Episode 14: Discordant BatAt Fluttershy"s Cottage, she and also her friend - Terrorcreep and also Discord were having a tea party. They were laughing happily because that the joke and also fun they have. Fluttershy to be happy for having her boyfriend and also best friend joining her for tea party. However both Terrorcreep and Discord were annoyed and angered together they wanted to punch each other"s encounters for insults and tricks they pulled on each other. Nevertheless, lock all stayed calm and also happy for the benefits of her."Care for a carrot-ginger sandwich?" Fluttershy inquiry amusingly. Terrorcreep made part disgusting noise if glaring at carrot-ginger sandwich. She frowned, "Terrorcreep!""Yes. Where"s her manners?" Discord inquiry amusingly. Terrorcreep grumbled and muttered angrily while glaring in ~ him. That scoffed, "Unlike me, I appreciate her cook especially this carrot-ginger sandwiches. And the best component - she reduced off the crusts for me."Fluttershy giggled a bit, "Oh, thank you, Discord." She turned and also found her friend crossed his hooves. She sighed as she confirmed the bowl of strawberry cake through vanilla cream and also cherry, "Guess what else i make for you, honey bat?""Strawberry cake with vanilla cream and also cherry?!" Terrorcreep asked in shock and also surprise. The then pick it up before smiled at her. The kissed Fluttershy"s cheek, "Thank you, Fluttershy."Fluttershy smiled, "Ooh. You"re welcome."Discord has his paw"s finger dropped out and formed the miniature Discord. Lock all easily ate all of sandwiches, which didn"t have the crusts. Terrorcreep calmly eat his cake. Fluttershy smiled happily to watch them eating your food."You really execute make the finest finger foods." Discord commented happily until one of his fingers provided a according to burp, shocking Fluttershy. It then blushed in red. The groaned, "What do you say?"Discord"s finger gulped, "Excuse me."Discord scoffed as he slammed his paws on 3 fingers, merging along with it, "I yes, really can"t take them anywhere."Fluttershy and also Terrorcreep laugh amusingly in ~ Discord for being a prankster."Can ns trouble you for an additional sugarcube?" Discord asked together he confirmed up his cup.Fluttershy nodded. She turned come the pot of street cubes. She gasped as she discovered it empty, "Oh, no. I"m for this reason sorry, however I it seems ~ to be out.""I"ll go and also get them," Terrorcreep said firmly as he was standing up.Discord scoffed as he put Terrorcreep come sofa, "Well, I can just pop us in some more.""No, I"ll carry out it. Ns can obtain it done by 2 minutes.""With respect, ns insisted, TC. I average it. I obtain it excellent by 2 seconds.""Oh, that"s every right. I have to go come the industry anyway." Fluttershy claimed happily, "I need to restock my pantry because that our tea party following week.""Oh. I never realized just how much occupational you put into hosting this tea parties." Discord said in realization.Terrorcreep nodded, "I agree. You job-related so much for the services of us...""Oh, it"s really no that much." Fluttershy said calmly."No, no, no, no, no! We"ve to be taking benefit of her hospitality for much too long." Discord protested firmly, "Unlike your "boyfriend", it"s high time I execute something around it. What to do, what come do..."Terrorcreep groaned, "Dimwitted together usual. It"s simple. I organize the next tea party?"Discord gasped, "I"ve acquired it! Why don"t I organize the following tea party at my place?""Hey, that"s my idea." Terrorcreep protested in anger. Discord snapped his fingers, summoning a stick v garlic near to the vampire pony"s nose. Terrorcreep yelped while extending his muzzle. The groaned, "Why didn"t I see that coming?"Fluttershy sighed, "Not again...""So, Fluttershy. Mmmm!" Discord said happily while eating the sandwich, "What perform you think of my brilliant, genius, remarkable idea of having actually the next tea party in ~ my place?"Terrorcreep groaned, "That to be my idea, asshole.""Now, now, girlfriend two, there is no factor to fight," Fluttershy insisted calmly, "But are you two sure? i wouldn"t desire you both to walk through any trouble.""You? Trouble? Never! i insist!" Discord exclaimed confidently."I agreed. I"m sure I"ll do a far better tea party than Discord," Terrorcreep stated confidently."Hey!" Discord protested in annoyance.Fluttershy smiled, "Then count me in. I"m currently looking front to it.""Me, too! I"m therefore excited! i can"t wait! No, really, ns can"t! How around we have actually the tea party morning afternoon?" Discord request happily. "At i beg your pardon place?" Terrorcreep request in annoyance."Sounds great to me." Fluttershy claimed happily, "You know, Discord and Terrorcreep, I"ve never ever been to either of your houses before. It"s so difficult to choose."Discord shrugged, "Well, that"s okay, due to the fact that I"ve never hosted a tea party before."Terrorcreep nodded, "Me neither."BOOM! Discord"s head explosive while Terrorcreep looked shock and also concern. Suddenly, Discord"s decapitated component regrew his head ago as he shown shock and worry. They both have actually realized that none of them have actually hosted a tea party.Discord yelped, "Oh! I"ve never hosted a tea party before! So much to do!"Terrorcreep hissed, "I dislike to admit it, but Discord is right. We have lots of job-related to carry out for tomorrow." the patted Fluttershy"s shoulder while smiling at her, "And don"t worry, I"ll make the ideal tea party, just for you.""Indeed! we both have work to do!" Discord agreed, "Thank girlfriend so much for the tea and nibblies, but we really must be going! So view you tomorrow!"Discord snap his fingers as he and also Terrorcreep disappeared at once. And also just before Fluttershy can sip of she tea, Discord reappeared and also shouted "I can"t wait" before disappeared in ~ once. Fluttershy giggled happy to see Discord and also Terrorcreep are excited and working together as the team.Fluttershy smiled, "I"m certain you both. I may get surprise by your participation for placing two homes in one."However, unknown come Fluttershy or her friends, they have actually been watched through a dark blue fancy vampire colt worn a bat mask with skull symbol and also has a quick black tail, and also he doesn"t have actually cutie mark. That chuckled evilly."Well, would certainly you look at that? They"re gonna have some tea party again tomorrow," The vampire colt exclaimed amusingly before chuckled a bit, "I can"t wait phone call the boss around it."--------------------------------------------Discord and Terrorcreep have teleported come the Ponyville Park. The draconequus began walking around as the was reasoning while vampire pony complained and also muttered angrily about his tricks."Okay. Due to the fact that Fluttershy always goes the end of her means to hold the perfect tea party for me, just how do i make mine tea party for she even much more perfect?" Discord request amusingly. However he gets no response. He turned and glared in ~ Terrorcreep, who crossed his hooves when closing his eyes. The groaned in anger, "Well?! space you going to answer me or not?""In my face, asshole," Terrorcreep made pulled his right lower eyelid down while stuck his tongue the end at Discord, who groaned in annoyance. He put his funny confront aside before cleared his throat. "Forget it, Discord. Ns am not gonna aid you!""It"s because that Fluttershy!""I recognize that genius! I"m act this because that her, no you. Why execute you stroked nerves to care?"Discord scoffed, "She was my an initial friend, after ~ all. She provided us a chance once no various other pony would.""She did that because she feel sorry for you since you"re pathetic and also weak." Terrorcreep remarked dryly and also angrily."Hey! that wasn"t nice." Discord inquiry in anger, "How did girlfriend feel as soon as Fluttershy trusted that nasty unicorn Krennic over you as soon as she was trying to develop that sanctuary because that her small animal friends?"Terrorcreep snapped in anger, "We obtained into a fight! What did friend expect?""Really? ns heard she practically dumped you. And also you didn"t do much for her once she was hosted hostage by Krennic"s parrot, that turned out to be Spiritshadow, the monster with that..." he turned his head right into Spiritshadow"s and also imitates his high-pitched voice, "...high, squeaky voice that his!" His head returned to normal, "I"m not an impressionist, but you gain the idea.""I came back to her due to the fact that her pet rabbit come hopping come me for help, and because ns love her!""Well, if friend "love" her so much, why are you constantly coming in between us?!""You"re the one who"s coming in between us!""Hey, you"re talking to the male who saved Fluttershy and also you from Queen Chrysalis and her Demon Changeling son!""Starlight did most of the work! friend were simply the distraction! Unlike that time you lugged the Smooze to the Gala "cause girlfriend were jealous of the pony Tree Hugger and me. Or as soon as you tricked Twilight"s friends into not inviting she to hang out v you! no to mention the truth that you planted those Plunder Vines eons back that practically killed the Tree of Harmony, and when friend betrayed Equestria by joining pressures with Tirek!""Oh, now you"re bringing increase old stuff." Discord remarked dryly, "And what about you?! You"d think she really loved you? Please! She go it since you"re a monster the nopony!Terrorcreep groaned, "You take the back!"Discord blew raspberry, "Make me, asshole!"Terrorcreep screamed in anger as he jumped and attacked Discord, who retaliated and also fought back. While they both were liven fighting each other, they were being spied through the very same colt again type the bushes. He laughed amusingly."This must be interesting."After part brawling, both Discord and Terrorcreep were on the ground as they were panting in exhaustion and tiresome when glaring at every other."Guess nobody wins?" Discord inquiry amusingly.Terrorcreep nodded, "Eeyup. And besides, I supposed those words. Ns won"t aid you of hosting the tea party.""Fine! I"ll do it by myself. I need to knock this tea party the end of the park because that her. She to be our first friend, after ~ all.""Don"t make me laugh. You probably her friend, yet I am she boyfriend. One day. Someday. She and also I will obtain marry. That"s a promise."Discord laughed amusingly, "Like that"s gonna happen...""It will happen," Terrorcreep stated firmly, "I will acquire her the finest of everything. That"s mine promise!"Discord smirked, "We"ll see. I"m turn off to prepare a tea party worthy of Fluttershy!""So am I," Terrorcreep stated firmly.Terrorcreep flew off at once while Discord summoned his jetpack and flew off at once. The vampire colt laughed amusingly and sinisterly together he flew turn off at once.--------------------------------------------Terrorcreep has actually arrived and also entered the tea shop. He approached come the pink planet Pony called Jasmine sheet from the counter."Excuse me. Is this where Fluttershy usually buys her tea?" Terrorcreep request curiously.Jasmine sheet nodded gently, "Why, yes, it is.""Good. Fluttershy will certainly be comes to my residence tomorrow." Terrorcreep explained, "I will certainly be needing your really best tea, please. I need something very special because that me and also her."Jasmine leaf nodded as she take it the green tea box, "I"m certain Fluttershy would enjoy some that our increased hip green tea.""Hmm... Good. Environment-friendly Tea frequently calm down my mind. That soothes me well.""I"m glad you prefer it. Anything rather you want?"Terrorcreep looked in ~ the classification of tea box on shelves, "Ginseng tea. My mother use come love them. Ns would like to take them together well. I hope Fluttershy love it.""Good choice," Jasmine lead commented as she brought down Ginseng Tea box, "I"m sure she does.""Now that sounds promising," Discord"s voice agreed shocking both Terrorcreep and Jasmine Leaf. Castle both found Discord worn his normal gangster fashion clothes. That meowed amusingly, "What does that sing? I"m partial to something upbeat and jazzy."Terrorcreep groaned, "Discord, they"re simply for drinks.""So... All of this is just tea you just drink?" Discord request in annoyance. Jasmine sheet nodded in confirmation. The gasped prefer he has the idea, "Ohhhh, it seems that I gained here simply in time."Discord snap his fingers, do Ginseng Teabags magically involved life. They all sang happily and peacefully. Terrorcreep was annoyed when Jasmine Leaf was in shock of Discord"s doing."Singing ginseng! I"ll take it!" Discord stated happily as he take it the Ginseng Tea Box before giving some bits to Jasmine Leaf."Son the a bitch," Terrorcreep claimed in annoyance, "That is no gonna occupational for Fluttershy.""Want a bet?" Discord challenged."Are friend two sure you"re friends with Fluttershy?" Jasmine leaf asked in confusion. Terrorcreep and Discord nodded firmly. She hummed in concern, "You seem so an extremely different indigenous her. I"m not sure how you both and also her are friends.""Excuse me?!" Terrorcreep demanded, "Are you saying we"re not friends v Fluttershy specifically me being she boyfriend?!""Huh?! You"re she boyfriend?!" Jasmine sheet asked in surprise, "I"m surprised that Fluttershy befriend a creepy and also scary monster favor you."Terrorcreep frowned in annoyance, "Seriously?!"Discord scoffed if glaring in ~ Jasmine Leaf, "She gets us, and also you obviously do not! The very nerve!"Terrorcreep nodded, "Agreed. Watch ya!"Terrorcreep flew off while Discord disappeared at once. Jasmine leaf was confuse and uncertain specifically both that them together strange and scary creatures gift friends to Fluttershy. --------------------------------------------Discord teleported at the teapot and also cups shop. He found the teapot owner named Raspberry Vinaigrette has just finished placing up the teapot and also cups top top the shelves. The approached and greeted the owner, who gained surprise and shock to turn and also look at him."Uh, deserve to I help you find something?" Raspberry asked."Yes, girlfriend can. Your best tea set, please." Discord stated happily, "I want just the finest for my girlfriend Fluttershy.""Make that 2 of us," Terrorcreep said firmly together he has arrived at the scene. He climate glared at Discord, "You"ve got nerve to monitor me around.""Excuse me?!" Discord inquiry in anger and annoyance."Uh... You"re both friends with Fluttershy?" Raspberry asked in surprise."Again v this?" Discord request in annoyance.Terrorcreep nodded, "Why is it together a surprise? I know she"s quiet and shy pony when I"m simply a ruthless and tactical vampire pony, and this idiot is one idiot." Discord to be annoyed prior to called "hey". That continued, "Either way, we are friends to Fluttershy. Give us the finest tea set now.""Uh, perhaps then you"d it is in interested in our classic tea-for-two set." Raspberry argued as she shown the classic white tea set."A teapot that simply pours tea? how positively dreadful!" Discord asked in disbelief."Idiot." Terrorcreep remarked dryly as he picked the black bat design tea set. He paid to the tea collection owner, "That"s all teapots are an alleged to do.""Not anymore!" Discord exclaimed proudly together he snapped his fingers. This led to the teapot magically have its wings. He smiled, "Much better! Don"t pave it. I"ll walk it home."And just prior to Terrorcreep can do anything, Discord snap his fingers as bits magically appeared and also dropped on him and also Raspberry. Lock both arised out from the pile of bits. Vampire pony groaned in anger as he hated Discord because that screwing his work.--------------------------------------------At the decoration shop, Terrorcreep to be looking with some Nightmare Night Decoration ar as he bought part scary decorative materials that interests him such together pumpkin head candles, ceiling bats, european Napkins, scary spiders, witch"s and wizard"s hats, capes, robotic skeleton pony models and also goth black color dress, make-up and also accessories. Discord bought some pair of decorative party materials he made them miracle such together sneezing pinata and also magic glowing and also flying napkins.As both Terrorcreep and Discord to be still in search of the items, castle both clashed each other"s carts, resulting in their items to run out. Luckily, they easily got theirs ago to the carts in time. They then glared at every other."Watch it! You watch it! not me! You!" Discord and Terrorcreep snapped angrily at every other. "Uh, Discord? Terrorcreep? room you okay?" Pinkie"s voice asked.Terrorcreep and Discord turned to your back, whereby they found Pinkie stood prior to them. They all quickly strategy her at once."Pinkie Pie! just the pony i need." Discord said happily, "As the party pony and Fluttershy"s near – however not finest – friend, I need your advice.""Why do you need one?" Terrorcreep asked in annoyance.Discord scoffed, "When you"re hosting a tea party for her, and it needs to be perfect. No! It needs to be even far better than perfect! Wouldn"t you want it? after all, mine is better than your scary tea party. Fluttershy hates it."Terrorcreep sighed, "Whatever. Might also listen. And also also, Fluttershy doesn"t mind scary tea party. She obtained use come it through me around.""Yeah, right." Discord remarked amusingly."Oh, Discord and also TC. You"re waaaaaay overthinking things. All you need to do is do Fluttershy feeling comfortable." Pinkie suggested, "And also, friend both should acquire along and be buddies. It should be pretty straightforward for you. Friend both understand her therefore well!"Discord gasped in realization, "And that"s why you"re the party expert. Thank you, Pinkie Pie. Ns feel therefore much far better now."Terrorcreep sighed, "I hate to recognize it. She"s right."Pinkie shrugged, "Eh, it"s what ns do.""As lot as i dislike girlfriend so much," Discord claimed amusingly to Terrorcreep, "I think it"s finest that us be buddies and work together to do the finest tea party because that Fluttershy. And who knows? She might marry you."Terrorcreep hummed thoughtfully prior to smirked, "Then, it is truce. So, where carry out we meet?"Discord smiled slyly as he snap his fingers. Both him and also Terrorcreep disappeared at when while leaving couple of bits top top the counter. Pinkie shrugged together she hummed happy while walking about the decorate shop.--------------------------------------------At medieval mansion that Nightmare Kingdom, wherein Myotis owned and also lived in. He was sitting ~ above his chair in ~ the dark living chamber. That was taking a sip the the alcohol glass the blood. He sighed in relief together he appreciated drinking blood. He then heard the knocking door, i m sorry he referred to as them to come in.As lock did, Spiritcurese and also the same vampire colt have arrived and entered the living chamber. Myotis turned his fist to his colleagues."Welcome, my dear friend and Diablo, I"ve been expecting," Myotis claimed calmly.Diablo bowed down humbly, "I live to serve, oh good master.""Indeed," Spiritcurse claimed amusingly, "Heard the news from your servant? Your kid is teaming up v Discord for setting up a tea party. This is intriguing, wouldn"t friend agree?Myotis nodded, "Yes. I"ve heard that it. And no doubt, they"d carry out anything come make that mortal comfortable. Doing something foolish no doubt.""How you deal with do so, mine friend?""Waiting for an chance to strike that down. I"m going come make certain he won"t interfere ours plans again.""Do you want me perform something, boss?" Diablo asked happily prior to laughed, "I"d it is in happy to get those idiots death themselves particularly that shy bratty."Spiritcurse nodded, "Yes. That shy brat is nuisance. Deep within her shyness lies a true threat that needs to be dealt with."Myotis hummed thoughtfully prior to getting up kind his seat, "I might know it." He climate headed towards the fireplace. He removed the portrait i m sorry the wall surface has a small vault. He opened up it at once. He take it a small vial of dark bluish-greenish liquid. He smirked as he turned to Diablo and also Spiritcurse, "This will kill 3 birds through one stone."Diablo awed, "Ooh! I favor it!""So execute I," Spiritcurse agreed.--------------------------------------------Discord has teleported himself and Terrorcreep at his own home. The draconequus began some thinking while the vampire pony was recovering from dizziness and also headaches for making use of teleportation."Make Fluttershy feeling comfortable, do Fluttershy feel comfortable, comfortable, comfortable..." Discord muttered amusingly prior to smirked, "Well, i mean, the shouldn"t it is in a problem. Right, TC?"Terrorcreep groaned in disgust together he progressively recovered, "Highly doubt it..."Discord and Terrorcreep entered Discord"s home, wherein they discovered something shocking come them. Discord"s residence is completely chaotic, disorganized and mess - flying fold-able napkins, to sing ginseng tea bags, sneezing pinata, volcano bubbling and pouring out lava, swirling portal, many of furniture and even stairs space upside down. ~ above the left chamber was dark chamber v spookier and scary however cleaned and also organized furniture."Is that my home"s life room?!" Terrorcreep asked in shock. He the glared at Discord, who whistled innocently. He groaned, "Discord...""What? Pinkie said we should get along and also be friends. So, I carry your house to my house," Discord explained happily, "Best idea I ever before come increase with.""Dumbest idea is an ext like it.""Who you"re calling "dumbest", dummy?"Terrorcreep scoffed before pointed in ~ Discord"s home, "And girlfriend think this is a an excellent idea, how?!"Discord hummed in concern, "Okay. Possibly it"s no as negative as ns think. Probably Fluttershy would certainly be comfortable having actually a tea party here." he turned and also glared at Terrorcreep"s chamber and also tea party materials, "And what around yours, genius? Spooky Nightmare Night Tea Party? and also what"s this? Gothic dress? You"d think she likes it? That"s a joke.""Better 보다 yours.""Watch it...""Just recognize it, Discord," Terrorcreep said firmly, "Fluttershy would never ever be comfortable here!""Like her is any kind of better?" Discord asked in annoyance prior to scoffed, "Think again! ns was trying to make the tea party different and also special prefer me.""But every you did was do it chaotic and also weird. And also I doubt she enjoy it.""Good point. But what around you?!" Discord demanded, "We both understand that Fluttershy hates Nightmare Night due to the fact that she to be a filly. And I don"t think it"s an ideal for her. And also admit it. I"m best this time."Terrorcreep was about to argue yet stopped in realization, "You"re right. They"re right about us. Fluttershy could never it is in comfortable with any of us or the tea party us prepare because that her. We"re too different for her to befriend.""Not exactly the word ns was looking for," Discord claimed in concern before sighed, "But what the heck? They were right around us. So, what are we gonna do?"Terrorcreep hummed in problem while looking in ~ the scene, "If we want Fluttershy to it is in comfortable and also happy v tea party, we should work together and become..." that sighed, "Normal.""I agreed. We must become... Normal." Discord i agreeed reluctantly, "I think I"m gonna regret it. However this is because that Fluttershy! Let"s perform this!""Yes, we can fix this," Terrorcreep agreed."Time to call in the team," Discord cheered as he summoned some of his doubles. They all worn their building and construction hats and vests. He saluted, "Okay, chief. What"s the plan?"Terrorcreep hummed thoughtfully, "We recognize Fluttershy, and also we recognize what she likes. An initial of all, we require to get rid of all the new stuff.""And don"t forget! We need to make this place more Fluttershy and less, well, us." Discord added, "That have to makes things normal and comfortable because that her."Terrorcreep nodded, "Looks prefer we recognize what come do. Let"s start it."And so, both Discord and Terrorcreep began their operation of transforming their houses" design template of chaotic and also creepy come normal and also comfortable because that Fluttershy. Discord and also Terrorcreep removed every one of their tea party themes such as clearing and also removing the volcano, trapping the glowing flying napkins right into the jars, transforming the flying teapot come normal, chasing the pinata off, sending the to sing ginseng teabags turn off to all-expense-paid trip around Equestria, deactivating the heaviness powers, removing both vampire pony"s scary house theme and also draconequus"s right into brighter and better normal-looking home with an excellent looking furniture and also stuffs, and also even tea set.Discord and Terrorcreep to be looking at the brand-new feature of their home and also tea party, even though they find it boring and also uninteresting particularly removing both creepy and chaotic for tea party theme. However they did it for Fluttershy."How boring. I mean, normal." Discord repair amusingly.Terrorcreep sighed, "I"m happy we"re ~ above the very same page. Yet we"re no done yet."Discord nodded and smiled amusingly, "Makeover! and I"ll go first!"Terrorcreep helped Discord to pick his outfit because that tea party. The draconequus worn a count-like fashion coat, hip-hop fashion, a king fashion and finally concerned a white uniform, red sweater, blue jean and also even the pair that glasses, i beg your pardon the vampire pony provide it."Your turn!" Discord exclaimed happily before giving part thoughts and hummed, "I wonder exactly how we"re gonna make you a perfect gentlepony-" he approached and held Terrorcreep"s black coat, "-especially when you attract this ridiculous black color coat. The does no suit well because that the tea party.""Very funny, genius. This coat is made of magic and also protects me from the sun. Just how else I have the right to walk ~ above daylight?!" Terrorcreep exclaimed in anger as he pulled his coat down. The sighed prior to looking at the mirror. He saw his have fun of vampire pony. He sighed, "I know what i want. I want to end up being a normal but mortal pony.""Oh! the was fairly bri-!" Discord stopped in realization before shouted in shock, "You wanna me perform what?!" "Yes. Friend heard me, Discord. Do me a mortal and also normal pony.""That"s stupid! I"m no going to carry out that! Not because I prefer you yet your team needs you.""Yes, you space going to perform it. That"s final!""That would certainly make friend powerless and useless! girlfriend can"t fight your enemies without your Mystic and also Vampire Pony"s power.""I know. It"s what Fluttershy would have wanted. And besides, it"s just one day.""True. I have actually to offer up mine specialty now for her..." Discord admitted before sighed, "Don"t reprimand me once I turned you into a mortal!"Discord snap his eagle"s claw, i m sorry magically zapped and struck under on Terrorcreep. If the Mystic Vampire Pony was screaming in pain; his body has gone under transformation - turning his bat wings-like right into feathered wings, his fangs formed into a gentle normal teeth, his ears turned to normal and his demonic eyes turned into normal. He dropped come the soil hard.Discord gulped fearfully and also worryingly. Terrorcreep slowly obtained up from the ground. And at the same time, he looked in ~ his own wing, i m sorry shock and surprise him. He acquired up at once. That turned and looked in ~ the mirror. He was looking at his have fun of new type - a common pony."Incredible! I"m a mortal!" Terrorcreep exclaimed in surprised while looking at himself. He then dressed himself in white uniform, black suit and a red bow tie, "This is something yet disturbing. But it job! Thanks, Discord!"Discord shrugged, "What have the right to I say? I"m happy to be at service. But, ns wasn"t sure if mine magic can work top top Mystic Pony or not. And also now, ns know due to the fact that they deserve to hurt while I can hurt them."Terrorcreep scoffed, "Either way, let"s end up this up."Terrorcreep and Discord trained and also taught every other about their communication with Fluttershy as normal and also gentle together they deserve to be. They have succeeded it. They"re currently ready because that tea party."Huh. Quite strange. Because that the very first time in mine life, ns don"t feel rather strange. In fact, i feel..." Discord claimed uneasiness and confusion, "completely normal." Terrorcreep nodded, "True. However everything is ultimately perfect because that Fluttershy."Discord chuckled a bit, "I couldn"t agree more!" that turned and looked at the clock stand. The smiled, "And just in time."Terrorcreep nodded, "Time for the tea party."Discord snapped his finger at once. And also then, door was knocked. Both him and Terrorcreep approached to the door as they opened up it. Fluttershy stood before them. When they were greeting their guest, Diablo magically appeared in the living room. He approached come the tea collection table as he poured the greenish vial into teapot if chuckled evilly. He climate disappeared in ~ once."Discord! Terrorcreep! I"m so excited to finally see where you both live!" Fluttershy exclaimed excitedly before giggled, "Or should I say merged two homes together whereby you both lived!""Charming..." Terrorcreep remarked in annoyance.Discord nodded, "G-Greetings, friend. Please perform come in."As Discord and also Terrorcreep led Fluttershy, she stated happily, "I can"t wait to check out how..." She looked shock and also confuse, "uh... Oh."Fluttershy remained in shock and confusion of what she was seeing. She found both Discord and also Terrorcreep"s homes are normal and perfect. She even uncovered something different about Discord and Terrorcreep especially the last is no a vampire pony however a mortal and normal one."Is miscellaneous amiss?" Discord inquiry in concern.Terrorcreep hissed, "Sorry if we make some last minute alters especially me gift a perfect stallion for you.""Um, no, no, not at all. It"s simply not what i expected. It"s quite... Lovely," Fluttershy said uneasily prior to looking at Terrorcreep. She hissed in concern, "especially you gift a "perfect and normal stallion".""Please have actually a seat." Discord insisted as he thrust the chair because that Fluttershy come sit. Both him and also Terrorcreep took their seats as well. He continued as he pour teapot on three cups, "I think you"ll be quite pleased with the green tea I"ve selected for us today."Fluttershy gasped in surprise, "Oooh! Does the actually rotate us green? Is it really envious the the various other teas? Or is that turn right into various animals? What"s the do, what"s the do?!""Fluttershy, it"s simply a tea. The tastes delicious." Terrorcreep answer dryly."Oh... Okay." Fluttershy claimed in disappointment."What specifically nice weather we"re having." Discord asked happily.Terrorcreep nodded, "Yes, us are."Discord chuckled, "It did rain the other day, however.""I"m conscious of it." Terrorcreep said happily together he choose the tray the milk toast to Fluttershy, "Fluttershy, would you treatment for some milk toast?"Fluttershy could"t assist but feel uneasy and scared together she asked, "Uh, guys, girlfriend don"t seem to be yourself today particularly you both are too friendly. Space you both emotion all right?" Terrorcreep and also Discord looked confuse. She continued, "Well, it"s just... What you"re wearing. And additionally what you"re saying. And additionally the way you"re saying it. And, um, quite much whatever else.""Oh, Fluttershy, you issue too much," Terrorcreep stated calmly.Discord nodded, "I have the right to assure you that for the first time, We"re emotion perfectly normal. Now, allow me height you off." as he was holding his teacup up, his eagle claw all of sudden fading if his teacup reduce down. The gasped, "Oops! Butterfingers! just how embarrassing."As Discord to be trying to get his teacup, his eagle claw go pass through it. The gulped nervously together he to be trying come grab it. Fluttershy and Terrorcreep ended up being worried and scared."Uh, what"s walking on?" Fluttershy inquiry in concern.Terrorcreep shrugged, "I have... No idea."Seeing Discord"s body slowly fading, Fluttershy gasped in concern, "Discord! You"re beginning to fade away!""Oh, you don"t say..." Discord said in concern, "I"m certain it"s nothing serious. I"m perfectly fine."Terrorcreep cleared his throat, "I agreed. I think...""What is wrong through you two?!" Fluttershy demanded, "You"re exhilaration so normal, i beg your pardon is no so regular for you!""Well, every little thing do friend mean? This is just me gift me." Discord claimed amusingly.Terrorcreep nodded nervously, "I agreed. We"re simply trying something new. That"s all.""No, it"s not! It"s friend being choose everypony else!" Fluttershy exclaimed in upset. Together Discord put his teacup properly, his appearance has again fading in ~ once. She yelped, "Eeeek! The much more you carry out it, the more you fade away! Being normal is destroying you!""As in dying?! and I"ll be grounding in typical forever?!" Terrorcreep asked in shock and also concern."I"m fear so." Fluttershy said in concern. As she was thinking, she gasped in realization, "Of course! You"re a biology of pure chaos!""How interesting. The reminds me of something i heard in ~ the industry today." Discord chatted amusingly as his body has actually again fading."Stop it! Please!" Fluttershy exclaimed in concern. She climate pleaded, "You must go ago to being your not-normal typical self! Quick, Discord! Uh, perform something chaotic before it"s as well late! Please! and also, you need to turn Terrorcreep earlier to his Vampire Pony.""You typical it?" Terrorcreep request in surprise.Fluttershy nodded, "I"d rather have my friend be the one i loved than someone else i don"t know.""Do other chaotic? I"ll try..." Discord said in concern. Unfortunately, his paws is unable to snap as result of them passed with it. He yelped, "Ohhhh, that"s not good...""We have to do other now!" Fluttershy exclaimed firmly, "it"s increase to united state now, Terrorcreep!""Alright. Let"s carry out it. I require some refreshment first," Terrorcreep nodded in agreement. He climate took a sip the his green tea. That yelped in shock prior to spitted out. He then coughed heavily and sickly, do his girlfriend worried and also scared. His vision slowly came to be blur while struggled to was standing still. Looking at his hooves, he found some blood on them. That gasped in concern prior to fell versus the walls, "Poisoned?! five no!""Poison?! How?!" Fluttershy request in concern before took sniffed ~ above teacup. She gasped, "This isn"t environment-friendly tea! someone must have actually put poison in our teacup for united state to drink!"Terrocreep groaned in pain prior to coughed some blood out, "Without mine Vampire Powers, my immune is weakened versus any type of toxicity now. I"ll it is in dead soon...""Oh no! Then, I"m on my own! How have the right to I conserve my 2 friends?!" Fluttershy inquiry in concern."But concern is how can you conserve your friends," The gentle yet dark voice asked, sending out chills to Fluttershy"s spine. She turned to she back. She discovered Myotis, Spiritcurse and also Diablo stood before her. That smirked, "And at the very same time, address us?"Fluttershy gasped, "Myotis?! Spiritcurse?! and also who are you again?""Diablo! servant to lord Myotis! and guess what?! ns poisoned her boyfriend!" Diablo exclaimed proudly. Fluttershy gasped in shock. That chuckled, "Without those two, you"re weak and defenseless to fight back!"Terrorcreep groaned in pain, "You collection this up?"Myotis chuckled amusingly, "That is right. Ns knew you two would execute something foolish for her sake particularly you have actually turned right into weakling mortal. And also so, ns prepare the poison simply for you." He then kicked Terrorcreep"s stomach hard, "And now, v Discord progressively fading away, you will be stuck as a mortal and die in hell."Grabbed and held Fluttershy, Spiritcurse had her claws close come the throat, "And all Fluttershy deserve to do is clock you both die. And then, we will certainly slowly and also enjoyed torturing and also killing her for good!"Fluttershy gasped, "No! i won"t enable it!"As Fluttershy struggled to acquire out the Spiritcurse"s grip, she watched Terrorcreep"s body came to be pale and also weakened, and even Discord gradually fading away. Myotis summoned his Crimson Lightning together he prepared to torture and finish turn off Terrorcreep. She has to do miscellaneous now. She needs to save both that them before they died. When struggling to think that a means to conserve them, Fluttershy groaned in anger as she obtained nothing. She then cried and sobbed tearfully together she can"t execute anything for them now. As she take the critical look on she friends, she watched Myotis ongoing striking down his Crimson Lightning on Terrorcreep. She then noticed she boyfriend offered his blood to create on the floor - "Fight + mess + Chaos = conserve Us".Fluttershy was uncertain before giving part thoughts of what Terrorcreep was trying to tell her. She gasped together she knew what his plan is. Using her animal Ruby, she unleashed Bat"s Screeching strength in damaging and screaming at her enemies" ears. She escaped and attacked Myotis come the wall surfaces hard. She summoned she Bear"s stamin to attack him come the floor for few times. Spiritcurse groaned in anger together she levitated and thrown she to the walls. She climate helped and healed Myotis.Both Myotis and Spiritcurse turned and glared in ~ Fluttershy, who readied v her pet Ruby. She"s prepared to confront them off."We can not let her reclaim Discord"s existence. When he did, he deserve to restore her son"s powers," Spiritcurse snarled a bit."She has actually the point!"Myotis hissed as he got hold of Diablo by neck, "Don"t remind me, you useless bat! save an eye on those fools! Torture lock if you should and also make sure Discord disappeared." the turned to Spiritcurse, "Stop she now!"Diablo chuckled evilly as he flapped towards his prisoners. That was keeping an eye ~ above both weakened Terrorcreep and fading-off Discord. And whenever they tried to escape or help her, that torture castle by striking and biting the vampire pony if he maintained the mess clean, making certain that Discord continued to be in his fading mode.Fluttershy stayed firm while keeping her safety up versus both Myotis and Spiritcurse. The Dark Mystic Vampire Pony swung his Crimson Lightning and also Spiritcurse struck her Demon Claws to catch the shy pony, luckily, she rolled over to their back before unleashing Bat"s Screech at them both hard. Spiritcurse yelped in pain as she fired her Dark Magic round in knocking her off. Myotis swung his Crimson Lightning to grab and catch she in his grip prior to tighten to squeeze her to death. Luckily, she used her Bear"s strength to totally free herself, and then activated her Cheetah"s rate to escape and also attacked them both, and also at the very same time, make totality house as messy together she can.Struggling to hold off the attack, Myotis unleashed his Bat"s Screech in weakening Fluttershy"s ears. Spiritcurse fired her Curse Shots at her prior to summoning the Earthquake prison in capturing and also imprisoning her within. She climate unleashed the power of Dark Thunder in electrified and also shocking she for the moment. Myotis grabbed and thrust her to the ground. He began punching her confront for ten times. Fluttershy summoned her Snake"s Agility as she slippery escaped the grip. She climate used and fired she Porcupine"s Spikes at them. Lock summoned their obstacles to block the strikes at once. Making use of rhino"s and elephant"s prowess, she charged and also rammed both come the wall surfaces hard. Both Myotis and also Spiritcurse unleashed the Storm that Ghosts in pushing her back. Fluttershy escaped the strike by using her Owl"s Nocturnal to look through and escape it.Myotis and Spiritcurse struck their Crimson Lightning in capturing and also holding she down before unleashing Dark Thunder in electrocuting and also shocking her. Because that the moment she struggled come hold against it. And luckily, she sued her Elephant"s Prowess for stomping on the ground, bring about an earthquake come shake lock off. She unleashed both Bat"s Screech and Rhino"s Prowess in knocking and pushing castle back. They hold her down before firing your Dark Magic Blasts on her to press back. However not prior to she swung she Ankylosaurus"s Tail in knocking them back. They regulated to recoup from the attack.Fluttershy did her ideal to battle against both Myotis and Spiritcurse, she likewise got win badly. And also at the same time, she make a large mess ~ above the kitchen. When Diablo was liven torturing and attacking Terrorcreep, Discord"s existence slowly revitalized to his complete flesh and also blood. He laugh evilly and also darkly. He then uncovered Terrorcreep is gradually dying. He snap his fingers, leading to his body to go transformation. And right prior to Diablo could bite him, Terrorcreep grabbed and also held the vampire colt up. The Mystic Vampire Pony snarled in ~ Diablo.Myotis and also Spiritcurse has beaten and defeated Fluttershy, that is both panted and also coughed heavily. She struggled to acquire up. She gave them a glare.Myotis chuckled together he equipped with his Crimson Lightning, "Give it increase while girlfriend can, child. You can not win."Spiritcurse nodded as he claws glowed darkly, "Indeed. You"re going to die..."Fluttershy panted, "As long I"m holding mine breathe, i will defend them, even it way cost mine life!"Myotis and Spiritcurse smirked darkly as they were ready to summoned both Grizzly Wings and Storm that Ghouls to complete her off."Fluttershy! Nooooooooooo!"Myotis and also Spiritcurse looked up and found Terrorcreep and Discord unleashed their Grizzly wing at them. They all acquired pushed ago and bitten badly and painfully. Fluttershy join in together she unleashed a powerful Bat"s Screech together it wounded and also defeated their enemies down. Myotis and Spiritcurse to be defeated and badly wounded. They looked up and found their enemies stood and also glared in ~ them."Get out of ours house, father." Terrorcreep snarled.Myotis hissed, "We will certainly return! mark my word. Girlfriend will end up being what girlfriend were intended to be!""Kick mine ass!" Terrorcreep snap in anger.Myotis, Spiritcurse and also even Diablo conveniently summoned your dark portals and escaped. Fluttershy and also her friends sighed in relief together they all dropped to the floor hard."Let"s never ever do the again," Fluttershy claimed in relief prior to hugging both Discord and Terrorcreep. She sighed, "Welcome back, friend two.""Yeah," Terrorcreep agreed, "We"re sorry for bring about you a many troubles."Discord nodded, "Yeah. We just want to make the finest tea party for you as normal and also best as we can. Us didn"t desire make this complete opposite of her tea parties.""I know," Fluttershy nodded in understanding, "I wouldn"t intend you to litter a tea party the way I would. We"re different!"Terrorcreep sighed, "Yeah. That"s what us were afraid that if girlfriend saw exactly how different we are, girlfriend wouldn"t want to be couples anymore."Fluttershy remained in shock and confuse. Discord nodded, "Because you and also us don"t make feeling to anypony else."Fluttershy sighed, "That may be true, yet we make sense to me. I never ever would"ve thought to make singing ginseng or goth dress for me to wear prior to I met you. Yet you"ve opened me approximately so many more possibilities and impossibilities. So i guess what I"m trying to say is I like you since you"re so various from me.""You do?" Discord and Terrorcreep asked.Fluttershy smiled, "Of course i do, silly! Besides, what"s discord there is no a tiny chaos or my boyfriend without his bats?"Terrorcreep sighed before grabbed and held she close come him, "Now I recognize why ns love you. You have the right to see that there is much more to us than meets the eyes. You"re the best.""I know," Fluttershy smiled as she gave Terrorcreep a deep kiss.Discord sighed, "I think I"m gonna miss out on my possibility of kiss, even though I"ve acquired plenty of fanfiction around me and her gift couples." that chuckled, "But what the heck?! Let"s get this party started!"With the snap the his finger, Discord has restored both his home and Terrorcreep"s to the means it was - chaotic and scary layout of tea party consisting of their ingredients and also materials they have actually thrown away. Terrorcreep obtained his coat back to wear. The trio were now having actually tea party upside down. Discord worn counting Dracula"s costume when Fluttershy worn the goth dress while Terrorcreep still wearing his regular coat. They every laughed and chatted happily v each other."Now this is the tea party I"m expecting," Fluttershy commented happily before looking at she dress, "Especially this dress. I choose it.""Thank you, Fluttershy," Terrorcreep thanked happily."Indeed. We"re grateful of girlfriend to sign up with our party," Discord agreed.Fluttershy smiled, "I"m happy to be here. And I really do like your both places. Because it"s so girlfriend two.""Why, say thanks to you, Fluttershy. It"s all thanks to me," Discord said happily. He cleared his throat as the summoned the nets because that him and also his friends, "Now, whose up for several of these delicious-looking sandwiches?""I am!" Fluttershy and also Terrorcreep exclaimed.Fluttershy and also her friends provided chase after the paris sandwiches while trying to record them. And also at the very same time, lock were having fun with each other. The best tea party they ever had.END...Review and Suggest...Main Casts:Andrea Libman: Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, PiñataMatthew Mercer: TerrorcreepJohn de Lancie: DiscordMinor Casts:Richard Epcar: MyotisSusan Silo: SpiritcurseDerek Stephen Prince: DiabloKelly Sheridan: Jasmine LeafNicole Oliver: Raspberry VinaigretteAuthor"s Notes:1.

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The goth dress Fluttershy worn is the same one from MLP Season 8 episode 4 "Fake it "Til You make It"