amazing Gandalf the Grey, those 4 words have end up being immortalized not just in the movie industry, but likewise in the human being of memes. Right here are 10 "you shall not pass" mim that fans love.

Siblings can be the worst sometimes. Whether it be brothers or sisters, there"s always a sense of competition, v each sibling make the efforts to it is in the best. Typically, the earliest sibling is the one v the many power and also the youngest doesn"t organize a most power or there is a power struggle.

DrMDGG demonstrates this sibling rivalry in a slightly much more epic face-off than we"re used to. Because that all we know, probably Gandalf has a brothers or sister of his own he"s supplied to competing with. More than likely not a Balrog, though.

9 hold Up

This is one meme the has gained a fan base worthy of its own fellowship. Done and overdone much more times 보다 fans can count, this meme, spawned from a Gillette commercial, has actually come out in many different forms, for this reason it"s just fitting that among the most famous memes meets among the most popular fantasy series.

There"s some great comedy the u/rrye23 bring to this meme, v Gandalf avoiding the Balgrog v ease, similar to in the film. And while the indigenous aren"t seen, you can still listen them.

Crossovers are something anyone looks front to - they"re tiny yet satisfying occasions that occur once in a blue moon in the civilization of film. In the human being of memes, however? Crossovers are everything and happen an ext often than one would expect.

Here, Gyptian expertly weaves together Area 51, Gandalf, and also Frodo memes with each other in one beautiful image. The comedy behind not just the three memes, yet the reality that they work so well together, sell the joke.

7 Professor Gandalf - master Of Passing

In the world of fantasy, there"s really just one other collection that can contend with LOTR and that"s Harry Potter. V a human being just together immersive and also intriguing, one can"t help but wonder what a crossover could look like. Fans of both series need come look no additional than this gem by one unknown user.

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Having Gandalf as a professor at Hogwarts would certainly be among the best things in the world. Also if it"s a strictly teacher like the picture suggests, his lessons would be remarkable to listen to.

favor with Harry Potter and also LOTR, Star battles is a juggernaut once it involves the human beings of fantasy and also sci-fi. And also there is one biology in Star Wars that everyone seems to meme the most: baby Yoda. This adorable environment-friendly baby pops up in any kind of kind the meme.

Wjones215 takes benefit of the tiny guy and turns among his many epic moments right into a nod and also even prod in ~ Gandalf. If anything, this meme simply proves that Baby Yoda is better than Gandalf will ever before be.

5 Homework unable to do Wrong

no wanting to do your homework is miscellaneous every student have the right to relate to. Instead of concentrating on the job at hand, one can find themselves doodling and also daydreaming, letting their creativity go. And also sometimes, us let our imagination wander a little too far.

The creator the this picture probably had actually a comparable experience and hoped they might get part extra credit v their hilarious drawing. Hopefully, they obtained an A on that assignment.

ever had that moment when you have actually something to say and then the minute your mouth opens, it"s prefer your mental computer system stops working? This can be nice embarrassing because that anyone, yet for a film character? The mental picture alone is sufficient to make anyone chuckle.

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The actual image, by an unnamed creator, is a masterpiece on its own. The would have been a really funny blooper to watch Ian McKellen pause halfway with his large moment.

3 One does Not merely Walk ~ above Wet Floors

The civilizations of fantasy and real-life space two human beings that will never collide. And also yet, people can"t help but dream up a brilliant human being where the two not just coexist however thrive.

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Sonicx3 shows us their variation of fantasy and a modern-day human being mashed together in this wonderful meme. Imaging Gandalf together a really enthusiastic janitor that yells at kids in the loudest voice feasible to remain off the wet floors is miscellaneous only dreams (and memes) space made of.

Memes, because that the many part, room designed come make people laugh, but every now and also then, a creator prefer Dumpaday makes a rarely meme. The picture is still funny but it additionally carries a heartfelt message.

Everyone has had actually some kind of favourite stuffed pet or toy. And while they may not have actually excellent anything to protect us, it made united state feel safer and also made sure the monster under the bed "did no pass".

1 We"ve every Been There

photo this: it"s 7 o"clock on a college night and also finals space the following day. Perform you carry out the logical thing and study or watch a movie? Many of us would pick the latter option and also fans the LOTR are no exception.

U/Varad claims what"s top top everyone"s psychic the night prior to a huge test. Whether it"s a marathon the LOTR or some other film series, we"d quite spend time act that rather of make the efforts to pass Gandalf the Grey.

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