MANY workers mull over phoning in noble every now and then - but they most often do it on nationwide Sickie Day.

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For those keen on a no-show, here's the sooner or later they're most likely to pull a sickie?

national Sickie job is the day once the most people call in sick and also take the day turn off workCredit: Getty images - Getty

When is nationwide Sickie Day?

Traditionally the an initial Monday in February is the day once the best amount the UK employees take the day turn off work as result of illness.

In 2020 this is today, Monday, February 3.

A combination of components prompting the no-show encompass the job falling after Super key Sunday, the an initial weekend after dried January and the an initial post-Christmas salary day.

Mondays space the most well-known day that the week because that calling in sick.


lots of sport fans can take the day turn off if they remain up to clock Super bowl SundayCredit: Getty Images

What room the worst excuses because that calling in sick?

According to employment law firm ELAS the worst excuses for lacking work have included:

“My just pair of work trousers is in the wash”“It’s my dog’s birthday and I need to arrange a party for him”“The dog ate my shoes”“I obtained arrested”“I lost my PPE”“I remained out partying last night and also haven’t had any sleep”“My girlfriend is on annual leave so ns can’t acquire a lift”“I have no way to acquire to work”“My wife earns an ext than me for this reason I need to look ~ the kids”

Emma O'Leary, employment regulation consultant because that the ELAS Group, said: “These excuses can sound weird and wonderful but they are all genuine reasons we have heard from our clients over the last year.

“As an employee you room perfectly entitled to challenge the authenticity of an absence; if one excuse seems too far-fetched then ask for evidence if appropriate.”

Many workers pull sickies due to the weather, fatigue or "they just don't feel like it".

After polling 100,000 workers throughout 3,000 firms, researchers at staff administration software provider RotaCloud whittled down the answer to these top 4 excuses:

An employee said they had actually the Ebola virus, a deadly fever which killed much more than 11,000 people in West Africa between 2013 and 2016Another stated they were allergic come wearing yellow polo shirts which to be the company's uniformA third person said they claimed suffering from flu from obtaining colds ~ leaving their fridge door openMeanwhile, a fourth said they had actually left the home window open and also fog gotten in their house, make it impossible to see their alarm clock

Some world have to be enjoying their very first tipple due to the fact that enduring a dry JanuaryCredit: Getty photos - Getty

How many world call in sick on nationwide Sickie Day?

According come Employment Law experts (ELAS), it was estimated that the variety of employees call in noble on the 2019 nationwide Sickie Day to be 215,000.

They suspect this will expense the UK economy approximately £45million, many thanks to lost hours, wages and overtime.

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IT company Insight found in a survey that around 8.6million human being claimed ailing days in 2019 because their tasks were "too painful".

1. Flu2. Earlier pain3. Injury brought about by accident4. Stress5. Elective surgery6. Depression7. Anxiety8. Usual cold9. Migraine10. None of the above