We’ve proper slept this week together we’ve been binge city hall Stranger points 2 on a loop (don’t worry, no spoiler here – we’re no that evil). If you’ve to be doing the very same then you’ll understand that Natalia Dyer, who plays high institution student Nancy Wheeler, wears her warmth brown hair in ’80s waves for every episode.

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How she hair can still look so an excellent when she’s fighting the Demogorgon is a story for an additional day, but equally how amazing is the truth that in genuine life, Natalia is looking fully different to she on-screen character nowadays…

Not only has actually she had actually a fringe cut in (just wait until you see it!), she has likewise got blonde highlights! See her bombshell makeover, below.

Natalia Dyer looks a far cry from she Stranger Things character through blonde makeover

Nancy’s looking a little different this days. Credit: Rex by Shutterstock

The 20-year-old actress was nearly unrecognisable at the Stranger points 2 premiere, where she debuted her new look ~ above the red carpet. Long gone space her signature chestnut brown locks, traded rather for light, honey blonde highlights.

As you deserve to see, Natalia has also had a choppy fringe reduced in to she usual centre parting, which combined with the lighter colour come really do her blue eye pop! Opting because that a more glammed-up ‘do for the occasion, Natalia likewise traded Nancy’s soft curls because that an elegant updo, providing her a sophisticated and mature red carpet style.

After months of filming the show, we wouldn’t it is in surprised if Natalia just fancied a change ahead of the show’s push tour, yet will Nancy return as a blonde, too? Hurry increase season 3!

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Not gained your fill of Stranger Things yet? acquire your fix and find out how Natalia’s co-star Joe Keery (AKA Steve) achieves his iconic blown earlier style, appropriate here.

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