We"ve scoured hundreds of shapewear reviews and it"s full marks for these reliable and stylish pieces.

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Every woman should have actually a an option of shapewear in she underwear drawer. However what provides a good shapewear item for one person can not work so well because that someone else. However, those with thousands of 5* reviews are more likely come fit the bill.

We sifted through hundreds of online shapewear evaluate to find you the top-rated pieces from a range shapewear brand - few of which have also made our tried and also tested best shapewear roundup. Our aim? To aid you find the and also right underwear piece for you quickly, v a small help from women who’ve already invested in the piece themselves.

Long gone space the misconceptions that shapewear is some thinly veiled torture device, dramatically changing your shape while forsaking all notions that comfort. In fact, the couldn"t be additional from the reality when it comes to these flattering shapewear buys. Shapewear need to slip on easily and fit favor a dream, leave you feeling both confident and comfortable.

How to pick the ideal shapewear piece for you

We asked Katie Weir, underwear expert and also “bra whisperer” because that Curvy Kate, what to consider before shopping based upon customer shapewear reviews:

Always begin your structures with a great-fitting bra, together this will certainly lift and also sculpt your bust. You might even uncover this to add an extra few inches to your torso, which will elongate your silhouette.Don’t dimension up; rod to her base short size, together this will allow the best amount the hold.Opt for a fine-knit sculpting brief or short – the finer the knit, the firmer the hold and also the less bulk it adds to her frame.To ensure a centralized look, uncover shapewear briefs that are lengthy in the torso and can it is in tucked right into the band of your bra.Ensure your shapewear is breathable!

The height reviewed shapewear you deserve to buy ideal now, according to customers

This is the most renowned shapewear the end there, tried and also tested through women like you, who want the ideal results, because that the ideal price. We’ve scoured through plenty of products and selected just those v glowing write-ups come ensure our overview showcases the peak shapewear options on the high street.

1. Miraclesuit High Waisted Slip

The finest shapewear for most people
RRP: £52
Sizes: S-XXL
Control level: Firm
Machine washable: No
Reasons to buy
+Comfortable and elegant+Stays put+Whole-body control
Reasons to avoid
-Limited variety of colours
View at man Lewis

This needs to be one of the sexiest piece on shapewear we’ve seen, v an elegant design and also glowing customer reviews.

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What the reviews say:

“The assumed of having to undertake a control-lingerie item has long to be a dread, however I was pleasantly surprised and it worked, which is fabulous.”

“Excellent fit and also perfect under mine floaty (wedding guest) outfit. It no ride increase or sag as soon as in place. I suspect it might be warm on a warm day, however I’ll danger it.”

“This items is exceptional quality and also so comfortable as soon as on. Ns wore it underneath a really fitted dress and it really slimmed my ship area and stayed in position all night – i couldn"t feel that i was put on it. For sure fantastic, and also looks and feels very expensive – precious every penny!”

(Image credit: Leonisa)

2. Leonisa Slimming Braless body Shaper in Boyshort

Best high-end shapewear piece
RRP: £72
Sizes: XS-4XL
Control level: Firm
Machine washable: No
Reasons come buy
+Excellent control+Versatile strap options+Bum-lifting
Reasons come avoid
-No bust support-High price point
View in ~ Leonisa

Is it feasible to slim your waist and hips without flattening her bum? It can be slightly pricier, however this zip-up bodysuit has received rave evaluate from almost all of its critics and also was claimed to it is in the best shapewear for wedding dresses by one reviewer.

What the reviews say:

“A marvellous shaper that controls where I require it come – in the abdomen and also lifts my rear – plus ns don"t feel like I"m drowning in it. I love it!”

“I never write product reviews, yet I couldn’t aid myself ~ wearing this garment! I had actually a ship tuck around six weeks back and I started wearing this 2 weeks out. It"s the perfect amount of compression and also is comfortable enough to undertake 24/7. Don"t shot to dimension down on it or you"ll never have the ability to zip it up.”

“The compression human body shaper was exactly what ns was looking for after having actually a ship tuck. The size chart was ideal on. The garment is comfortable and is an extremely sturdy. Ns love it and also will be back to order an additional one as my body continues to recoup from surgery and also gets smaller.”