65 episodes across 3 seasons, go you recognize that all these famous human being guest starred ~ above The Twilight Zone?

The very first of three revivals of rod Serling"s acclaimed 1959–64 television series The Twilight Zone began on September 27th 1985. Throughout its three seasons and 65 episodes, the anthology series presented 110 story of fantastical, disturbing and unusual events. Component sci-fi, component horror, part paranormal, and part moral commentary, The Twilight region featured a substantial amount of guest stars, numerous of who were renowned at the time but many others appeared as relative unknown gibbs still at an early stage in their career. We"ve rounded increase 20 of these guest stars for you, how many did friend know had actually starred in The Twilight Zone?

1. Bruce Willis
Appearing in the premiere of The Twilight Zone, transfer September 27th 1985 and directed through Wes Craven, Shatterday experienced Bruce Willis play two versions of his personality Peter Jay Novins. An early part for Willis, filmed in between Moonlighting season"s one and also two, it"s basic to day all his functions from the mid 1980s come the early 1990s by following his receding hairline!

2. Danny Kaye
Star of the silver screen, Danny Kaye do 17 movies, most notably Wonder guy (1945), The child from Brooklyn (1946), The secret Life the Walter Mitty (1947), The Inspector general (1949), Hans Christian Andersen (1952), White Christmas (1954), and The Court Jester (1956). Making among his final display screen appearances in The Twilight ar season one episode Paladin that the lost Hour, Kaye played Mr. Gaspar, the protector of a wonder timepiece, a pocket watch the holds the shed Hour.

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3. Morgan Freeman
Morgan Freeman won the Academy award for best Supporting actor in Million dissension Baby and the golden Globe for finest Actor v Driving miss Daisy. That last movie to be still 4 years away as soon as Freeman guest starred in the season one The Twilight Zone episode Dealer"s Choice. The plot seeing a group of friend (inc. Freeman), playing cards together, who soon begin to suspect that your guest is the Devil.

4. Helen Mirren
Mirren was a large star long prior to Prime suspect debuted in 1992, v acclaimed roles on both stage and also screen. She still find time to cross over right into The Twilight Zone because that the 1985 episode Dead Woman"s pair of shoes (a work again, please again of the original Twilight Zone series episode "Dead Man"s Shoes"). Mirren play a shy woman that tries ~ above a pair that high heels in ~ a thrift keep that do her assertive and also self-confident. Oh, and also then they send she on a murderous mission.
5. Gary Cole
The an excellent Gary Cole had one the his very first on-screen functions in The Twilight region season one episode Her Pilgrim Soul. As Daniel, one of two scientists, the co-creates a holographic projector which, top top its own, displays a human fetus that ultimately grows right into a baby, then a young girl, climate a woman...
6. Pam Dawber
One fifty percent of Mork & Mindy (clue: she wasn"t Mork), Pam Dawber play an overworked and underappreciated secretary who, many thanks to a malfunctioning Xerox machine, is sent into a parallel fact where secretaries room honored and revered. Yet Can She Type? being the name of this season one episode.
7. Elliott Gould
With a career including starring functions in the initial film version of M*A*S*H, Capricorn One, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, as well as playing Ross and also Monica"s dad on Friends, Elliott Gould has quite part resume. Adding to the is his guest starring duty in the 1986 The Twilight Zone episode The Misfortune Cookie.
8. Roadway Smith
You might well understand Lane Smith as The day-to-day Planet editor Perry White in the TV series Lois & Clark: The new Adventures the Superman, however here in the 1986 Twilight Zone illustration Profile In silver- he play a background professor indigenous the future sent earlier to observe the assassination the President john F. Kennedy. If that doesn"t make front page of The planet I don"t recognize what will.
9. William Peterson
Best known for his role as Gil Grissom in CSI: Crime scene Investigation, a young william Peterson had actually a very early duty in the season one episode should Know. Peterson plays a government agent who is sent to a tiny town to assist investigate a bizarre outbreak that insanity i m sorry is dispersing through the town.
10. Victor Garber
He began his career as Jesus in the Broadway production of Godspell and went on to win four Tony Awards because that his phase work, Victor Garber then common his talent v the civilization on film and also screen; indigenous Titanic, Alias, Argo, Legends the Tomorrow and a totality host of other classic roles, including a guest appearances in the final episode that season one of The Twilight Zone. Title A day In Beumont, Garber is one half of a young pair who evil the landing that a paris saucer and also subsequently discover themselves in the midst of an alien invasion.
11. Jenny AgutterIn the second story that the first season finale the The Twilight Zone, Jenny Agutter of The Railway Children, Logan"s run and, later, The Avengers fame, guest starred in a fantasy tale set in contemporary England wherein the critical of King Arthur"s knights groups with Morgan le Fay (Agutter) to avoid the return of Merlin. The story was referred to as The critical Defender the Camelot and, truth fans, the teleplay for it to be penned by none various other than future video game Of Thrones novelist George R.R. Martin.
12. Shelley Duvall
Shelley Duvall guest starred in the opening episode of season 2 of The Twilight Zone. You might well have actually seen her as Olive Oyl in Robert Altman"s Popeye, as Wendy Torrance in Stanley Kubrick"s fear film The Shining, and also in terry Gilliam"s fantasy movie Time Bandits. Here in a story title A Saucer of Loneliness, Duvall theatre a mrs who has a close conference of the paris saucer kind.
13. Fred Savage
Before The Wonder Years and long, long before his really successful directorial career, Fred Savage guest starred ~ above the season 2 episode What space Friends For?
14. Terrycloth Farrell
The After hours was a season two remake that an initial 1960 Twilight Zone episode featuring a young woman sought by secret strangers. The young mrs was play by terry Farrell, who is probably best known as Jadzia Dax in Star Trek: Deep space Nine.
15. George Wendt
In the same episode as terry Farrell, however in a different story titled The people Next Door, norm from Cheers, aka George Wendt, finds a door in his basement. Sadly for Norm, it didn"t lead straight right into the Boston bar he for this reason loved.
16. Robert Knepper
Well looky looky looky, what do we have here? It"s a really young Robert Knepper in among his very first on-screen roles. You"ve likely seen that in jail Break and Heroes, but back in the 1987 second season episode delight Ride his character Alonzo took his friends because that a joyride in a newly deceased man"s standard car. However this being The Twilight Zone, Alonzo starts to act significantly irrationally during the ride. Cue the strange shenanigans.
17. Marc SingerThe 3rd season illustration Extra Innings saw note Singer, best known for his functions in the Beastmaster film collection and together Mike Donovan in the initial 1980s TV collection V, portray ex-baseball player Ed Hamner. Lame indigenous an injury and also forced come retire early, Hamner is given a baseball map from the early on 1900s the transports him to the past and the player he used to be.
18. Ted Shackleford
As Gary Ewing, Ted Shackleford was famous for certification on Knots Landing and making the strange cameo in big-brother show Dallas. Right here in 1988 he guest starred in The Twilight Zone illustration The Crossing. Shackleford dram a stressed-out priest who is haunted by the sight of a terminal wagon through a young girl inside the keeps crashing.
19. Dean Stockwell
Having guest starred in the original The Twilight ar series, ago in the 1960 illustration A quality Of Mercy, Dean Stockwell (of Quantum Leap, Blue Velvet, long Days Journey into Night, to Live and also Die In L.A., Battlestar Galactica and also so, so lot more) make a welcome go back to the region in the season 3 episode Room 2426. Stockwell theatre Martin Decker, that is confined come a one-of-a-kind room because that acts and thoughts against the state. They want the formula because that a weapon that does not desire to reveal. Escape for Martin originates from the mind.

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20. Janet Leigh
Star of the silver- screen, shower-regreter in the film Psycho, one time mam of Tony Curtis and mother the Jamie Lee Curtis, Janet Leigh i ordered it a Rendezvous In A Dark Place. The rendezvous took place within The Twilight Zone, throughout season three, where Leigh"s character to be obsessed with fatality to the point that once an hurt thief breaks right into her house she lets him die and also waits for fatality to come and collect him.Did you recognize all those human being guest-starred in the 1980s rebirth of The Twilight Zone? and can you name anymore? permit us recognize in the comment below and also we will upgrade the list.
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