St.Luke’s University health Network is committed to providing quality health treatment at a reasonable price. Because that those patients who perform not have effective health insurance coverage we sell the complying with discounts and also payment options. Us encourage you to satisfy with one of our jae won counselors.

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Financial aid Program because that Uninsured Patients

St.Luke’s provides medically necessary services to patients regardless of their ability to pay. As part of the financial help program, ours financial counselors will certainly assess every patient for eligibility for coverage through clinical Assistance, CHIP, PA fair Care and other programs. Failure to cooperate v the process will disqualify a patient from the Financial help Program.

Patients no eligible for any kind of government programs who express an i can not qualify to pay will be evaluated because that St.Luke’s financial assistance program. Income, assets and family size will be used to assess eligibility.


Please call our patience Advocacy department to speak v a jae won counselor: 484-822-2135

patients with revenue up come 300 percent that theFederal poverty Guidelines might receive 100 percent assistance with clinical bills ~ minimum copays for details services room met.

In addition, individual situations will be reviewed for clinical indigence, hardship situations.

New Jersey

If girlfriend need clinical care and are uninsured, please call our jae won Counselor for assistance at St. Luke"s Warren, 908-847-6024.

If you have actually received bills and also think you might qualify for a regimen or jae won assistance, please call our organization Office in ~ 484-526-3150 or toll-free at800-218-7359, alternative 2.

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Discount Program

For uninsured patients whose revenue is above our Financial assistance guidelines, we administer an automaticdiscount on every hospital services not covered by an additional program.

Payment Options

We offer the following payment alternatives to aid you in meeting your gaue won obligation:

Payment in Full:We accept cash, an individual check, debit card, money orders, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. Payment Plan:Prior come your booked appointment, a member of our staff will comment on your particular payment options.

Once you have actually received a statement and need assistance, please speak to to discuss payment arrangements: