This time, we\"re moving onto the final main world of brand-new Super Mario Bros Wii for my No power Ups Challenge: people 8. Together per usual, I would recommend checking out the previous short articles on this difficulty to know the jist the it and how far I\"ve come. But without additional ado, let\"s a go!


So plenty of hazards to avoid in this level. These incorporate lava (obviously), lava geysers, volcano debris (meteors), and of food poison gas following up from behind. The last is instant death like lava, no matter what strength Ups friend have. Buzzy Beetles room the only main enemies in this level. 8-1 is another level the I had to use Luigi\"s Super guide on because that my very first solo playthrough. But as ns got much better and much better at the game, I emerged some an excellent speed running techniques on this level.

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The Star Coins don\"t pose much of an problem without strength Ups, girlfriend just have to stay sharp because of the abovementioned hazards. The an initial one is in the air before the checkpoint, but reachable from the tilting platform and keeping increase the momentum. The second has to it is in dropped by a Pow Block before the meteors damage the blocks the it would land on. The dark platform adjacent will additionally sink as soon as coins are on it.

Coin 3 is at the end, past the tower of blocks (next come the environment-friendly pipe). To gain through, you can either ruin the bottom one through the Buzzy Beetle, or allow the meteors perform so. Then the 3rd coin is surrounding by tons of much more blocks (with a spring to bounce as much as it). Since breaking blocks can\"t be done in solitary Player, you\"ll have to let the meteors damage them to reach it.

Star Coin 1: S Star Coin 2: S Star Coin 3: S


This level and also the following are the only two in this video game that usage the volcano underground theme. Just a fun fact. Anyways, the Star Coins are when again a breeze. Coin 1 is in the air, above some blocks and orange platforms. Move quickly before the giant spiked ball destroys the blocks and also you can quickly jump come it.

The 2nd and third coins are hidden very similarly. The second is listed below where the Goombas spawn from the pipes. Then the 3rd is at the end before the warp pipeline to the departure (after all the spiked balls). I had actually a weird death due to the fact that when I gotten in the alcove, a little spiked ball came the end (even despite the others to be taken the end by the huge one). Ns remembered the on my 2nd try for this reason I could avoid it.

This is likewise the critical level in this game with a an enig Exit. That is reached by heading left to the hidden area in between the 2nd and 3rd coins. Then there room bunch of fast rolling rocks to run across, and more Goombas spawning from a green pipe in ~ the end. This tunnel leader to the red flagpole, and unlocks 8-7.

Star Coin 1: S Star Coin 2: S Star Coin 3: S

mystery Exit: S


The other underground volcanic level, v a bunch of tide of lava. Yet one more level wherein I had to use Luigi\"s Super overview to to win on mine very an initial solo playthrough. However like always, I regulated to master my skills, and also do part thrilling speed runs through this level. I\"ve to be recommending quite a few hint movie to clock in this game, and for a great reason: 8-3\"s hint movie is incredible, depicting Mario preventing the lava through the guideline of his toes, and doing several other cool tricks. While ns can\"t acquire the at sight Mushroom favor he go in the hint movie, it\"s once again a solid testimony that all 3 Star Coins have the right to be grabbed without strength Ups.

Star Coin 1: S Star Coin 2: S Star Coin 3: S


The last Tower level in the game. Fire Bars space surprisingly rarely in this game, however they do appear in this level, together with tons the brown platforms to rise up while preventing getting crushed by them. The very first Star Coin is near the beginning, and just requires quick movements and jumps to grab it and also evade the Fire Bar. Coin 2 is just prior to the checkpoint, in a concealed door that is only reachable native below. In that room, you once again have to go fast to obtain it and also dodge the Fire Bars. The 3rd is just to the left that the checkpoint. Gift in Small type is a double edged sword, together you don\"t need to crouch slide into the alcove, but you likewise have come watch the end for the Fire Bar the rotates there.

Kamek is the ceo of this Tower. He offers his magic to do the countless platforms move to the left. He will then shoot his magic, i m sorry causes any kind of platforms castle hit come turn right into enemies, or objects prefer coins or super Mushrooms. When a supervisor Mushroom did generate that method when I dealt with Kamek, that didn\"t provide me any kind of problems. After ~ jumping ~ above Kamek 3 times, he\"s done.

Star Coin 1: S Star Coin 2: S Star Coin 3: S


An underwater level in a volcanic world. Kinda weird, but I assumption: v it to represent undersea volcanoes. ~ going through the warp pipe, there room a bunch of rock Spikes over the water, and also Bulbers in the water. The an initial Star Coin is come the left the the first Stone Spike. You need to swim to the surface and go left to reach it.

The 2nd area is totally underwater, and features Jellybeams, plus other opponents like Bloopers and Cheep Cheeps. The 2nd coin is guarded by some blocks, the disappear once you hit the switch. However, this will free the Bloopers, i beg your pardon is rather detrimental. I had to swim slowly and carefully to gain the coin and avoid the opponents in the darker parts. Staying towards the bottom typically helps. At sight Stars are out that the inquiry for this challenge, but they normally help a lot of in this area because they not just make you invincible, yet illuminate the whole screen temporarily.

The third coin is in the critical area, i m sorry is vertical. Loads of Jellybeams, and warp pipes through currents to push you around. I\"ve never ever been a real fan that this area, therefore I had actually to go carefully. There to be times I\"d it is in lingering in part spots that are simply out of the Jellybeams\" hitboxes come wait because that them to move. The critical coin is towards the peak on the left. I passed away at least once in this level, but it still deserve to be done through no strength Ups, and so can all the Star Coins.

Star Coin 1: S Star Coin 2: S Star Coin 3: S


An autoscrolling level, this time riding the tilt platforms throughout a sea of lava. Parachuting Bob-Ombs are common, specifically in the first half that the level. The very first Star Coin is conveniently reachable with a jump in this part.

Coins 2 and also 3 space after the checkpoint. The second one makes you use the Bob-Omb and also throw it into the coin come grab the (while staying clear of the nearby Lava Geysers). In Multiplayer, having actually someone jump and also bubble functions too. The 3rd is directly forward during the component with the Crowbers. ~ above the part where the track takes the platform up high, jump turn off it come the ideal to take the coin, when tilting the platform ideal at the exact same time therefore you\"ll soil on it. The Crowbers to be a little bit tricky for me to dodge without strength Ups, however I was able to pull it off on my very first try.

Star Coin 1: S Star Coin 2: S Star Coin 3: S


Interestingly, this level has the very same premise as 8-1: fleeing from an immediate kill hazard. In this case, it\"s rising lava since this is a vertical level. The Star Coins aren\"t very difficult. Coin 1 is top top the left next of the break-up path, over the moving platform with the spring. There space some Lava bubbles jumping up and also down, so be cautious and also just use the spring to take it. Coin 2 is on the next break-up path, right before the warp pipe leading to the checkpoint. All that\"s required is a running start, and also some wall surface jumps come the top. Finally, Coin 3 is to the left the the critical warp pipe, and can be ridden up to from the swinging platform.

Star Coin 1: S Star Coin 2: S Star Coin 3: S


The surprise level that\"s unlocked through 8-2\"s mystery Exit. I freaking love this level since it\"s a many fun come play. This is whereby you journey the Spine Coasters. The three Star Coins are still grabbable whether you have actually Power Ups or not. The first one is in the an initial area if riding the second coaster through timing her jump just right. After the checkpoint, the 2nd coin is in the air. Together the coaster goes end the 2nd jump, leap because that it. The third coin is top top the last leg wherein there space two coasters together. Stay on the bottom one till you take it then jump to the optimal one to protect against the Lava Geyser.

Star Coin 1: S Star Coin 2: S Star Coin 3: S


The 3rd and critical Airship level. It has Mechakoopas, Screwtop platforms and comparable mechanisms, and also a plethora the Cannonballs. The first Star Coin can quickly be reached by bouncing off the Cannonballs. The second is after ~ the checkpoint, and also makes friend time your jump ideal to gain it there is no hitting the Mechakoopas in the alcove. Coin 3 will certainly be the only Star Coin in the totality of world 8 that\"s difficult to gain in single Player. That\"s due to the fact that you need to make it arise by rotate the screw, and fly come it through the Propeller Mushroom. Multiplayer will deal with the trouble once again by using the \"grab it and also bubble\" strategy as soon as more.

Bowser Jr. Is earlier one an ext time, but this time, the kicks next his small Clown Car, and uses his father\"s Koopa Clown Car. The breathes fire (which now complies with you) and also drops spiked bombs. You gotta ground lb the wavy floor come send them earlier up to him (the third bomb is bigger 보다 the first two).

Star Coin 1: S Star Coin 2: S Star Coin 3: M

8-Bowser\"s Castle

Time for the final showdown through the Koopa King himself. The very first section is another fun part to rate run through. The first Star Coin is above the lava, and also just makes you journey the platform down and also jump to safety prior to touching the lava. The 2nd coin is in the upright section, whereby the lava sinks. It\"s top top the appropriate wall, guarded by a Fire Bar (this is just one of only two levels in this game to have actually Fire Bars).

When you go into the boss chamber, you\"ll need to dodge the fireballs together you go under the corridor before meeting Bowser in ~ the bridge. Wait because that him to run high in the air so you have the right to run under him and also hit the switch and send that plunging down. Yet of course, that ain\"t over cuz Kamek is disguised together Peach come troll united state (I certainly wasn\"t expecting the the first time ns played this level). Climate Kamek provides his magic to make Bowser gigantic so the can damage anything in his path.

The third Star Coin is in the air, whereby the third set of platforms are. Then, it\"s just a bunch the jumps from platform to communication to the end. You must avoid Bowser himself, and the lava (with Bowser likewise creating hazardous waves as soon as he jumps in the direction of you). After a while, you\"ll find the real Peach along with the huge switch. As soon as you hit it, the lava will drain, acquisition Bowser v it, and he\"s defeated for good.

The hints movie on this level is yet another one I extremely recommend watching. Because aside from making use of the Fire Flower come take out Bowser the an initial time, Mario never ever uses any Power Ups for that whole run. In fact, he stays in Small type until reaching the boss doors. This operation is so much fun come watch, as he narrowly avoids death in ~ every corner and keeps up his speed. Once again, solid proof that this level is possible.

Star Coin 1: S Star Coin 2: S Star Coin 3: S

Total Star Coins Obtainable in people 8 for solitary Player: 29/30

Total Star Coins Obtainable in civilization 8 for Multiplayer: 30/30

As you\"d expect, I have to offer credit wherein it\"s as result of WikiGameGuides and Typhlosion4President on YouTube, for providing the videos i beg your pardon I provided to produce the gameplay screenshots.

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We could be done through the main story, yet we\"re gonna proceed with civilization 9 next time around. That will certainly be coming soon.