American Horror Story: Coven - The Meaning Of Myrtle's Last Word "Balenciaga!" Myrtle Snow"s last word in American Horror Story: Coven is "Balenciaga!" Here"s the meaning behind her odd choice of parting word.

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Here"s the meaning behind Myrtle Snow"s unusual choice of parting word in American Horror Story: Coven. American Horror Story is the brainchild of producer Ryan Murphy, the creator behind any number of hit shows. His plastic surgery drama Nip/Tuck debuted in 2003 and quickly became infamous for the amount of sex and outrageous plotlines it packed into each season. One of his biggest shows was musical comedy Glee, which followed a high-school glee club and featured catchy cover versions of hit songs.

American Horror Story arrived in 2011, with the first season starring Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott. The show is an anthology, with each season covering a different story and set of characters, with the latest American Horror Story: 1984. This series is heavily inspired by 1980"s slashers like Friday The 13th but adds its own unique AHS twist to proceedings. Ryan Murphy was also being horror-comedy Scream Queens, which ran for two seasons and starred Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis.

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The show itself can be something of a mixed bag, with the Jessica Lange seasons considered the best, while fans are more mixed on the likes of American Horror Story: Cult; that said, Cult is Murphy"s personal favorite season. American Horror Story: Coven is often cited as one of the show"s highpoints, and featured a great cast, including Lange, Angela Bassett, AHS regular Sarah Paulson and Frances Conroy (Joker). The latter played Myrtle Snow, the head of the Witches" Council who"s lifelong nemesis is Fiona Goode (Jessica Lange).

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Myrtle is also a surrogate mother to Cordelia (Sarah Paulson), which forms a lot of drama throughout American Horror Story: Coven. Poor Myrtle is burned at the stake not once, but twice in Coven, but is resurrected following the first attempt by Fiona. In the finale "The Seven Wonders" Myrtle decides she must burn again for what she considers dishonorable actions, which Cordelia - the Coven"s new Supreme - very reluctantly accepts.

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Ever the fashionista, Myrtle dons an eye-popping red dress as she"s led to the stake in American Horror Story: Coven"s finale, and as the flames are about to consume her she cries out "Balenciaga!" This is actually the name of a luxury fashion brand, but oddly, her dress isn"t a balenciaga since the show couldn"t afford to buy such a dress for the scene. Murphy revealed there"s no real deeper significance to Myrtle yelling this out and its just in keeping with the character"s quirky sense of humor. Either way, it can"t be denied she went out in style.